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Food and shit.

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Damn thats sad. No amount of smiling actors will save that

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German beauty

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post that webm about a weird pakistan guy cooking eggs

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close enough?

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This is how you prepare a hare. Quick and easy. Fuckin' tasty.

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that is disgusting

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Are you poor?

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Pic relevant.

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there is no reason to add chocolate to that puke inducing mesa

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Post more vegan recipes.

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Eww, vegan

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That is the worst commercial I've ever seen, no amount of cuts and effects can save that piece of shit appliance. It's embarrassing.

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Fuck me, man. What is wrong with people?

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>drink splashing out of the cup
I cried
Just kill me now
>not even dropping brand names

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Why do they need to drop brand names?

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The specifc brand of a liquor tells you something about the taste of the product.
I am not a drinker but for example different Name Brands of whiskey have different flavors to them, not all can be used the same way.
The same goes for any other spirit.

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It's the difference between BOSS on the right rotating three different drinks. If all they're sourcing is fucking weak French-style 'it's not supposed to have a flavour' vodka, then they can kiss my ass. If they're going through the trouble of getting a good variety from various stocks (they could all be proprietary for all I give a shit) it shows they recognize that saying "I like vodka" isn't like saying "I like cola".

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I am a drinker, and somehow you have more insight than the faggot you were replying to.

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>brown skin
>no gloves
>oh he can do stuff fast holy shit


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I'd love to see this guy and MRE and cigarettes man get into a fight

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How does he get out?

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this is my favourite webm

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There is if you're a producer trying to creatte the most shocking TV you can.

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Howzee get in egg fort without breakin' them thar eggs?

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That's genius

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>Salt dispenser with an app

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what does it do besides sell retail cocktail pods.

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legitimately made me sad

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post the webm of him leaping over the eggs to get in

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>vegan cheese

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>Salt dispenser
I'm sorry, but did you watch the video? That's clearly an Interactive Centrepiece with Bluetooth and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

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you realize that one's a joke right

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