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I think his complaint is that the buns are too small for the patty. Not that it's too big of a bite

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i never understood it either
but hey what do you expect from normie trash tv?

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if you look you can see gordy's pattys fit on the bun, everything is the same size.
I bet if you could legally call a something a burger without any of the ingredients touching he'd demand that too.
the autistic piece of shit.

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That wouldn't prevent him from raising it all the way to his mouth and putting it in.

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Both look like shit. I hate thick burgers, it ruins the flavor

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The bun to meat ratio is slightly off in the top one.

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Listen lads, people don't post this to be told why they are retarded, they post it because they want people to think Gordon is retarded.

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Gordon is a great chef and troubleshooter, but he frequently makes shit up on Kitchen Nightmares because USA television .

Also he isn't good at burgers.

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>"Who made this dish"
>It's a black woman
>"Oh well good, it's the only good thing on the menu"

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No it isn't. A larger bun isn't going to magically make it easier to fit in his mouth your fucking retard. In fact that would only make it bigger. It's the total size that he is hypocritically taking issue with.

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above is 3 fingers width tall. below is just about two. you can only crack your jaw open so much

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>2 fingers width tall
Why would you blatantly lie to protect Gordon Ramsay?

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If you need a skewer to hold your burger then it's a shit burger

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Yeah that's way too fucking big. What a shame.

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kitchen nightmares uk and us are miles apart because of this

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I tried watching the UK version and I was very confused because I didn't know which parts I should be upset at without the action movie soundtrack and explosion noises that they use in the US version and also Gordon wasn't acting as a marriage counselor or screaming with everyone so I didn't know what to make of it

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This is a strawman. With his burger, you can get a bite of bun and burger all at the same time.

But still. Watch that video of him making the burgers. It's so fucking strange.

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That's because the dish was good and Black women are all amazing goddesses in the kitchen.

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