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Why do Americans eat such bad quality food, which is often illegal to export to the rest of the first world?



You'd think "free" capitalism would mean better standards, instead I only see oligopolies setting abysmal quality levels.

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Why are there so many communists on /ck/? I thought at least decently intelligent people came here.

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>if you think our corporate overlords are bad, you must be a communist and nothing else

Jesus Christ, does your head hurt when you think too hard?

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>burgerland c'mon, we dont want to buy your chlorine washed chicken and hormone pumped beef, sell us stuff of actual quality yeah?



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Who are you quoting?

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Who are you quoting?

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I'm paraphrasing, my simple friend.

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>not understanding implication
What a fucking newfag.
Go back to /jp/ or what ever pedo weeb shithole you just landed at and lurk moar.

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Could you link me the post your are paraphrasing then? I can't see any similar posts.
Who are you quoting?

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4chan isn't an educational service, I suggest visiting your local public library if you are an adult that struggles with reading comprehension.

Have a nice day!

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Why are you unable to answer a simple question? Don't you know how the quote function works? How new are you?

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If you can't see the red numbers that show a user is replying to a post then you have bigger problems, buddy.

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>quote function

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>black and white thinking
Deep inside, you agree with the OP.

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Those are meme arrows, retard.

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Who are you quoting?
Also I never disagreed with the OP

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>You'd think "free" capitalism would mean better standards, instead I only see oligopolies setting abysmal quality levels.
lol. free markets don't give a shit about quality. they care about profits.

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There are few things that are actually "free" markets. Big food is not one of them. The regulatory apparatus in the US* means only big corps can successfully bribe officials to establish standards in their favor.

Seed oils are disastrous to human health and yet they're used almost universally in processed foods because they're cheap. And the mass usage of sugar ex:Starbucks is the largest milkshake seller in the country. They put some coffee in it and presto, it's a "frappachino" not a fucking milkshake. And 3x meals a day as a corporate meme (fucks up the activation of the fasting state which triggers a lot of biochemical repair in very simple terms). And low salt which exacerbates depression and testosterone decline. And the demonization of "fat" as opposed to shit seed oils.

In the US, we love to piss away trillions to treat the side effects of shit food. It's big business.

* - US food companies by far are not the only guilty parties. Nestle has the reduced IQ of millions of 3rd worlders on its hands by pimping shit baby formula into hospitals rather than breast milk.

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Because the majority of US citizens live at or near the poverty line.
Average incomes are consistently low due to the nature of the US domestic policies that favour big business due to their economic power and significant political influence.
There is very little the average US citizen can do to improve their lives except by economising at the expense of their overall health and welbeing.

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faggot oldfag die

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Poor people have to eat too you asshole. Better standards = more expensive. Even the cheapest capitalist food has better quality control than the best communist slop.

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>toxic consumerism
>government subsidies to corporations

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fuckin yikes, you gotta be 18+ to post here faggot. take a hike

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people are proles who want shit cheap. there's plenty of high quality food, it just costs more.

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>quote function
Based oldfag putting the cancer in its place. The rest of you Redditors and 2016 tourists could learn a few things from this anon.

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carnism is a mental disorder

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Wasn't America a wealthy country?

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You should give that image a proper file name.

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Literally capitalism.
Left wingers are more intelligent than right wingers generally. Have fun derailing the thread.

Politics is ruining the Internet you faggot.

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America is full of Cro-magnons who slather cheese product and sauce on their spit roast meat and burgers and hate vegetables. They get mad when someone points out their retardation in typical caveman fashion.

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You're just a freedom hating commie tasteless LOSER. And by the way that chicken in a can is got tier. Dredge the fucker in seasoned flour, deep fry the fuck out of it, eat with mashed potatoes or fries and lots of gravy, meal for a king. Why don't you go eat salad SOY boy. M A G A

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Well I never!

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no correlation you tard.

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>dat filename

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cite your sources, bruh.

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In a capitalist economy it is to the advantage of firms to withhold information from the public, which is why the government needs to enforce environmental and food safety laws. Otherwise we'd be eating rat meat and poo

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is a country of 300 million not a good enough sample size? once you get to multiple countries it gets a bit diluted because every country has its own left and right they have different talking points based on what is readily in their minds, political ideology is based on psychology not intelligence.

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I know this is a meme but it just makes it look like you've only been on 4chan for like a week.

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That's wrong. No one in Florida has an IQ that high.

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haha retard, that is a image shearing site

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When everyone in your country is retarded it kind of defeats the purpose, Americlap

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>You'd think "free" capitalism would mean better standards

Uhhh no? Free market capitalism is literally "Whoever can do it cheaper and faster wins". What makes you think that would mean high food standards? Regulation gets in the way of profits.

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>you'd think free capitalism would mean better standards
Wut? Why would you think that? Are you literally 12?

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I'm almost curious just to taste how bad it really is

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Only the poorest, most degenerate people in North America eat that shit. Even Mexicans probably eat better quality food than that dog shit.

Just because these products exist doesn’t mean every person in the US regularly consumes it you fucking moron.

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Yes we do. Stop lying.

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>chicken in a can
I occasionally eat tuna out of the can if I’m feeling lazy. Normally it’s deenz, and if I’m making any kind of beef/chicken/pork I absolutely either bought it fresh or froze it myself.

Only a literal nigger would think to eat something like that. Even a homeless person would just go to McDonald’s or something.

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>Even Mexicans probably eat better quality food than that dog shit
Mexicans eat the exact same shit we do you know. Almost all their meat and grains are imported from the US. The whole point of NAFTA was to forcibly open their market to the goliath that is American agriculture.

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