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What are you baking ladies?

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I want a wonky baker gf

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Do you reckon she involuntarily bites when she gives head?

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she has a video doing stretches that i fapped to

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it's like you were jerking together

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link? it's strictly for research purposes

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Didn't she marry Chad?

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forget about it man its nothing special

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Because they taste best that way.

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did she?

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Fucking kek

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>tfw you have wonky syndrome
>down with the yonks

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>tfw will never marry her now

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I'm hungry but at the same time nauseous like heck. I'm craving raclette but want to puke at the idea of putting food in my mouth.

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Does this woman have a neurological disorder?

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Cerebral palsy

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Feel better anon. Make sure to drink things with sodium/electrolytes in it so that you replace what you lose during your sickness. Treat yourself with some raclette when you get better as a job well done. Gives you something to look forward to, ya know?

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>feel better
I wish, but from what I know the sickness will persist for the next 2 months, and that's if I'm lucky. Thanks for the encouraging words though, have a festive raclette pic.

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g-godd dam- dam- god damn it, I'm so lonely and hor- so lonely and hor-, I'm so lLLL


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Goddammit that fucking melts my rotten heart.

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I would like to watch it

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>she is even pregnant
I don't want to die alone lads but I know I will

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>mfw I'll never have this
It's not fair lads.

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2 months? Are you fighting cancer or something?

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Sure looks like she lost weight.

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>He let a succubi steal his seed

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Anon. tragically died trying to escape from the wreckage of a deserted, destroyed sinking battleship.


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I know that feel. You have to learn to accept it and put your passion into something that isn't a relationship with a woman.

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Just pregnant.
It's such a weird feeling to want to vomit 24/7 while fantasizing about melted reblochon on potatoes.

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Pregnancy also makes me fantasize

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>It's such a weird feeling to want to vomit 24/7 while fantasizing about melted reblochon on potatoes.
So it's like smoking way too much weed

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No, what would make you say that?

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Post lactating tits or GTFO.

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before you got all fat from the baby were you hot?

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I'm about 49 kg at the moment, but that's because I'm still in the first trimester. Ask me in 5 months

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Pregnant porn is my favorite porn. I love watching pregnant women have sex. It is so nice to watch.

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Doesn't it bother you to know there's a little baby inside the woman you're watching getting fugged? Or is it what's turning you on in the first place

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Not that anon. When I was a teen I thought pregnant women were horrendous walking abominations. Now I think that for someone to get so horny enough to get impregnated is really hot. The baby never crosses my mind.

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>So it's like smoking way too much weed

You don't even know what a THC overdose is, get the fuck our of here.

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I thought it was impossible to overdose on weed lmao

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but if you nut in a preggo aren't you giving the baby a cumshot?

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How does she wipe?

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Nope. That's not how it works.

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Came here to request this, cheers.

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Pretty sure that's how it works though

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no her cervix is sealed shut with mucus to prevent contamination

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>I'm about 49 kg at the moment
Please consider the health of your child and gain some weight.

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I'm 5'2 with very little muscle mass so 49kg is perfectly fine BMI wise.
The thing is I haven't been able to keep food down due to constant nausea for the last week. It's normal for women to lose weight in the first trimester because of that very issue so I don't beat myself too much over it. I'll definitely gain weight once it's over

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Trannys cant get pregnant

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I’m not baking any ladies.

Please learn how to use commas.

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Fucking kek

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>reporting a comment for offtopic in a thread that derailed by 3rd post cus muh lgbt
the fuck cope

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