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Thoughts on baloney

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Same as how I feel about eating meat, baloney.

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Absolutely disgusting

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I grew up on it so I have fond memories.
Eating cold bologna “burritos” with mayo and mustard.

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Fucking kill yourself

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So you ate a sandwich.

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Lowest tier lunch meat in terms of flavor and health. It's cheap, though, so it's got that going for it. If you buy the thick cut option it's decent fried. But eating it everyday will kill you

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I love you. Show bobs plz

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i would rather eat mortadella, a kind of baloney, than prosciutto.

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Uncooked Mission tortilla, cold Oscar Meyer bologna, Best Foods mayo, French’s mustard. Rolled up without a fold.
Worst “sandwich” ever. ...I’d probably still eat one for nostalg’ sake.

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Why do you get so easily triggered anony?

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Processed meats have a lot of shit that kills you in them.

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>Thoughts on baloney

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Cheap, tastes great, amazing fried with some gooey merican cheese.

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That distress when you just know you'll never be able to stop processed meats but you're also aware of the consequences. I've managed to stop for a year or so but I still have some binging moments.

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Vegantarians, please just leave the planet. We're not going to stop eating cows. If we have to stop eating cows, we'll start eating vegans, and you don't want that.

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What this guy said, and the only acceptable answer.

Holy shit, what a bunch of cu/ck/s on this board. You people are more concerned with health than eating a good meal. Shouldn't you all be on fucking /fit/?

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(You) put too much effort into a shitty joke

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>Processed meats
Nice amerimeme, but then again even fresh eggs are considered deadly in your country

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I grew up poor, so I enjoy spam-meats....smeats....

Bologna is good smeat. I also like vienna sausages and spam and that russian "doctor sausage" and "Pashtet".

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Newfie steak is the ideal comfort food.

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I ate it for a month straight and never ate it again

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Its bretty gud.

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It's decent pan fried in a grilled cheese sandwich

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all fucking tripfags must fucking hang

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Bite a rock.

>Admits to being a neanderthal

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Given how chickens are raised when it comes to mass production (world wide) I'd be half surprised if they were.

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I like the thick cut garlic kind my deli has.

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, alright?

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Don't care how cheap it is, I'll take it fried any day of the week

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They are so brainwashed by the grain and sugar industry LMAO

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baloney is just hot dog patties

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what grade did you drop out of school retard?

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based wholesome anon

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ah, I see you are a man of culture like myself. a true patrician.

newfie steak with mustard and white bread. fuck yeah.

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yeah this has always bothered me. then they look at you like you're the asshole for pronouncing it properly


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The amount of salt and nitrates will overload your body's system and kill you

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I brought 2 spam musubi and a Snapple peach iced tea to school almost every day for lunch throughout most of middle and high school and I'm doing better than most of you.

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Thick slices with that crispy fried crust, served with mustard. A true delicacy.

Thin slices, where the whole thing fried to a crisp, are also acceptable.

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What does it taste like

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it is the only "meat" my dog will not eat. and my dog will eat just about anything. i'm not a fan myself.

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like warm apple pie

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I'm glad my parents never fed me this dogshit
Bologna is for faggola

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i grew up on ring bologna and government cheese. amazing stuff really

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Large hotdog

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Using a toasted bagel instead of whitebread elevates it to levels of hitherto unimaginable delicacy.

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stronger than usual exhale out of my nostrils/10

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kek epic
triggered incel newfags pls leave

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I tried some when I was America. It just tasted like devon.

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but also this desu

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Cancer, plz.

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Although I’ll disagree with OP about ‘murrican cheese, I think you want something sturdy like a cheddar and ideally you pile up the crisped meat and the cheese in a baguette section with a hearty, tangy, kind of fucks the roof of your mouth up crust.

Maybe a little tobasco, franks, aardvark, or even dijon to dip in.

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I prefer mortadella but pic related is a guilty please of mine every now and then

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Is that the name of your homo boyfriend?

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that's a laugh from me dawg

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sounds black

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what the fuck is baloney? some discount american mortadella?
t. confused italian

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Italians always seem to be confused.

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It's a load of baloney, I say!

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I like it fried

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More or less. Mortadella is just a specific type and style of emulsified sausage, and as far as quality bologna is only "discount" if you buy the cheapest you can find. The only reason that there's a distinction at all is because importation of mortadella was banned from 1967-2000 because Italian pigs were diseased.

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I wish I had this. I like baloney, the cold cut combo is my favorite subway sub

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You're disgusting !

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good one

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butter in and literally just BASED

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is baloney just like spam?

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It be wat white folks smell like

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In Ohio they just cut off a big slab and make it a sandwich

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You aren't getting out alive, so whats the issue?

We're here for a good time, not a long time... Actually we're just here.

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10/10 would eat

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>they just cut off a big slab and make it a sandwich
They actually cook the slab, and at that point, the difference between bologna and a good hot dog is none. Bologna is uncooked cured hot dog flavor and texture. And, making some crispy grilling is the right approach. Back in the very old days, people didn't buy sliced deli meat as much as buy it whole and slice it at home.

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That is how I like it

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>2x slice of baloney
>Slice of sharp cheddar cheese
>Cut in triangles
Best sandwich ever

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it's only good if it's cooked.

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tastes like solid smoke

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>seared bologna steak
>raw onion slices
>b&b pickles

Just looking at this makes me think I can taste pictures.

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>baloney is just hot dog patties

Anway, I love a bologna sandwich on white bread with mustard, mayonnaise, and american cheese served cold. Tastes like childhood.

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gross and will not eat it

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nothin like a good ol baloney sandwhich on cheap white bread and mustard

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Kind of.
It's a big loaf of hotdog meat.

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I think its full of baloney

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Mmmmmmm foreskins

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I used to like ketchup on my baloney sammyches.

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Wasn’t expecting a C to roll out there

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How do I upvote this?

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use custom css to enable upvotes
visible: true;

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i love fried baloney, velveeta slices, and mustard on toasted bread.

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You, good sir, have made my day! :)

Thanks for the laughs my good man!

:^) :^)

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It can be pretty good as long as you buy it from the deli instead of the prepacked shit like Oscar Mayer. OM products are all fucking nasty and I'm willing to bet the folks who dislike bologna use that type of shit as their metric.

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last baloney I had was in county. It was fucking putrid government baloney. I don't know how you fuck it up so bad. I just ate the bread and the apple.

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Based and balloneypilled

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>cold bologna
as I kid, I'd roll up slices and eat them cold.
where I'm from (pittsburgh), bologna is called "jumbo", so we'd refer to them as "jumbo roll-ups".

also my gram made "jumbo salad", a bologna salad/sandwich spread. It was basically just mayo, ground jumbo, mustard, and relish. Nothing fancy. She'd make a non-relish batch for the kids. I'd eat it (with relish) on crackers now, but back then we ate it on white bread or a sandwich bun.

I hardly ever eat bologna these days, but I'll pick up some occasionally - maybe if I see it on sale. I still prefer to snack on the slices cold over making a "jumbo" sandwich. If I want a jumbo sandwich, I go to Primanti's. (pic related)

sounds delicious

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most overrated restaurant in america

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Wow if I was served that Id ask for my money back.

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fry up a couple slices, slap some mayo and mustard on the bread, slide a peice and american cheese between you're now crispy balogna, and chow down.

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I've never liked it. It's basically a thin cut spam in terms of how much salt it tastes like it has

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had it a lot during my childhood, not a fan

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That takes all of a minute to do. Lazy tards like you are why we hardly get oc these days.

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That doesn't even look like food, wake up

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>Thoughts on baloney
only when i need to vomit

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>actually thinking salt is bad for you

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grew up eating it
a ton of bologna sanwiches
big family
wife's buys it sometimes
have a sandwich maybe
do order the the cold cut trio at the 'Way

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