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>cooking eggs in olive oil

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>cooking eggs
Enjoy your cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity fucking retard

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>dat momscience

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Because cholesterol equates to serum cholesterol. Right, you fucking doctor? Go live in your shitty life before giving health advice. Sorry, you're just a piece of shit caught in the crossfire.

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>being this much of a shitlord
Ok, dude, I'll let you in on a big non secret- all the things listed are /literally/ ***clap*** /legit/ ***clap*** /science/ ***clap**

Stop being ignorant.

I bet your a bigot. Like, a legit sistr fucking bilyhick.

What wrong with you pol? Why do u deny S I E N C E ,like come on.

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For now.
When it's 'discovered' that the science was faulty in some way or other or that new research indicates the opposite, you'll have ample opportunity to rage about how the oh so powerful egg lobby bought the scientists to skew the numbers. Then that'll get overthrown by new research and the other guy's side will say that the scientists were skewed by George Soros or whoever thir bogeyman is that week and the cycle will repeat indefinitely.
Enjoy your endless cycle of smug superiority->smug disbelief->smug superiority. In the meantime, I'll be over here, enjoying a nice soft-boiled egg with toast soldiers.

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Why are you so willing to be trolled? Retard

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>For now.
No. Not even sure it was science in the 90s.

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Have sex

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underage tier bait

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have gay sex

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but eggs in olive oil are great

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You're a dumb fag.

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Butter is better, but olive oil is decent in my opinion. What do you cook your sunny side up eggs in anon?

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Butter, brother. Or bacon grease

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>Because cholesterol equates to serum cholesterol
It does but you have to eat a lot for it to really affect you, and the amount you have to eat means you're probably eating enough to weigh 500+ pounds anyway and would be sick without the added cholesterol.

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I use a bit of oil with a bit of butter, I like it.

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I've been taught by my dad to use half butter half olive oil for my sunny side up eggs.

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God Tier: bacon grease
High Tier: butter
Shit Tier: everything else

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except science thinks eggs are one of the best meals you can have

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>cooking eggs in palm oil

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> cooking eggs in anything other than bacon grease

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>being alive
Enjoy dying one day

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Butter chads report in

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we literally live to die fuckstain

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This is the least educated thing i've ever seen.

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I can't for the life of me eat eggs by themselves. Incorporated as an ingredient, that's fine, but my baby-ass tongue just hates eggs by themselves. Scrambled, over-easy, sunny side up, not a single one.

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>Not posting the seasonal version

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The only smart post in this thread.

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based and greasepilled

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I can't stand eggs with bacon, it's too heavy. Scrambled eggs are best with butter, soft and fluffy with a slice of ham on buttered bread

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