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God I miss the McRib so badly bros, it's the best sandwich of it's type in a thousand mile radius

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I schedule my yearly 2 day vacation from Walmart during McRib season to get my fill of McRibs while they're available. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Even when I have to go back to work it's okay because I stop by the McDonald's inside our store to get one on my lunch breaks!

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just ate one, shit was cash

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I can't afford mcribs, so i buy these

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it's the only mcdonald's product i don't like beside their egg dishes.

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fight me

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i don't fight fellow mcdonaldsbros. if you're down with the golden m, you're fine with me.

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Why don't you like the McRib?

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Make own


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the consistency is a little offputting and the sauce is too heavy on the artificial smoke flavour.

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So what's your ideal McDonalds sauce?

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Their sweet & sour is oeng

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What's your go to meal?

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New York Stack is the greatest thing McDonalds has ever produced. I long for it year round.

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These are better anyways.

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>too heavy on the artificial smoke flavour.
And too sweet.

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>God I miss the McRib so badly bros, it's the best sandwich of it's type in a thousand mile radius
About half the grocery stores I've ever been in have the riblet patties in the freezer area, pick up some chicago rolls in the bread aisle, cheap dill pickles, raw onion, and have fun! Back when Bullseye was a new thing, I think that was their BBQ brand.

If you want to get healthy, I think even morningstar makes a fake meat riblet version too.

If you want to go full on luxury version, buy the darker meat end of the loin or some country style ribs, and simmer in your crock pot, or bake until tender, and glaze them at the end under your broiler.

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who are you to think you could try cooking mcdonald's recipes yourself? do you realize how much experience, expertise and technology is required to attain this level of proficiency?

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bro they're not the same patties

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If they are I'll finally take the plunge and buy that shit, I see them all the time but never get 'em

I needs my McRib fix

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The McRib is a nasty sandwich, even by McDoggo standards.

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