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What food scenes in films have really piqued your interest in something, whether it’s a brand or kind of food?

For me, it’s the scene in related where they talk about how good Carl Jr burgers are. I really, really, really want one now. And yes, I’m aware I’ve fallen for it. Still desperately want one, though.

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This scene from "My Cousin Vinny". I've never seen the movie. My dad just showed me this scene once and it made me want to try grits. I have since tried them, and I think they're delicious. I like them with butter and salt, or with cheddar cheese and shrimp on top.

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When I was a kid, I desperately wanted to recreate this whole scene. I’d get creamed corn and dish it up in my mother’s Tupperware and argue bitterly with her why she couldn’t get me blue milk. In the end, I had to make do with strawberry she added a splash of food colouring too. It came out a bit purple but I basically ate this about three times a week for a whole summer with my lightsaber at my side.

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that's really sad

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That scene near the end of the Bond movie Diamonds are Forever phuyuck wine and Kidd or Wint trying to skewer Bond is pretty funny, plus they have that explosive bomb cake.

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On the contrary, it was the happiest summer of my life because it was the same summer I was pulled out boarding school. My mother felt so bad I basically spent all of just doing whatever the hell i wanted.

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Blazing Saddles - Famous Camp fire farting scene

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Your post is what’s sad

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Carl's Jr is just Hardee's. Just go to Hardee's, ya fuck.

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> Everywhere in the world is America

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>living somewhere that's not America
You've got bigger problems than just not getting a Hardee's/Carl's Jr's.

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fuck. imagine how shitty Tatooine cuisine is. no chinese restaurants

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Ain’t that a fact. Civil war coming soon.

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sorry european/american/south east asian

or south america, how could I forget. wouldn’t it be funny if they had a war to just be like hey everybody we still suck too

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South American nations have had more dictators, wicked ones at that than anyone could shake a stick at. They got pretty professional at the death squads.

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just go to hardees

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This makes me want to try authentic California cuisine.

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carls jr is hardees, you have one near you.

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> Everywhere in the world is America

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How about an entire series?

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There are so many fucking scenes in Casino with food, same with Goodfellas.

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He's checking the blueberry distribution in the muffins

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Why does /ck/ freak out over this?

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Freak out? Just appreciating it because it's a genuinely good movie and the cooking is legit.

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That scene in Cobra where Stallone cuts a slice of pizza with scissors. Always made me wonder why and who thought to write that into the script rather than him just eating the slice


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I recently watched this movie and I hate how many times I laughed during it.
Made me feel embarrassed.

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How the FUCK has this not been posted yet?
Literally 99% of food scenes in gangster films are kino.

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Back to Facebook, little zoom.

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what ARE grits anyway, i've never had or seen them

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so it can't be that shitty then.

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Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are the ONLY reason to watch that movie.

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It's like eating sand-sized piece of waxs covered in flavorless butter that has the consistency of watery sludge but more delicious than what I'm describing.

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Because stallone wrote that movie.

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the cooking pancakes part of uncle buck.
funny enough that scene had the opposite effect on me. i dont like grits but im glad it had a positive affect on someone

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Imagine an unsweetened corn bread that was turned into porage with the consistency of coursed grind coffee. Now put a pat of butter with salt and pepper. BOOM, grits.

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Chinese ""food"" is awful pleb feed

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It’s awesome. Mainly because of Danny McBride, though.

Yeah, the food in this film is off the wall amazing. I actually got a recipe for bona fide sauce from a guy posting here the other day. Always wanted to make it after the various scenes where they fuss over it so much.

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They are a gift from God. Now tell me my assumed Northern bumpkin friend.. what the holy fuck is "scrapple"?

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I have no idea, im a new hampsherite, never heard of scrapple.

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michael cera being a douche is pretty funny

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Freak out about what? The movie Chef, by Jon Favreau?

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Scrapple fucking rules. It’s like a hash brown made of pork. Scrapple tastes so strongly of pure pork flavor it’s almost like they boiled down the essence of pork and mixed it right into the scrapple.

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This anon didn't have a fun childhood

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I love the scene in The Road where they find the shelter and feast on the canned goods inside.

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Tried shwarma because of Avengers. Fucking delicious.

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Hominy that's been dried and ground, then cooked into a porridge. Served sweet or savory with various toppings. It's very bland on its own, so you can eat it with a lot of different things.

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Are all grits hominy? Thought most were just ground dry corn.

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There was one movie, I can't remember the title, but there was one scene with a guy on death row that was about to be executed and asked for his last meal to be beans

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I was watching The Whole Nine Yards on TV as a kid and in a scene they got breakfast sandwiches, one of them had cream cheese and scrambled egg. Sounds kind of gross but I tried it anyway and liked it. Was better on a bagel than plain bread though.

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for me it's the hobo omurice scene in tampopo, if you haven't watched it you're the big gay https://youtu.be/a-GFimGcYJw

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yes anon, you belong to us

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Thought this was a reference to >>12950153

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Food scenes are getting more popular in all forms of media

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Then send over your fucking burgers, dope.

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That’s a really happy memory anon thanks for sharing

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Why was the spaghetti bad?

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Where are they supposed to go if everywhere is America?

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That scene with the potato in A Torinói ló

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The food fight scene in Hook

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Allways wanted to know what all the chinks ended up cooking in gran torino after he helps the first time...

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While watching the moon.

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Makes we want to cook Chinese food.

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Onions men

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Demolition Man is a fucking great movie though.

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Figure it out, punk.

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What about Jill St John's arse?

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Good job fucker Uncle Buck is amazing. Hadn't thought of that one in a while.

Pizza scene in Home Alone. Also the mac n cheese scene.

Midget eating ribs in Masters of the Universe.

Kurt Russell eating nachos in Deathproof.

It's TV, but they ate all the time in Seinfeld.

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So spam?

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>What about Jill St John's arse?
Overtaken by Lana 'I'm Plenty O'Toole' Woods luscious tits. Did you not SEE THEM?

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I gotta re watch that movie

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Because it's fucking retarded for home cooking. On the line, it's fine to haphazardly smear shit on the bread and then mix it around on a griddle, but it's one fucking sandwich, and you're going to have to clean that shit. Just mind your butter work to get the edges, and do it in a single pan for fuck's sake.

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does drinks count? i feel like there's plenty of mentions already but when i watched deadwood it really made me want to drink whisky (in a saloon preferably)
or wine when watching game of thrones

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They weren't chinks, they'wre Hmong.

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Try the wine!


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It's a Jewish trick called product placement and you fell for it.

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I hated that movie because it was fucking horrible. The kid was a shitty actor, too.

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