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>lettuce and tomato on the bottom
Awful. Not the perfect burgah

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>only thing protecting the bottom bun from becoming a soggy mess is lettuce
>under-cooked burger
>disgusting looking cheese
>burger is too tall
>buns too thick
>too big for mouth
Gordon was literally served a burger nearly exactly like this one and he did nothing but ridicule it, yet this is what he does to show to a morning audience of potentially millions (on YouTube it did become millions of views). Guy is either oblivious or the biggest hypocrite in the profession of celebrity cooks.

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i watched the video... he over-seasoned the fuck out of that thing

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fuck those pathetic brits, they can't even do brexit properly let alone burgers

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What kind of a fuckin' moron would trust a brit to make a burger?

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Any burger where you can't open your mouth wide enough to get a nice cross section of ingredients in a single bite is a fucking failure.

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Given the merkel control of the eu it'll likely be insects after plants then soylent green wafers.

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One just has to lower people's standards.

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Isn't that what hitler did, keep telling people stupid shit, drum it into their heads, then they start believing it. That's called lowering standards to the bare minimum.

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Once things are lowered to the bare minimum then you become a god-king by raising them a little bit and blaming others, hence a war.

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Enjoy your towering burger ingredients falling out all over the place and dripping down your arm, you tremendous homosexual.

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Laughing at all these seething Yanks and their "McDonald's" idea of what a burger is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CRY MORE LOSERS.

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I'm not a yank you stupid fucknut.

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What are you then.

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A bait taker and probably a filthy non-Anglo one at that.

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For one thing he is using swiss which is not a salty cheese, and while I have had burgers that I did not salt enough it is difficult to over season a burger, which he did not do anyway.

Hitler was a gentleman of taste.

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I agree that fast food burgers are embarrassing to the title of burger.

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>gordon says season it beautifully
>season it hideously instead

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Aussie, and we know how to make burgers better than the rest of the entire planet.

FYI, fuck you, cunt nugget.

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I'm master race, you stupid cucked britfag. Christ, even your cops aren't allowed to carry weapons. Keep praying for peace as you get more and more infested with the shitskins.

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>Christ, even your cops aren't allowed to carry weapons
Why would they need to, it's not 44% black lol.

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>is infested with shitskins

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He was served a burger that had its patty twice the radius of the bun and was just as thick, while still also being somewhat undercooked.

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Where is the American challenger to this man?

Oh wait......
There isn't one.

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Nigger stole errrrrbodies bikes

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Pretty much any home cook would defeat him. Do you understand that "reality TV" is... oh nevermind.

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> twice the radius

[citation needed]

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Do you understand was 'radius' is?
Do you understand what 'twice' is?

I D O N ' T T H I N K S O

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Calm down you autistic faggot you can clearly see what he meant

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>Pretty much any home cook would defeat him. Do you understand that "reality TV" is... oh nevermind.
>has a 3 star restaurant in Chelsea like all other home cooks
Retarded fatty

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>implying you can't do that with Gordons burger
learn what perspective is you autistic faggot fuck

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i really cant because im not a complete retard

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I'd rather have a big mac than gordon's fuck up attempt.

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