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Your favourite cheese? For me, it's parmesan

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Gruyere. I don't want it to be this way, do you know how shitty it is to have the one cheese you actually really like be the one that burns your wallet every time?

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>smoked gouda
>smoked cheddar
When I do Mexican food queso fresco is so fucking good.

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Oh look a putrid fat globule thread
Americans know more about cheese than most anyone else, which must be the reason that American cheese doesn't have a rotten like death stink to it

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At least five some categories. Comparing parmesan with soft stuff like brie is retarded.

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Basically it's bootleg parmigiano reggiano

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Well, we're talking about favourites, obviously some people are going to prefer fresher softer cheese and others will prefer aged harder cheese.

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The guy is trying to start a cheese discussion. Just post your favorites and stop being a bitch about it

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i pity non-bongs who will never experience red leicster

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>parmigiano reggiano
Basically it's bootleg piarimigianioglio reggianollio riccotio

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Parmigiano-reggiano is one of the all-time greats. As a general snacking cheese with some crackers and a mug of hot cocoa, gouda is the best for me.

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it's alright anon, not very special

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Jarlsberg is great stuff

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It's pronounced GOW-DA.

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>red leicester

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It is, was super cheap too. I noticed the price has crept up a little, though

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wtf, i've noticed the same

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>Your favourite cheese? For me, it's parmesan
My favourite cheese? For me, it's Kraft singles

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desu I dont think Ive tried enough cheese to know

but so far kerry gold vintage cheddar has been pretty good.

My favorite has been imported balkan cheeses I get from a connection and they dont really have a name. Their hard cheeses similar to parmesean but are just soft enough to be eaten in blocks. Sort of a cross between a sharpness of white cheddar, texture and sharpness parmeseasn, and frutyness of a gouda. good stuff

kashkavall I think its called

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Port Salut

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my black motherfucker

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Listen you fucking uneducated subhuman low IQ obese mutt nigger.

It’s written on the crust PARMIGIANO, it’s not Parmesan.


When I buy your shit in my country they don’t sell it with a translated name, I buy a mcchicken not a mcpollo.

What a disgrace of a country you are.

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You seem like you have a lot of friends

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Based and wetbackpilled

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Rent free

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pecorino sardo maturo
it's delicious and you can make hilarious s&m cheese jokes with the cheese-lady.

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Has to be parm because it's available everywhere in a quality form (Real) and it can b used for so much. Plus farmer's, asiago, romano all smell like puke when melted.

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The cendré de lune. its not some fancy wooshy wooshy french cheese, its a local blue cheese (i live in quebec). its not like the normal, crumbly blue cheese its more of a brie or a camembert that you turnt into a blue cheese. Very buttery.

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Used to be Tomme but after visiting Alsace I've been converted to Munster. Shit it so dank.

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What does /ck/ think of Président cheese? I'm a fan of their Brie myself.

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mimolette, you plebs

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Blame the French, we just borrowed the spelling from them. They call partigianos partisans too.

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based non-pretentious anon

I like cheddar.

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this thread smells like high school locker room and gym socks. hopefully its the girls room

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Well, american cheese doesn't have cheese in it, so there's that.

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Anyone else like cheese?

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Right now it's camembert.

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It's got milk tho

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i love manchego, with honey and crackers or alone is good too

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great with jamon jabugo

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Love me a good wensleydale, especially with cranberries.

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A good sharp white cheddar, either English or Wisconsin.

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Excuse me

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can this legally be called cheese?

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Here's a weirdo for you. Harzer is a German washed-rind cheese with >90% protein content and almost no fat, made from something like cottage cheese. Very popular with the bodybuilding community here. Also, some people actually died eating this (the main bacteria is not so good keeping the dangerous stuff out). Smells intensely like old socks. I think it's currently not allowed for import in the US because of the slight health hazard.

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No, that's why it says "cheese product" on the wrapper.

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>can this legally be called cheese?
It can't even legally be called food, they were literally mandated to change the name from "pasteurized process cheese food" to "pasteurized prepared cheese product"

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Its called cheese product or processed cheese because when it first was released to consumers it was selling faster than any other cheese on the market. Other cheese makers were getting jealous their cheese wasn't doing so good anymore. So like every good well established industry in the United States, they lobbied as hard as possible to get congress to label this new cheese with a "scary" sounding name to discourage consumers from buying it. Their ploy worked and now 'American Cheese' is seen has a cheese for lower class people

I love all cheeses and American Cheese has its uses, it's not something I'd eat on crackers or alone, but it's my favorite on a burger or as the primary cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich.

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>Its called cheese product or processed cheese because
the producers preferred that to the "cheese flavouring and emulsified vegetable oil"

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You do know there's plenty of American cheese other than Kraft singles "cheese"?

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Why would you ever buy this?

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Flyovers and nips love this shit

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are you supposed to eat the rind?

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>Big Cheese sees the new guy trying to get a slice of the profits and milks them for all they're worth.

I can't stomach it.

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>primary cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich
I used to believe that it was _the_ cheese for burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches
however, I switched to real cheese a few years ago and haven't looked back.

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You can if you like the taste, i don't.

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to put on shitty frozen pizza

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A nice muenster is always tasty esp when in a grilled cheese.

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For me, it's gouda

>> No.12898937

Its real cheese senpai. Stop believing the lies of big dairy.

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>For me, it's gouda
With or without cumin seeds?

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Why give me no love, manchego bro

With manchego I don't think so

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For me it's the garrotxa cheese
The best of cheese from the humble nation of catalonia

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Has there been any attempts to conduct a raid on the cheesebank of Italy? Its like a bank literaly for cheese. Could make a breakin and then sell it to Canadian cucks for monster prices.

As for Op's question: the true righteous flavour of a strong blue cheese is supreme, possibly a Stilton variety

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Kraft literally is big dairy.

>> No.12902986

Based cumbert

>> No.12903002

salty, unpasteurized hard sheep cheese from the local farmers market

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Venezualan beaver cheese

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personally, i've been rather into edam and wensleydale as of late. although, the most use i get out of cheese is just grating it up and shoving on top of an oven pizza.

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That's a lot of salt and suger for all for that cumin.

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Mozzarella di bufala, but grilled Halloumi is also great

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Does the 100% refer to the fact that 100% of the cheese is parmesan or that 100% of the cheese is grated?

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I really dislike parmesan, I don't get why people dump it on almost everything, especially pasta and salads

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I like soft cheeses

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This, the Germans make a blue Brie as well that is fantastic

>> No.12904086

take careful note that they say "parmesean" not "Parmigiano-Reggiano"

>> No.12904109

Parrano for me


>> No.12904135

It's another term for permigiano you fat faggot

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I like crumbly hard cheeses like Caerphilly and Wenslaydale. I also like Stinking Bishop a soft cheese

>> No.12905730

I don't like most cheeses but I do like parmesan when used well and alfredo sauce is one of the best sauces to put on any pasta.

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>there are "people" who don't eat the crust

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i only eat cheese imported from francei, i am american but my grandma is french and she always fed me delicious boursin, camembert, these stinking american plebs dont know cheese

>> No.12906049

As a dish itself, or more commonly a tapa, I'll get any spanish cheese, from manchegos to Tupi di sort.
Cooking wise Italian ones, maybe mozzarella fiore di latte for those aperitivos like a tapa but that's it.
French ones for breakfast with fruits or cured fishes.

Bongs cheeses are disgusting though, I have my base now in UK and I'm dissapointed with the quality of the cheese after being based in Italy and Spain.

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I love stews. This makes amazing game stew. I can also eat it like it's fucking candy.

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is it that dangerous tho? Can I import it into Croatia?

My fav is Pag cheese
> Pag cheese or Pag Island cheese is a Croatian variety of hard, distinctively flavored sheep milk cheese originating from the Adriatic island of Pag. It is generally regarded as the most famous of all artisan cheeses made in the country and can be found in many markets outside Croatia.

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FUCK I love provolone

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For me it's Ezine

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I don't eat the crust.

>> No.12906479

I don't know about favorite, but I've always appreciated a good Havarti. Some is firm and more like provolone, but I like a soft, buttery Havarti and that's a little harder to find.

>> No.12906526

Instantly came to mind.

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Fellow manchego bro reporting in. Have some at home right now, along with some membrillo as well.

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step aside, plebs

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just buy regular old swiss cheese for 90% of uses and get the authentic shit when it's imperative you specifically use gruyere

>> No.12907053

literally just tastes like grainy cheddar

>> No.12907060

that's because english is the international language and not spic

>> No.12907065

>local blue cheese
>posts a triple cream brie
yes, french canadians really are this stupid

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>100% Grated
this is comedy gold

>> No.12907080

Gouda from goat milk.

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it's called the cheese bones you absolute plebian

>> No.12907108

Norwegian here. The Jarlsberg you buy in EU/US is not from Norway. If you buy it in the EU it is made either in Sweden or Ireland, and it you buy it in the US it is made by the Amish for some weird reason.

Having tasted all of them, the Norwegian Jarlsberg is by far the superior one.

>> No.12907165

Bleu cheese or unsmoked young Gouda are my favorites. They go great on fresh bread, and Gouda is overall super versatile

>> No.12907195

>buy it in the US it is made by the Amish

Everything I can find says it's made by Alpine Cheese Company, nothing I can see says they're Amish.

Also, according to what i've read, the cultures are still sent from Norway, the differences come from american milk vs Norwegian milk. And they spent over a year perfecting the recipe to make it as close to the original as possible.

>> No.12907203

i wish lowfat cheeses were more common.

Iv had Appenzeller Lowfat (variety) cheese before and the taste was

amazing. the fact that low fat cheese could be so ... wet and tasty at the same time. iv never tasted such a strong cheese before, quite salty but intense. enough for a spoon full to flavour 3oo g of cooked pasta more than enough.

im on a quest to find cheeses like that one ...

>> No.12907204

They prefer to be called "The Big Cheese"

>> No.12907499

local as in its made in Quebec not as in we fucking invented the triple cream brie. cmon anon now your just trying to be angry at someone.

>> No.12907504

and thats not all! the bbq sauce would have sugar saturation at coca cola levels, and then they went and added honey too!

>> No.12907533

yes, fuck America
perhaps the shittest country to exist in all human history
bunch of literal sub-humans so biologically altered from normal humans through countless generations pump fed corn syrup and s o y, chemicals in their food, chemicals in their water, 5G radio waves rotting their brain, processed food, mac and cheese, fast food with s o y, fast food chemicals made from plastics, estrogen in their water supply, consumerist, materialist culture, <50% white, the perfect docile cattle, a giant ranch to breed retards to fight for Israel and enslave the world to literal fake money
ruled over by a pedophile deep state occult elite that abduct Americans children and literally no one cares and memory holes it, Hollywood, music industry, television, entertainment industries, soulless, corporatising, bland, soul crushing country, television and consumerism is their god, docile nigger cattle shitting and farting, clapping and gafawing when their homosexual military kill people in sovereign countries for the jews and resources while their jew fed reserve print money from thin air, constant, endless war, coca cola fuck America. perversions of the mind and universal evil, sickness and rot physically manifested into a country. Coca-Cola is the perfect example of America's shitness. A sickening chemical sludge conncoction of nothing real and healthy, a chemical black ooze that should not exist yet it does and absolutely no one cares that this chemical liquid from hell exists and people willingly and voluntarily put it into their bodies.
Hope America gets raped and nuked

>> No.12907645


You sound poor and brown

>> No.12907666

Mine is probably a roquefort.

My least favorites are any cheese with that odd sweet nutty taste, so english cheddars and swiss and gruyere get the axe. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.12907952

Papillion is one of my favorite cheeses ever

>> No.12907989

because it tastes good

>> No.12907996

smoked gooda

>> No.12908002

Buffalo mozzarella

>> No.12908030

I smell a new pasta. Thx nonna!

>> No.12908045

I'm angry you called brie a blue cheese you dumb pepsi

>> No.12908152

it is! its gone blue and its ripened in ashes.

>> No.12908171

With Port Salut, It's literally a thin wax coating. I try to peel it off, but it's so thin you inevitably leave a tiny little bit here and there. It's as edible as wax is, which is to say tasteless and possibly detracting from the flavor of the cheese, but I wouldn't fret.
Just get rid of as much of it as you can.

>> No.12908189

It is a strain of Penicillium mold that does not produce Penicillin. Regardless, certain enzymes in the cheese are researched to attack some bad bacteria.

>> No.12908974

What does the inside look like? Anyone can chuck ash on a rind, but that doesn't make it blue cheese.

>> No.12909115

like any other triple brie but striped with the blue stuff you find in normal blue cheese like this post >>12907041

>> No.12909382

100% the only correct answer

>> No.12910558

let's see it

>> No.12910590

>t. pajeet that's mad Americans have stopped falling for his scams
Designated & Poopilled

>> No.12910923

Not the anon you were speaking too but it took 2 seconds to find. It's brie, dunno what that other anon is smoking.


>> No.12910941

I looked at his picture and even googled it, but it looked like normal brie with no veins whatsoever
that's why I called him out for being a retarded frenchie

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For me it's grilled cheese

>> No.12911364

Dangerously based.

>> No.12911488

For me it's Manchego semicurado, Vega Sotuelamos is a nice one

>> No.12911495

not even close to enough butter

>> No.12911514

he's the connor sewer not you

>> No.12911520

He's wrong

>> No.12911556

critics like you are a diamond dozen

>> No.12911756

you can get Parmesan rinds pretty cheap and they're useful for lots of shit

>> No.12912508

its me who forgot. been a while since i ate it. but its blue though. the outside is anyway.

>> No.12912542

absolutely this. I don't know why in Mexico we have a cheese called "manchego" that has nothing to do with the original Spanish one.

This one's perfect with Jamón Ibérico, or chorizo ibérico or lomo ibérico or with anything ibérico

>> No.12912798

None of your fancy cheeses. Give me some mild cheddar.

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