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Greetings /ck/ it's been a while.
Sometime in the near future I am having all my teeth removed.
While my gums heal I will be restricted to drinking most if not all of my food and in the event that the surgeon doesn't screw up removing my impacted molars I should even retain the ability to taste things!
I picked up pic related and have never used a blender for anything in the past so I was wondering if anons might regale me with some of your favorite blended recipes.
Thanks in advance.

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Every time I try to brush my teeth, another tooth falls out, so I just stopped brushing my teeth.

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i actually never lost many teeth they just sort of wore down to nubs over the years of a high sugar diet

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I have the well known American blender, I make peanut butter, and protein shakes (vegan)...don't think the one in pic would blend much.

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Skin and cube a butternut squash, roast it at 450° till soft and slightly brown. Set aside. Dice 2 medium yellow onions and fry in oil over medium low heat for 10-15 minutes until really soft. Add a few cloves of minced garlic and ginger, cook for one minute. Add spices, I use garam masala, cinnamon, fenugreek, chili powder, salt, pepper, and coriander. Fry for another minute. Add a couple cans of coconut milk, a bit of soy sauce, and the squash. Bring to simmer and cook for ten minutes. Then blend. Add stock in as needed if it's too thick to blend. It's really good and hearty

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update: attempted to make something with what little fruit i had and a pint of milk and two teaspoons of peanut butter for good measure and i dare say the results were satisfactory

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I hope you like yoghurt. Yoghurt with herbs mixed in is actually pretty good, and you can just drink it down.

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i do like me some yoghurt
what sorts of herbs do you like to mix in anon?

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Glad it worked

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I'm clearly not gifted in the culinary arts but I am glad I'll get to eat something that isn't just tinned Heinz soups during my recovery period £25 well spent.

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I'd be cool with eating mashed potatoes and jello on a regular basis. Good for you OP.

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Haven't had jello in a long time; now that I think of it I could probably enjoy an entire trifle without teeth.

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Mostly fresh chives, but fresh cilantro works as well. Fresh parsley is doable but meh.

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so i did the research and a food processor is best for making hummus

my question is...
is it the easiest appliance to clean for making hummus? becuase that is what is most important to me.

i tried to look that up online and they only say weather i can be dishwasher cleaned or not. i have no dishwasher machine

advice pls

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as long as you dont leave it sitting for any length of time you can literally just toss the soap and water in a blender and blend it clean

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Idk how retarded you are but either
>a little water

>Nutella (or peanut butter or almond or whatever)

Pretty much with blending things your goal is to make a mush that’s either sweet or well-balanced sweet/sour flavors, because outside of that it’s gonna taste like milk or literally nothing. It’s all up to you so there’s no measurements. Want it crunchier? More ice. Creamier? More milk. Sweeter? More Nutella/banana/sugar/fruit or whatever

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soap and water in blender for cleaning
can you also do that with a food processor?

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not quite that retarded but i thank ye for yer concise post anon

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i have never brushed my teeth since i was 9 or so and my parents gave up on me. i'm 30. i've never had a cavity, never had a tooth ache, never been to a dentist. they're as white as most peoples that haven't just had their teeth scraped and bleached. my diet is awful too.

brushing teeth can destroy them.

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some folks allergic to toothpastes too but thats besides the point
what do you blend my anon?

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i have all my teeth, they're strong and healthy. i actually have an extra incisor, too. the only thing i blend is protein shakes in my nutribullet.

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oats, you don't even need to blend just make it extra milky and gulp

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im not a horse if im gonna eat oatmeal i may as well just make a full porridge with sugar and jam and whatnot

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>sugar and jam
Yeah, the horse would've died from beetus already

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Should’ve mentioned in this

If you’re worried about nutritional needs outside of the obvious peanut buttery gainz, add some kind of seeds or nuts, and make sure your blender actually blends the seeds or else your asshole is going to be grumpy with you.

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