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who was in the wrong here?

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Gordon Ramsay was at the time not aware that Americans are fucking retarded.

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He might or might not be a good checf, but his TV persona is shit.
I kind of enjoyed the videos where he went hunting, but I can not watch any of his videos now after I realzed how inauthentic he is.

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>Seethe about someone non-stop
>Still watch all his content and can quote episode numbers and exact scenes
Wow heh you really showed him

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This. He's just making the garbage fat retard mutts want.

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Gordon for eating raw meat

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Mainly Europeans...seething is the only they are good at. They imported a bunch of niggers and gave up their ability to protect themselves just to show how much more progressive they are than Americans. Their cuisines also swing from dog vomit to overrated

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Are you blind? The first burger’s bun is way too small compared to the burger patty. That’s what Gordon is taking the piss about.
His burgers have proper meat-to-bun ratios.

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It's almost like being a public or media figure requires a persona.

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Gordon's a ham. It's just a fucking burger. Both of those have similar proportions, the first is just worse presentation.

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That's like a 36oz burger on a normal bun. Burger kitchen episode of HK. Its great, the wife is actually fucking delusional.

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there is a video on gordon youtube account where he show how make his brocoli soup.
he only mix brocoli and water.
in the same video, he says`` do not put chicken base or spice```like WTF

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>That's like a 36oz burger on a normal bun.
I realize that bongs don't understand anything that's not metric, but this is just pathetic.

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Will check it again. The heights and ingredients of these OP are eerily similar.

Holy fuck it's those dingbats. The dad (owner) took $250k out of his son's trust fund to make a frozen Wagyu burgershop.

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Inch thick patties are fucking stupid. It's retarded when Gordon Ramsay makes it and it's retarded when Jack Scalfani makes it. If you want a thicker burger, just get 2 or 3 quarter pound patties. Even if you like ultra rare burgers, just quickly sear the smaller patties.

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That actor is such a gay wad.

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>Shows french fries

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Ate here in Vegas. Got mega shits.

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Top: Restaurant. It's a whole pound patty. What the fuck were they thinking?
Bottom: Ramsay. Too much work for a burger and a pretty awful video.

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What? Brits use both systems and favour Imperial you fucking retard.

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>It's almost like
I mean, ...
..., sooo
I don't understand?

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I ate at the Vegas place, and I really liked it. But I also haven't eaten a lot of fish and chips.

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the story is pretty fucked up. kid’s trust fund was from his grandpa who was a gangster in australia and the dad thought that money was rightfully his

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Then the dad ruins the business by lurking on all the hipsters with his halitosis breath. Kid was a weenie, but rightfully pissed, should've sued the dad.

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and for me the secret of BERGAH is in the blend

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nigger chips and french fries are the same thing

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having had something very similar happen to me there isn't any real recourse. parents have way too much power over kids legally, I had over 80 grand stolen from a trust fund my dad left me when he died and even after I got it away from her when I turned 18 she tried to sue me for the rest. When I tried to get what she took out of her there wasn't any hope though.

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the britcuck, duh

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>how do I convey that the bun is too small
>oh yeah by trying to bite into the too thick burger

Ramseypologists are fucking retarded. Furthermore, the other burger has the meat sticking out, so you can actually bite into it easier than his half raw birdshit covered abomination

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yuropoors are swamped with american fast food and act like they dont eat it.

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How did he end up with so many white knighters here when he's just some asshole drug addict cook with a massive publicity army surrounding him? Trully baffling.

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why's gordon so obsessed over french cuisine

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they're pretty big fucking burgers. i've eaten ones looking similar to them that were 2+ lb.

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The one he makes is honestly slightly better proportioned, but still retarded.

The more important issue is that all his videos are just of him in Thailand now. He's fucking tranny's and kids for sure.

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He considerately slices his burgers in half for ease of consumption.

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Labour. Always Labour.

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Thank fuck, immigration would actually help make their food edible.
British food is absolutely souless, it's like that white girl unseasoned and poorly cooked chicken breast meme, but 100x worse.

y'all niggas be eating beans and shit, straight out of a can.

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I dont get why people like tall burgers. If you can't take all layers in one bite then its not fufilling its purpose.

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Hes had some good moments. The shit he did in the uk before the mutts got ahold of him and tried to turn him into a psychopath constantly vomiting swears at everyone and exploding on everything was ok. He has a vid he did with jeremy clarkson that i quite liked.

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have you watched him in that video where he makes those burgers
dude did a line like ten seconds before they started filming

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To be fair, it's hard to fuck up fish and chips unless you're an utter retard.

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