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Rat may be commonly referred to as the chicken of the sewer by many, but that doesn't mean I want to eat it like I do chickens.

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I'd eat it if it wasn't disease ridden.

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It probably isn't

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probably isn't good enough, I need to know for sure.

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>chicken of the sewer
large if factual

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potentially cleaner than chickens

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ayo das bullshiet nigga!

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rats (and similar rodents) of different types have been eaten all over the world
guinea pigs in south america are very notable, as are mole rats and cane rats in africa
but in china they've been farming bamboo rats, feeding them the fast growing and hard to eat bamboo, it's like farming small pandas, and they actually get fairly large.

the big difference in cleanliness in a farmed environment would have to be the difference between how each animal expels their waste
chickens, being birds, splat out globs of white and black birdshit
while rodents spit out dense little pellets, which don't really make a mess.
as long as you can keep your rats in a relatively clean environment and feed them strictly vegetation, they'd be safer to eat than pork, which, ironically, often get parasites by eating wild rats that sneak in to steal their corn

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Do nonwhites really wash their chicken?

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So...why is birdshit black and white?

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they do, its fucking weird. theres articles i got on my phone from news outlets saying not to wash your turkey this thanksgiving like what the FUCK

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I ate a rat. We were camping and set up a trap. A fat field rat. We tied it to a stick and roasted it over a fire.

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birds use a cloaca, it's like a vagina mixed with an asshole mixed with a urethra
its one hole to do it all
the white paste in birdshit is uric acid, their form of urine basically, while the black bits are just the actual turds, and it all gets expelled at once.

sharing their egg laying hole with their pooping hole is why the small cracks on eggshells allow people to contract salmonella, even though in most civilized countries we wash the eggs to get rid of the remnant bird poop as well as any sort of uh, 'vaginal discharge mucous'-like substances which normally would keep the egg fairly fresh in those countries without refrigeration.

You cant eat eggs from a chicken that has salmonella, well, not quite true, they tend to lay both affected and unaffected eggs.
but the main issue comes into settings where chickens are shitting all over eachothers or wiping their butts on the eggs, which happens even in non-factory farm settings
but in a factory farm setting, if those eggs weren't being washed, it could be an extremely dangerous practice

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Why does salmonella happen?

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They carry a lot of diseases but the animal itself isn't diseased. Same as Pigeons. Do you really think if they were so disease ridden there'd be so many of them? They'd be extinct.

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there are a few shitposts in the pinned thread that need to be reported!

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>one hole to do it all
That's what I call my gf!

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undercooked salmons

birds eating bird pooped food, birds drinking bird pooped water

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Just cook the eggs faggot, bam no more salmonella

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thats not how it works, well usually
it's not multiplying bacteria that make you sick, it's the toxins they leave behind, usually.
factory pasteurized eggs are more or less immune to it as they're 'cooked' to the point salmonella dies off, but people thinking they're savvy pasteurizing at home aren't accomplishing much with their eggs, as it'd have had all the time between production and storage and store front to then to multiply.

salmonella is interesting though, in some fringe cases it can keep an infection active in other parts of the body
had this lady pasteurized her eggs at home she'd have only gotten sick from the salmonella toxins the once instead of repeatedly

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rats used as food are field rats that eat grain
so they are 100% safe

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then just crack the eggs in a way that salmonella shit doesn't get into it, i've been eating shit covered eggs all my life and never got sick from it

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city rats are not safe to eat and can contain a number of pathogens due to their waste-filled diet

rural rats are delicious

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Rat is good.

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t. china

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based rodent devourer

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Niggers fighting for rat sandwich when?

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congrats, you likely have a half decent immune system, or simply a source of non-infected chickens.
i'm not paranoid about it or anything, the likelihood is lower than it's ever been, I just find it very interesting, especially the machinery used.
in japan, they eat raw eggs a lot, which leads to some interesting tech being made
microcracks too small to see along the eggs harbouring the salmonella after washing, for this reason tiny hammers on sorting machines will tap the eggs in 16 different locations and if it detects the vibration is wrong, it pitches the egg


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don't japs also die from a simple cold

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>Rat may be commonly referred to as the chicken of the sewer by many
Literally nobody calls it that.

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Based schizo poster.

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