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Who was in the wrong here?

>> No.12646377

Dough was raw. It's objectively a shit pizza.

>> No.12646378

Fuck you

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You for making this thread for the fucking fifty-thousandth time. Eat my asshole.

>> No.12646406

go back to greece and take your daughter's perky tits and cute face with you

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Objectively speaking it was the restaurant. Raw as fuck dough way too much cheese and way too much grease. Doubt it would taste like much of anything. Besides that, that pizza is the restaurants "thin crust".

>> No.12646419

It's not crisp enough on the crust though it has the puff potential.

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If I wanted pizza that still needed to be cooked I would get fucking red baron from a walmart cooler.

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I've only posted it 200 times at most

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That hack Ramsey of course
>intentionally scrapes off the toppings and holds it into the camera pretending that they slid off by themselves

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I've never had a bad pizza

>> No.12648834

The photographer

>> No.12648855

His hair dresser

>> No.12649617

*adds olive oil to pasta*

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>raw dough
>grease everywhere
>billed as "thin crust" despite having more bread than a regular pizza
Gee, I wonder.

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Gee, I dont know

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Imagine thinking the monstrosity on the top is in any way comparable to the masterpiece on the bottom.

>> No.12650432

what a dishonest piece of shit. are all brits this big of assholes?

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