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So I have a whole chicken (1.2kg) and I don't know what to make of it.
I just don't want to put it whole in the oven with just salt and pepper on it.
I know how to cut it up into parts if what you recommend isn't cooking it whole.

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Depends like what other dishes are you cooking the chicken with?

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>butterfly it, cut the ribs
>rub it down with an oil of your choice
>make up a mix of garlic, cayenne, salt, white pepper and lemon juice
>rub it into the skin and crevices
>cut up an onion and shove in the cavity
>bake until breast reads 160F and juices run clear

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I like cutting it up into quarters and stewing it in a big pot with potatoes, onions, carrots and a ton of spices and oil. It practically falls off the bone and you extract all of collagen into the water which is lost when you roast mostly. You can get a week of stew out of 1 chicken. I usually stew for like 4 hours min.

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I'm not sure about that either.
I just got the chicken from my parents because they didn't get to eat it before their trip.

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make a nice mix of thyme, smoked paprika, lemon jus and zest, ancho flakes, coriander, honey, salt, and oil
rub the bugger all over and inside (like massage teh shitcunt) and make sure you get a nice layer all over, leave for two days
take it out of the fridge at least an hour before you cook
cook at 230c till the outside is nicely coloured, then at 150c till cooked through
rest 10m (covered in foil) then carve and nom

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>make up a mix of garlic
Fresh or powder? I would assume fresh except you are talking about a rub.
What spices are we talking? And what do you serve with it?

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You could add some margarine or butter just to give it more flavours as well.

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Find it all out here

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>ancho flakes
Would you recommend another chili? I am not sure we have that in the stores here.
Also what oil would you recommend, or maybe its not that important as long as it is oil?
This is sorta the thing I always do (maybe not that juicy tho)

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Cock o' van

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Why are you informing us of your dinner and location?

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fresh, if you can break it down with a mortar+pestle
powder if you can't

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Chicken flesh light.

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Hot spicy lemon chicken. You stupid nigger.

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cock o’ vein

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>I'm not sure about that either.
As a side dish you can use iceberg salad and 9%fat sour cream. If you have some soft tortilla wraps you can fill them with salad, cream and chicken.

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Throw that thing on a smoker

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Nah beer can grill that bitch
Next time roast it in some duck fat
Come back and tell us what's better

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singapore chicken. poach the chicken. then mix chopped green onion and grated ginger and salt. pour hot oil over this mixture and use it as a dipping sauce. serve with rice.

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Spatchcock it. Remove the spine then the breastbone and flatten it out.
Pick a bunch of your herbs & spices (you do have those right anon?) and mix them into some oil (I prefer sunflower). potential mixes include garlic oregano, smoked paprika on it's own, cumin & ground coriander, rosemary & thyme, basil & majoram, lemon pepper. Work under the skin gently as well. You can also mix it in using butter instead of oil.
Stick in preheated oven at 365f 185c for 1 to 1.5 hours. Cook with potato cubes and onions.
Cook it at lunch time then eat a quarter worth, have another quarter at dinner, and do the same thing the next day.
This is by far the easiest way to cook a full chicken.

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OP here, I made a rub with rapeseed oil, honey, ancho chili, thyme, salt, paprika powder, and garlic.
Ill let it sit until tomorrow, then roast it in the oven on high heat for color and lower it so it will be finished internally. Will post results then!
Thanks for all the tips /ck/!

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I once shoved an entire raw chicken up my ass.
Not a joke; there's a video of it up on the internet right now.

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Roasting whole is fun because of the challenge without taking a ridiculous amount of prep time like spatchcocking. Most of the time I just part them out into legs, breasts, and wings and save the carcass for broth or stock.

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Use a blender and jelly it.

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canned or not?

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>a ridiculous amount of prep time like spatchcocking
lol what? spatchcocking a chicken takes less than a minute

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get a bunch of meme ingredients
even just garlic and ginger is enough

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cut them up or make a paste
brown your chicken, then brown your stuff

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add coconut cream and veges

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then add your chicken
you want the skin just above the liquid so it stays crispy
you can use stock too

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Spatchcocking takes less time in total than cooking a whole roasted chicken. You're just a coward who has never been taught how to do it.

Protip: Get some scissors.

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roast it in the oven for 30-40 mins

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Cooking it in a trash can.

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then season it to taste with fish sauce and lemon juice

wa la
crispy skin, and a curry sauce
serve with rice

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But only till it's medium rare.

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thighs and legs that you've already browned will cook through and break down in that time in a hot oven. but if they aren't do longer
it's not hard.

breasts would only need like 20 mins

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If you cook using time you're a fucking idiot. Digital thermometers are a dime a dozen. Cook to 165F at the deepest point of the bird and stop fucking around.

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Seriously, chicken breasts are fucking huge now,I question your 20 minutes.

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No shit bro? I'm just giving a rough estimate. Don't be pedantic.
Although i would do to temp it's hardly necessary for thighs and legs which are quite forgiving, unlike breasts.

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lol did my recipe strike you as comprehensive ?

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Do it for everything, because it takes 5 seconds for christ sake. Stop 'eyeballing' everything like it's the 1960s. Just do it right and shut the fuck up.

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>Although i would do to temp
>Do it

thanks for your advice

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How much protein is in a whole chicken? Srs question.

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about 350 proteins.

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I find you flippant in the way of breasts.

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He's obtusely petulant with a side of noisome. But only regarding breasts.

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Boil it whole for 3 hours with mirepoix aromatics, a bouquet garni and a whole head of garlic split horizontally to expose every clove. Best chicken broth ever, you can pull the meat off and chop, then pour over egg noodles boiled separately for chicken noodle soup, or repurpose for any variety of uses imaginable.

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I might do this one the next time i get chicken, I just want to know in your first pic, what are the leaves to the left of the garlic, and the stalks to the left of the ginger?

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>Cock o' van

It's Coq a Vin, you tard. In all seriousness though, NY Times has a great recipe for this dish with a nice, simple ~6 minute video with all the steps in it.

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>meme ingredients

please KYS

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that's kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass friend
also galangal

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Thanks mate! <3

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Smoke it. Also turkey heh.

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