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Nothing is better than rice

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That's a prebaked donut you retard.

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egg + rice

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Videogames are pretty good.

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egg + rice + shrimp

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>cooking rice
Imagine wasting your time
Rice is pretty good even uncooked.

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Jasmine rice > *

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Taters are better

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t. centipede vagina

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Waah.. pur waah.

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Hello, i'm the pinnacle of human food. Try proving me wrong.
Protip: you can't

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You dont just put shrimp on rice without curry faggot

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Rice doesn't even come close to grits.

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Somehow the only thing that weirded me out the most in the game the most was seeing Sekiro eat raw rice. Frozen raw rice to boot too. Like I'm pretty sure the description even said how it was good enough to eat it raw as well.

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>bland tasteless shit

lmao nice try weeb loser

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Except of course rice with other delicious stuff.

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In meat sauce

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dereet dis naow!

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What's your favorite rice farming simulator?

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t. malnourished chink, 150cm 'tall'

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is that a jelly donut?

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Ay no fuckin' ziti?

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Rice + meat + some vegetable is the best combination.

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BOTATOES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RICE
fucking gook niggers get genocided

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>Like I'm pretty sure the description even said how it was good enough to eat it raw as well
Kuro said phrase about it. Like wtf Ookami, why did you just ate raw rice...let me cook it, here we go.

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Sex is.

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That wasn't rice.

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rice don't even have any taste.

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>potato filled with bacon and mayo

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A bit too plain. Buckwheat is better.

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rice is the reddit of grains

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This it was ceyjvcllo876tgj

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Maybe if you're a little asian dicklet or low iq weeb. Rice is for losers.

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rice + chicken

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What do the americas eat daily by the way? I've accustomed to see rice as a must have daily meal since literally all of Asia fucking loves it

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are you american?

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1 potato = 1$
10,000 rice = 1,000,000,000 chongs

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>anon talking about how bland, textureless grain that's the most common food in the world (literally casual tier lowest common denominator) is the best food

when did you come to terms with being such a post ironic retarded weeb?

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cope weeboid
your jap cuisine is bland overrated garbage

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You were almost my brother. Now I see that you are just an anus.

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What? Hot mayo on bacon is god tier

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If your asian or latin american most likely rice, If your white you eat bland food like potatoes, If your black you eat lead

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rice+egg+mushroom+chopped leaks

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you want some cum with that too?

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t. 250 kg (550 lbs)

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Rice is blander than potatoes, ching chong.

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I would like to point out that no way is this fucker an American, as fat as that sounds Americans don't do this. My guess is some kind of Dutch.

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lighter than you ahmed

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Corn oil syrup with stuff floating in it for the most part.
Deep main land it's basically potatoes and cheap giant slabs of beef bleeding out on a plate, far coasts is plates of confusing fusions of fucked up dishes from other nations.

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>not bland

Weebs are so dumb

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I'm not a ching Chong, I'm south asian all I eat is pilau so no

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I love spaghetti with grated cheese, ketchup and meatballs

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Rice is very good and versatile, but I also love potatoes

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>have to add 9001 spices to make rice edible

Rice truly is for losers.

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I'm fucking bengali all I eat is pilau

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my gaming fuel

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trash taste

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To keep it vidya, what's your favorite Papa's X'ria game?

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spaghetti pasta with spicy ketchup, I am lazy piece of shit

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Meat and potatoes/corn/green beans

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Looks shit

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I use american cheese in spaghetti when I run out of mozzarella desu

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>loving both
Absolute chad answer

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Cute gif. Mind if i steal it?

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Yes, you have trash taste weeb loser. Never forget hiroshima and nagasaki jap extermination was based, justified and deserved.

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go ahead, I stole it aswell

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Rice with baked potatoes and roast chicken is godly.
Not to mention, so easy to make too.

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Huh, never knew potatoes were so popular there. Is Europe the same aswell?
My nigga

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What if we put hashbrowns and fried rice together?

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t.never cooked pilau

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Rice? What is this pussy liberal bullshit! Give me some meat! I’ll take a nice American bbq any day while having a bear in one hand and a fishing pol in the other.

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Chicken/beef, potatoes, broccoli/corn. Standard american dinner.

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Tastes like drowning

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More like shitlau
Inferior food losers eat.

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my niggah

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Send address so I can shit on your front door

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Or a hash brown made of rice and shredded potato

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whats so different from normal cheese and american chee- *looks it up*

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So this is what /v/ is like during asian hours...

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Isn't hashbrowns already salty? I don't think it goes good together as a meal. Probably better if one were plain.

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Yeah we live in a sad state here

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>poos are so dumb


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>nazi goreng

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American cheese doesnt actually mean that plastic kraft shit

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dont be rude la

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American cheese is the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwhich.

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Not indian

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Mayo is more beloved in Yurop & Japan than the US can even imagine
>mayo corn pizza
How the fuck am I surviving this godforsaken country

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plov is better

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I like corndogs

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shut the fuck up pajeet

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Plov is good ngl

Are you gonna cry?

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carbs are for slaves

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I don't wanna be on /ck/ you dumb nigger mod

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>best thread on /v/ gets moved

>> No.13365589 [DELETED] 

>a good /ck/ from last week thread died for this
Thanks janny

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shut up singaporean

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>obliterates local foods to the point where indogs are trying to claim it for themselves
Nothin personnell... SEA

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yanks.... idgaf about your imperialism but please stop with this shit

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Pretty great other than the donut part

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I thought carbs made you fat?
Why are Japs so skinny?

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asians have higher metabolism due to genetic difference

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Fatty cope

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Ketotards BTFO!

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Why are vegetarians and vegans who generally consume more carbs so skinny?

>> No.13366335

they lack protein so their body is constantly cannibalising muscle to make up for it

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Sandwiches, really. I would bet over 90% of Americans eat at least one sandwich of some kind a day

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Calories in calories out is the only thing that matters in weight loss.
Everything else a dumb gimmick.

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bread is better than nothing

therefore bread is better than rice

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I would rather have nothing than rice

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Hell yes, rice+butter+pepper+salt is my favorite comfy dish.

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I agree with you

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Shut up weeabo

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Rice is pretty good, but only brown rice. White rice is bland in both texture and flavor compared to brown.

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Short grain white is the dankest.

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t. american education

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That first bite of plain white rice on a wooden spoon straight from the pot is divine. The 10th, not so much.

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Ant larvae look exactly like grains of rice. Just FYI. Have fun.

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This honestly made me hard

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Either pancake or pizza, however the original platformer holds a very special place in my heart

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>not the ja/ck/ edit

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The best meals have both
>t. Middle easterner

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how did they make the strawberry split video?

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