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>indistinguishable in both taste and texture prior to cooking and after cooking
10/10, when will it be cheaper than regular meat?

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it doesn't taste like meat, it's still okay though. Nutty, and it tastes like how ikea smells

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How will vegans cope when lab meat patties go mainstream?

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How would you know this? You, too, had it today? On the day it launched? In a couple stores in Southern California?
Post wrapper.

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>not living in southern california

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this shit tastes all nasty, like it's been processed to fuck and back. it's like someone shredded newspaper into a meatlike consistency and then soaked it in meaty grease for an hour.

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Depends on what /pol/ has to say about them. /pol/ is honestly the most supreme news source right now, even lefties are taking their queues for what to believe from /pol/

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you should probably log off for a little bit

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i had an impossible whopper and it clearly wasn't real meat if you tasted the patty on its own. it just tastes like boca burgers or any other vegetarian substitute that's been around for a while. this just has better marketing. it's not even nutritionally the same as meat, which is more of a concern for me now anyway.

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make me an impossible ribeye instead of fake ground beef and i'll be impressed

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What’s the difference between the impossible burger and a veggie burger?

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>indistinguishable in both taste and texture

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Same as the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

Spent years advertising vegetarian stuff to a specific market then it occurred to them to branch out, but the brand was tainted with being "effeminate" in the case of diet coke and "homo" in the case of veggie burgers.

So they came up with the same thing with a new brand slogan

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compared to:

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Veggie burger is not pretending to be meat and probably tastes better if its well made.

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what? they've been selling this shit in my local supermarket for months, if not weeks

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>wanting to be raped by a pack of wild wetbacks

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Just eat lentils or beans retard

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you have fun eating your impossible meat
i'll sit here enjoying my beef ^.^

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So it says perishable but you could eat it "raw" with no problems right?

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It has more fat than real meat.

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That's retarded. You can't replace the fat and protein you'd get from a normal hot dog with a carrot. It might taste good but it's not going to be satisfying to eat in the same way.

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>but you could eat it "raw" with no problems right?
Probably not. It might still have bacteria because standards are only met to make it safe to eat after cooking, and not to eat raw.

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It's going to lose a shit ton of money like that pea mayo Bill Gates invested in.

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No they haven’t. They literally just released it retail two days ago for the first time

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They have been test marketing it literally for six months in selected cities.

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eat the soy, goy

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It won't be cheaper than meat for quite a while because a crucial part of its acceptance by the wider market is contingent on it NOT being placed as a "cheap alternative to meat". It needs to be priced at a premium for a while.

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And this is why it will flop. Nobody's paying premium prices for not-meat. Even vegans hate it, because it's too reminiscent of actual meat which they have grossed themselves out on by watching too many factory farming videos.

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Just like with tater tots.

>Originally, the product was very inexpensive; according to advertising lectures at Iowa State University, people did not buy it at first because there was no perceived value. When the price was raised, people began buying it.

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lab grown meat wont be for you, goy. It will be for soldiers and the enforcer class. you eat your bugs and dog food vegetable slurries.

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No they haven’t. This is the test marketing

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The impossible burger isn't better for you than beef. It's just an alternative for vegetarians.
So basically I'd rather just eat beef

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>indistinguishable in both taste and texture prior to cooking and after cooking
just like diet sodas? right....

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>It won't be cheaper than meat for quite a while because a crucial part of its acceptance by the wider market is contingent on it NOT being placed as a "cheap alternative to meat". It needs to be priced at a premium for a while.

Don't be retarded. No meat-eater is EVER going to pay more for a meat replacement than for actual meat. Premium my ass, the premium product is real meat. Always going to be. You don't pay more for a fake Rolex than a real one.

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It's true

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Soylent Green

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you're wrong nigger. they've been testing at my grocery in denver too for at least a month

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>14g fat
lol how do you get fat content if its made out of plants

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Based retard

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>>12949337 >>12949421 >>12949428
He's actually right. I've seen anons base their opinions on stuff based on what /pol/ thought and did the opposite.

Imagine living your life just being a contrarian to a board.

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Asshole, you could still get it in certain restaurants. For a while.
You fucking asshole.

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>he’s never heard of vegetable oil

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Did you not know that nuts contain a lot of fat?

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Have you ever eaten one op? It does taste pretty close to a fast food patty. But only because fast food patties are cardboard to begin with. If you enjoy anything with a lot of animal fat you're never getting it with these plant patties.

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soon, just import more black people to have abortions so that PP can sell to Impossible for a lower price

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>0 mg cholesterol
miss me with that gay shit

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>0mg cholesterol

enjoy low testosterone and bitch tits

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The price will go down, but not by much. If it gains mainstream acceptance, people will have proven that they’re willing to pay a premium for it and that’s what will be charged.

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>/pol/ is honestly the most supreme news source right now

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based retard

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>same texture prior to cooking

The fuck

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That’s like shit and you can immediately taste the difference. I bought an impossible burger in accident from Carl’s Jr. and thought I was eating rotten meat. Fuck off

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based and redpilled

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I dare anyone to watch this video and look me in the eye and say that vegans aren't insane.

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They don’t sell the Impossible Burger there dumbass

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