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Captcha Edition

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I dont understand

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Delivery guy stole shoes, before he left.

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>LUFKIN, Texas (KTRK) -- A girl from San Antonio has been identified as the suspect seen licking a Blue Bell ice cream tub and then placing it back in a store freezer, police said.

On Friday, Lufkin Police Department said the juvenile suspect's identity is not being released and the case is being turned over to the juvenile courts. She is not expected to face adult charges.

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Do americans really

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How to get free burgers from McD's

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Was it still alive, because of the brain?

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She's likely a poster on this site, lol!

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Wow, a whitey makes pico de gallo. This definitely needed to be made into a webm

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Too young for my love. Disappointing.

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Love that WebM you posted ...

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>Always tip.
Lol, no.

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>always tip
more like always have the security cameras rolling.

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I love that americans give this more attention than the countless gun murders going on daily because they're fat and go into a rage at the thought of someone meddling with their frozen high fructose corn syrup.

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It’s always niggers isn’t it

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>the layers of filter are so heavy its blurring her legs and feet out of existance
She's not even trying to hide how hideous her body must look. At least make it believable with a few layers of makeup and a light filter

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If you call attention to those murders you're a racist.

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this is exactly why you don't tip

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Someone post Tasty recipes, I want to hurt myself.

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Based boomer

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nah, just 52% of the time

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Imagine the shit you would take

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he should have poured it into the shoe

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>Crock pot with extra steps

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Simply the best.

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Ok that is horrifying.

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how can he even get out of this literal "egg-fort"?

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Jesus how horrifying

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He should have smashed the bottle and slit his faggot hipster throat with the shards.

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No that's not how any living creature works.
a bloo bloo

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your inferiority complex appears to have consumed your identity. i love it when america conquers the mind of its enemies.

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your fat rolls appear to have consumed your penis

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what? how is he a hipster because he drinks wine? are you ok, retared?

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i just realized i'm talking to an 11 year old britbong.

carry on, guvnah.

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That sounds vile.

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>That sounds vile.
But there was no sound in the whole webm...

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So I assume the blanching is what actually loosens the feathers, all the spinning barrel thing does is rinse them off, as far as I can tell it's just spraying them with high pressure water.

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i now dont believe any caviar is anything but spherificated poop

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Wait, is your poop NOW spheres?

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Rubber things rip the feathers off, I think?

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this is fucking retarded on multiple levels

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Oh you mean like Jazmine Barnes, the 7yo black girl shot in sitting in the family car, four witnesses claimed a 40yo white man in a red pickup speeding off, but when they investigated they found out it was two 20yo niggers who shot at the car thinking it was someone they got into an argument with the night before at the club and the media went silent?
That kind of attention?

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Or the nigger that fell asleep in his car in a Taco Bell drive through and was savagely gunned down by 6 police officers. A lot of media outlets kept "forgetting" to mention that the officers ran his plate and found out he had a rapsheet longer than John Holmes dick, he had a gun in his lap which he reached for despite the officers telling him not to, and he had another stolen and illegally modified gun in the glovebox.

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yes those would be examples of gun crimes, good job geniuses you figured it out

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I think the point he was attempting to make was that America doesn't have a gun problem, it has a nigger problem.

>> No.12591151

>Mistaking a 7yo for someone they argued with at a club
Just how fucking blind can you be before you start thinking there's something wrong with your vision

>> No.12591155

and my point is you lard asses are more concerned about a fucking carton of ice cream

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Wow where does that come from? It would destroy our inferior flesh

>> No.12591173

t. media intern
You ignored the bit about the media not wanting to report on crimes if certain people are involved, but having no problems doing so if certain other people are involved.

>> No.12591174

it literally is how it works

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Can both of you off topic faggots fuck off?

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Looks very dinnerly

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A reminder that NEETs will pay good money for her canned farts.

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yes, blanching makes it really easy to defeather. it's still a pain in the dick though.

t. shoot almost anything in my front yard.

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not sure if handicapped or just clowning for the customers

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That's fucking brutal

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My thoughts as well. His behavior has a distinct assburgeresque quality.

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What makes these people think that their so-called recipe deserve a video ? It's litterally just putting random stuff in a can of beans on the stoves. I do it but it's lazy shite and nobody should think it's a good thing to do that.

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he's not actually swallowing it anon

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interesting technique

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Based retard

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>molecular gastronomy

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Have you considered you're understanding of the American lifestlye is influenced by the American media you expose yourself, too, you fucking retard ? How would you even quantify the amount of attention these incidents garner. Not even bold enough to state his nationality,despicable

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This. If I had the power of God, the creator of that vid and everyone who saw it would die in 20 seconds

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I guarantee you that guy uses that same funnel to bong her runny shits later.

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What a fucking god

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Aren't you an edgy little poor person.

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Imagine being this devoid of joy. You guys belong on /b/. /ck/ is for fun people.

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I was gonna make fun of people who just leave bowls out for halloween for being in the spirit but when I saw all those niggers I understood. Id rather just leave my house and put candy out than have to open the door for a bunch of nigs every 5 mins.

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>This will go perfect next to my flatev SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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One day you'll have a job and can afford the finer things in life.

>> No.12591622

Jesus Christ yuppies really do just fill the emptiness in their soul with overpriced techy junk.

>> No.12591637

I too like watching people talking without audio. Faggot. So since your webm is literally useless, mind telling us what it actually fucking does?

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Really? You've never used a Kuvée? I feel bad for you.

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If I have to explain it, you don't deserve one.

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Juvenile? Jesus, in my day kids looked like kids. Nowdays 15yos look 20. Fucking hate it.

Can't hook up on tinder without asking for ID

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Juvenile is a code word, like "youth".

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I would have jammed the chopsticks down that dogs throat. What the hell.

>> No.12591681

Your comment is worth posting why? This is retarded, that is retarded, we are retarded, that man over there is a fucktard, that lamp is a reject, that poster is retarded. When does it fucking end?

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File: 244 KB, 833x1200, decanting_from_such_a_height.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The yuppie holocaust is over due.

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Do you want to fucking throwdown, brother? I would have an intellectual tussle with your ass. You think you can just pounce and not expect an inquisitive mind to start tearing this shit apart? Haha, you are seriously FUCKING mistaken.

>> No.12591732

Is that what you want? I saute and water boil like an aspiring michelin chef. No fucking oil. Don't tell me you fry up meals in teflon under 30 minutes, olive oil bitch.

>> No.12591760

black and scorched

>> No.12591766

Why does he keep making the white power hand gesture?

>> No.12591793

I would shoot you in the head and sleep like a baby that night.

>> No.12591811

Do you even know how to obtain a gun you zoomer edge lord?

Ill jam the chopsticks in its eyes now, just for you baby

>> No.12591834

Chop shit. Put into bowl. Mix. Voila.

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Because they are amateurs.

>> No.12591897


ugh, you damn carnivores. foie gras is so cruel

>> No.12591909

It's outlawed in many places. Plant-based diets are the way to go.

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Oh, shit. I stumbled into /pol/ by accident again.

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Why can't he keep his mouth closed while chewing when he's putting such small amounts of food in at a time?

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File: 2.44 MB, 640x360, Kayabuki Tavern.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.87 MB, 720x480, Kogi Dogs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Too retarded to actually pour the salt on his own.

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