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They have never eaten calabresa pizza.

calabresa > pepperoni

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But we have the Pizza Hut pepperoni lover's pizza

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Margarita is better

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Extramostbestest or whatever the fuck it's called is better.

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Do you really think you're gonna out top American restaurants? We will put 10 pounds of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onions, whatever, on pizza just for fun.

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Should I order one?

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I i just saw a brand new thread (last meals topic) get deleted to make room for another pizza debate thread.

Pizza rules, no doubt, and I've loved it my entire life since I was 2 or 3 when my parents were still married and took me to the local pizza place in town so I could watch all the failed town-college kids hand-make all the pizzas while I wrestled my thumbs with 25 cent thumb wrestlers. But, really?
>is it so Little Caesars could promote their already delicious pizza? Why?

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what the fuck even is calabresa? Fuck off new worlder mutts with your shit tier ingredients. Use nduja if you want something "calabresa"

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Every small pizza shop does though. Shit Amy's and private selection have a frozen one too ya dingus

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>dat feel when Americans actually think pizza is supposed to be greasy and fill you up so you need some carbonated drink immediately afterward

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it comes down to either you get quality, light pizza with handful of top tier ingredients that's not really meant to be a meal, or quantity where you get a greasy mess with thick dough and drenched in cheese. good pizza is sadly also pricey and remains alien to most people who are satisfied with their $5 pies.

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>Portion pizza
>Not meant to be a meal

How do americans have so much room in their stomaches? Are they man cow hybrids?

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>paying more for fewer ingredients cooked quicker

Never trust the italian jew

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I'm pretty sure it's portioned so multiple people can eat it because it's expensive.

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I never understood if burnt crust is just an indicator pizza was baked in an actual wood oven or pizza master fucking up. Some people refuse to eat it altogether.

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wa la

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this nigga puttin beans on his 'za

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it's definitely meant to add some tang, but it's also simply what happens because you can't exactly baby a pizza in high temperature ovens.

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>what the fuck even is calabresa?
It's a type of sausage developed by Italian migrants who came to Brazil in the early XIX century.

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