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who else /drunk by herself/ here?

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I just got out of bed and am still drunk, so technically yes. Also I was by myself when I got drunk in the first place. And I'm by myself in all my spare time, come to think of it.

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Wearing women's clothing doesn't make you a woman.

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Yeah Ive been getting myself drunk pretty much every day this week. Yesterday it was vodka. Gin before that. Last night I had to get up and vomit after going to bed. Put my vodka in the fridge earlier, gonna start drinking again soon.

I wish I were dead.

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Are you the drunkard who used to post "who the fuck is drunk" threads with a girl in a wonder woman outfit, circa 2009 or so? Do you still have that pic?
The sooner you start HRT the better you'll pass. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life seething at drawings of girls?

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You’ll never be passable no matter how much money you spend, you mentally ill freak

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>ywn force your way inside a drunk femanon (her house too)

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That's true. It's definitely something I would never do.

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No matter how many dresses and striped thigh socks you wear; no matter how many chemicals you ingest to mutate your body; no matter how many (((mercenary))) doctors you hire to defile yourself, remember this:

You will never be a woman.

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I'm not interested in being a trap, although fucking one would be great. I'm just trying to help you not let yourself go to waste. People who transition in middle age are never happy. I assume from the average age here that it's not too late for you. So instead of seething, give in to your desires. The first step is to chop off your dingdong. Get good and drunk first. Scissors should do it. Make sure to stop the bleeding right away!

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Neither would I because I know that's morally wrong. Wouldn't it be weird though? Maybe she'll enjoy it ha ha.

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Tits or GTFO

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tfw you can never make a drunk I'm a femanon post without anons thinking you're a faggot tranny. Thiugh, to be fair I'd never post anime, not into it, and only trannies post that garbage.

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>vodka nice and cold
>now 5 shots deep

time for another one

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contact info?

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Had some Deja Vu reading this post.

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I lost count bros how many shots am.I on now?

I think ill tet taco bell tonihjt yeeah

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>The sooner you start HRT the better you'll pass
You'll never pass

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If you haven't moved on to just sipping from the bottle, probably less than ten.

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it's a 1.75L bottle man, too unwieldy for sipping

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>they think I wouldn't still fuck the one on the right

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I said you don't pass, not that you don't have low standards, ugly people usually have low standards out of necissity

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I don't think you're my type, but I guess I should be flattered that you tried to hit on me.

Now hurry up and snip, it's not going to fall off on its own!

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yeah me (male)

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>sneaky on hrt
>not just having trapfication fetish
Since when ?

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Oof man that's depressing. Sounds like you could use a drink. Works for me

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got drunk last night. briefly passed out in my chair and pissed myself

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Wtf are you doing sis alcohol increases your testosterone production.

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I haven't been on here in a while so I decided to see if anything had changed.

First thread I see is this one.

I just realized why today's date was bothering me, I've been sober for 3 years as of today. Holy fucking shit. I didn't even realize it.

Oh well

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Better leave this board again before you're encouraged to relapse. Or have a drink. It's been so long, just one can't hurt.

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Me but I'm a guy

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Post bobs

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if you value your sobriety, close this thread and go about your business
al/ck/ threads will make you relapse

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Thanks but nah. I have had plenty of opportunities to relapse but didn't. I already stopped reading this thread but only because of the lack of interest.

I just found it interesting that I see this thread first and then realizing what day it was

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>bought 1.75L of vodka from costco yesterday
>it's half empty already

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So is OP

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I was sober for six months once. I discovered I'm too unmotivated to find anything to do with all that extra time and energy, so went back to hiding from myself.

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Didn't you feel good those 6 months though? I would suggest you try again and direct your focus on something a bit more constructive and more time consuming. Like improving your cooking perhaps.

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better to feel drunk while doing nothing all day than feel nothing at all while doing nothing all day

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Based /pol/ biting the simplest of bait every time

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Quit. It's been two weeks and I don't feel better. I just wish something would click and I can actually be happy. Started exercising, not too hard, but I get outside and get the blood flowing. I just want to be happy and not miserable immediately after my eyes open

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Even happy people are miserable most of the time. What you really need is a distraction.

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who is this cute loli?

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you're never alone so long as you've got andy palmer and his 5 sons, hun

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sounds like you need a change of pace. i'd look into changing jobs. i know that's easier said than done but it could save your life

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not knocking him but why are you assuming he has a job?

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first time I've witnessed this level of evilness and faggotry, I seriously hope you're just some evil kike, because if you aren't then you're a traitor of the biggest magnitude

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>first time I've witnessed this level of
then you're a newfaggot and need to shut your shit spewing mouth and lurk at least 2 years more before posting again.

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I am not drunk by myself. I have all of you guys here

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nope, try again faggot

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fuck off, tourist.

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nah, you fuck off tranny faggot

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You're embarrassingly self unaware. Go back.

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This is my favorite kind of shitpost

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>so drunk and le quirky xDDDD
No. I did heroin and got drunk because i wasnt high enough. This is neither fun nor quirky

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thats just a cross dresser not a tranny

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I envy those who do drugs for fun

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You aren't special.

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Does projecting your own insecurities onto every single unrelated post you see fullfill you? Fucking neck yourself retard

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>I want to feew special so bad, i have to tell evewyone they're not special!! So if i tell evewyone they're not special, that means evewyone is a pathetic faggot just like me!! And maybe my depression will be lifted! Hurray!!
Jump in front of a slow moving train you disgusting, filthy, autistic aids ridden mongoloid fucking nigger tranny

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literally what the fuck does that have to do with that comment? Are u okay buddy?, Don't u have med to take?

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you're the one talking about how much drugs and alcohol you've done compared to anyone else while for no reason assuming OP is trying to be fun and quirky for saying he drinks by himself

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wow, you're really upset aren't you? sorry you got told to stop telling people off for thinking their quirky for doing drugs when you can't even do it yourself

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None of you will ever be real women.

>> No.12988160

Are you actually getting this upset over being told you're not special? Kek, you really did think you were special, didn't you?

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Girls don't exist here

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Now I’m not a tranny so maybe my perspective is a little off, but wouldn’t the ideal situation be to be a male living life like a girl anyway

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Nope, any man trying to live like a woman will end up dissatisfied

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>takes hormones
>not a tranny
Just because it looks like a man doesn't mean it's not a tranny. In fact, that's a key component of identifying a MtF tranny: that it looks like a fucking man. BECAUSE IT IS ONE.

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You will never pass.

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The joke's already been done, tourist.

>> No.12988498

Dilate, seething tranny,.

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Go back, tourist.

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Wish i could drink without it making me feel like i have radiation poisoning.
t. east asian

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based sheltered retard with no exposure to socially transitioned people

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Didn't read your shit thread, hon.
dial 8

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I'm high. Does that count?

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I was gonna ask this girl from work out tonight. But now I'm drinking alone

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good, why would you want to associate with 3d?

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Went out since bf wanted to stay in and work on music. Got drunk off a Koren wine at a restaurant. editing video shit now. STOMP STOMP CLAP

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A person can only take so much loneliness

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I'd trade your high for my drunk. I lost my connect...

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tits or gtfo

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id still take it home and pump it full of my cum
>except for when it looks like the middle school boy, ugh...

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oh shit. Case this fucker in the shiplash sequel.

>> No.12989043

>oh shit. Case this fucker in the shiplash sequel.
>oh thith, neth thith uuuuhhh in shishash nekel

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you just got fucking roasted dood

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superior pizzagirl(boy) coming through

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What's her stage name, anyway? I wouldn't mind watching the full scene.

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Anon, I...

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