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The absolute madman he did it again:

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didn't he absolutely trash some restaurant on American Kitchen Nightmares or whatever the fuck tv show, for having a burger you couldn't get into your mouth?
That shit is way too tall to eat like a normal person.

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I'd say he's going for aestheics on this one, but I agree. I remember that episode and I thought about it as soon as I saw the video.

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I didn't think it was possible, but he actually made it worse than his last attempt. Incredible.

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He was complaining about the radius of the bun being less than the filling, not the height

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He's always nitpicking about stupid shit, his producers must have a bitching quota that he has to fulfill for each episode.

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For any brainlets that actually fall for this bait pay attention to the burgers in comparison to his hands. Just two fingers on the bottom one takes up a considerable portion of the bun as compared to the one on top where it dwarfs his hands. Also look at that patty to bun ratio. The one on top ended up also being raw in the middle because it was a 1 pound patty. Not even comparable and if you fell for this then you should be ashamed

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It looks bad and I don't understand why some people put the toppings under the burger. It's idiotic.

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I made one with lettuce under the burger the other day, it was pretty good. The lettuce kinda cooked due to the heat of the patty and protected the bottom bun

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>t. gordon

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What motivates you to defend a television actor? I'm genuinely curious

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The thing is, you can fit the bottom one in your mouth. Youll just get that shitty meat for a couple bites with the top one

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>with Sean Evans

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Go to bed Gordon

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No he wasn't. He kept pretending that he couldn't fit the burger in his mouth and giggling like a little girl while he was doing it.

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he's lost the goddamn plot

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