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Why tf do people put lettuce and tomato on their burgers? the lettuce is tasteless and the tomato overpowers the taste of the rest of the burger.

A real man orders his burger PLAIN.

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most burger experts say you should have no more than 3 toppings, including condiments. this is the objective benchmark.

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I still want cheese at least, but yeah, a real burger tastes too good to waste mixing with rabbit food.

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Pick your three bros!
For me:

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I get everything when I go to places that offer free toppings. Fuck 5 guys prices.

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grilled onions

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does cheese or ketchup count as a topping?

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Americans don't eat a lot of vegetables so they tend to try and hide them in unhealthy sandwiches to feel a little better about themselves.

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cheese, onion, mustard

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Perhaps because they like it and are paying for it, when you pay then you can decide otherwise you might considering pissing the fuck off.

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>the lettuce is tasteless
So you're ignoring texture's contribution to eating entirely?

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cheddar, red/purple onion, colmans mustard

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statistically, ketchup/mustard/pickle is ordered over "deluxe" toppings by a vast margin

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the dumbest argument

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Because it tastes good

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And most people are morons that would jump off of bridges, that doesn't mean I have to or want to follow them.

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haha, aka "mouthfeel"

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>most people are morons that would jump off of bridges

ok lol

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It's pretty difficult to imagine what kind of gay focus group came with the term "mouthfeel."

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Here the best burger:
Chipotle sauce

You're welcome.

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Sweet potato fries are for white moms

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>Texture doesn't matter
Then why don't you blend your burgers?

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the less ingredients your burger has the shittier your country.

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>anywhere but a fruit salad

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Onions and pickles give a crunch and are superior toppings for flavor

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Lettuce brings freshness and a bit of a crunch, tomato is not overpowering at all, it just tastes like ketchup but less sweet

>A real man orders his burger PLAIN.
A real man orders his burger whatever way he wants

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Any hamburger without either a good hot sauce or jalapeno slices is rather blah.

When I go out to eat a hamburger, I take hot sauce with me to put on it.

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Oh, for me? It's


Meme shit like potato or avocado are also good on a burg. I can tolerate lettuce, prefer without, but every other veggie not listed above can FUCK OFF my burg.

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preach my brother!!!!!!!!

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>the tomato overpowers
if it's thick i agree but not like that meme burger on your post

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I'm probably going to cause a lot of controversy but I'll say this: a normal cheeseburger has pickles in it, right?
Now, if you take the pickles out, I thought it was tasty, because the meat and the cheese are great, but somehow it feels empty. And that emptiness, could only be replaced with something cool (lettuce or tomato) or sour (pickle). You can fairly put in mustard instead of pickles and ketchup instead of tomato/lettuce, so you are partially right.
>tomato overpowers the rest of the burger
I don't think it necessarily overpowers the rest but you are right it does have a really strong taste compared to e.g. cheese. However doesn't ketchup do the same?
>a real man orders
No, a real man cooks/bakes/grills

based and eggpilled

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Imagine being a burger expert

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they are merely placed there to allow gullible idiots to lie to themselves and pretend that its not "too unhealthy"
if they actually cared about eating healthily they wouldn't be eating it in the first place
its a stupid ploy but people are stupid so it works

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Cheese, mayo, bacon.

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Pauper burger,you cunts should be ashamed,cheese, bacon, pickles, lettuce, egg, mushrooms, pickled beetroot, pineapple,the mans burger.

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This is my signature Blue Burger
Brioche Buns
>Blue Cheese Mushroom Sauce
>Caramalized Onions

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Because the lettuce and onion add crunch to an otherwise soggy sandwich. I'm 50/50 on tomatoes sometimes they do ruin burgers.

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if anything, the tomato makes it all taste so much better. i prefer spinach on my burgers but lettuce is fine. i honestly hate eating hamburgers without tomato and some greens in it. also, onions, fuck year. basic bitch nigga

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lettuce isn't tasteless

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A real man doesn't leave it to some bitch to cook his food, that's learned from experience.

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That's also why the best chefs are males, females are best at cleaning dishes and pumping out babies.

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Probably because they're the expected toppings to put on a burger, and it's probably the same reason some people get pizza with a ton of toppings because you'll look like a child if you order 'just' a hamburger or 'just' a slice of cheese pizza. The benefit is that restaurants can get by with shitty food because the toppings cover it up.

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Ever realize why cabinets have little spaces under them, that's so women can get closer to the sinks to do dishes.

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>3 types of sauces
>2 vegetables that are known for including liquid
you like a mushy pile. You should just eat a sloppy joe if it's going to be that messy.

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Christ why do people look up to this mental midget.

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Link to a study where some retard expert argues against the classic LTOP even fucking Applebees doesn't fuck that up

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>small amount of each sauce
>all vegetables have liquid

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Balances out the fatty/greasy meat patty and helps protect the buns from the other layers.

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why are the dirty dishes in the fridge?

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>burger experts

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Christ why do people post this retarded shit when it gets explained everyday that the burger ontop has retarded proportions so you cant get a full bite of the whole burger, unlike the bottom.

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Only use iceburg lettuce, I like shredded from a bit of crunch. Caramelized onions. 2 extra thin patties with just salt (for max surface crust) NEVER ANYTHING BUT WELL DONE FOR BURGERS. Steaks eat raw, but burgers need well done. Thin slice tomato only. All toppings should easily be eaten in one bite, without shit falling out back of burger. Cheap american cheese is acceptable even on top quality ground meat. But, you can use whatever cheese you like. Just don't be a nigger and it will all be fine.

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a small amount of 3 sauces is way too much sauce.

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a real ma doesnt let a random autistic stranger on an anime image board tell him how to eat his food

>burger expert

i find this world more tiring buy the day also pic related

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You fucking idiots don't know how to blend a sandwich. A burger is just a sandwich and it requires someone who knows how the blend a sandwiches flavours. Like a scotch blend, a sandwich blend is just as complex and hard to conceive.

This is a child's thread.

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my favorute burger

>bbq sauce
>lot's of pickles pickles

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fucking yikes

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burger king only put tomatoes on the whopper to make it look thicker and nicer, they are objectively bad on a burger. it's a cold slice on a meal that's inherently meant to be hot.

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You missed out on the McDlt.


You want your veg to be cool and crisp and your burger, cheese and condiments to be hot. You do that by being a non incompetant cook at home. Make everything, keep your hot shit hot and you cool shit together and prepped. then serve it. So people can crunch through the veg into wonderful meat. Fuck, I do it every day with gyro, souvlaki and anything that has fresh veg and hot meat.

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Pickles aren't just pickles. You need a proper recipe pickle. Harvey's in Canada has a pickle they cut in long laminar strokes that is the best burger pickle I've ever had. I found a people that knew the recipe and beat it out of them.
24 pickling cucumbers (3 to 4 inches each)
Sweet red pepper 1 To taste, sliced
2 heads of fresh dill plant
Garlic 4 Clove (5gm)
Pickling Spices 2 Teaspoon
Alum 1/8 Teaspoon

Vinegar 1 Cup (16 tbs)
Water 2 Cup (16 tbs)
Pickling salt 1/4 Cup (16 tbs)

*personal addendum 2TBSp of white sugar
Hot Pickled pepper for sweet red.
double the garlic
Don’t use a freaking microwave.

1 Wash cucumbers; cut off flower end. Cover with ice water, let stand 2 hours.
2 Divide red pepper, dill, garlic, pickling spices and alum between two 1-quart jars. Pack cucumbers into jars.
3 Combine Brine ingredients in 4-cup glass measure.
4 Microwave 10 to 15 minutes on HIGH, or until boiling (about 200° F). Fill jars with hot brine mixture. Cool; cover, and refrigerate for at least 24 hours before serving. Pickles will keep up to 3 months in refrigerator. 2 Quarts Pickles

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Yeah I FUCKING HATE sweet potato fries!

>> No.13427880

Also it adds colour, we eat with our eyes too.

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>real men have never been to a restaurant

>> No.13427883

Pretty dece right here

>> No.13427888

Wow started great then went all the way off the fucking rails absolutely destroyed

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dude thank you I have been looking for this for ages

FUCK that greasy angry cokehead, his scrambled eggs are the most pretentious thing in the world "hmm yes let's add cream fraiche but MAKE SURE you don't put your salt in until the end otherwise you'll get rubbery egg!" which is complete bullshit according to new-age chefs.

BTW if anyone believes that shit I encourage you to try it, beat the eggs with the salt and pepper then pour it onto a hot pan and scrape slowly until you've got large curd scrambled eggs. Or start lower and stir constantly for sand-like small curd eggs but BOTH METHODS MAKE FANTASTIC EGGS THAT ARE ACTUALLY WELL SEASONED AND HAVE SALT + PEPPER IN EVERY BITE REEEEE

>> No.13427894

Harvey's is the fucking best. I always stop there on my travels in Canada. Frings, vanilla milkshake, and burger. Legit.

>> No.13427898

Fucking Frings. You just made a blood brother. If you're ever in London Ontario, you are under my protection.

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>most burger experts say

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that's fucking beautiful, i didn't realise you could be this autistic about pickles, thanks anon i'm going to try this when i get some more time, pickles are something i only recently got a taste for

>> No.13427946


Autism is what they call perfectionism or attention to detail in the chef world. It actually matters. I know what every oils smoke point is. So.. Rainman.

>> No.13427963

We eat shit and fuck. That's the first orbit of humanity. Everything else is ephemeral and intellectualized. They're all really important, but foundation feelings are like working at the base of a skyscraper. It's important. It might not be so complex but it needs to be done perfectly.

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I hate tomatoes

>> No.13428008

Stay mad, browncel. They're pretty good especially ones from A&W.

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Why? Simple question, no judgements.

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For me it's absolutely harem to put lettuce on any warm food.

>> No.13428107

its consistent thats why, why do you think chain coffee places with crappy drip coffee sell more than fancy espresso

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Lettuce adds texture

I agree with the tomato though, the best burgers are tomato-less

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>BBQ Sauce

>> No.13428147

>completely overpowering the taste of meat

just eat a pile of shitty soybean oil and corn syrup for the same effect you fag

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>being triggered by tv

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The only veggie that goes with a burger is onions

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ok why dont you just mash up your chips and eat them with a spoon like a paste? you fucking dipshit

>> No.13428173

why is someone frying spaghetti

>> No.13428210

add onion and an egg and this is perfect

>> No.13428313

Burgers need onions and something pickled (can be pickled onions to combine the two)

>> No.13429591

Grilled onion
Mustard or BBQ Sauce

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You a wetback? Because I can relate to that.

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>eating pickles

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I like the crunch and relative lack of flavor. No other crunchy vegetable has the same amount of enjoyment for me.
Tomatoes are fuckin gross. No argument there.
>plain burger
Putting mayo on a burger is really dumb since the burger should be fatty enough on its own. I love a cheeseburger with no condiments, but barbecue sauce is always nice.

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I love BLT burgers. Nothing better.

>> No.13429954

christ, so sugar smoke cornstarch sauce is fine, but mayo a fat that will be less likely to give you diabetes isn't. Assholes today put avacado and eggs on their burgers. A smear of mayo is your fredo to the michaels of burger heresy.

As far as tomatoes are concerned, have you ever salted and peppered a tomato, let alone put mustard near it? They're a slightly bitter moisture machine for the sandwich they are in. They add moisture and complexity.

>> No.13429962

I always look at tomatoes as putting Laphroaig in front of an infant. That palate will _never_ understand what its tasting.

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>not using pic related instead of lettuce

>> No.13430015

>he doesn’t ask for the tomato to be flame grilled

The absolute state of tastelets.

>> No.13430042

grilled onion
blue cheese crumble
blackening seasoning

>> No.13430053

>blackened seasoning
Quit while you're ahead.

>> No.13430136

Some people are just faggots. Tomatoes don't belong anywhere near a burger, and the snap of lettuce can easily be replaced with pickles.
I'll bet most lettuce and tomato lovers are also the same faggots who claim to love al dente noodles. Someone tells them that's how it should be, so they pretend to love eating hard fucking pasta.

>> No.13430147

gaping assholes under 35 don't eat tomatoes. thats just a given.

>> No.13430150

Culinary opinion discarded.

>> No.13430153

Go eat your watery disgusting tomatoes that pour putrid shit down your chin.

>> No.13430176

>al dente = hard
Opinion discarded. Either your palate is disgustingly bad, or you are just an ignorant kid.

>> No.13430254

so you're a faggot that prefers cheap fastfood burgers? gotcha. I'll take my homemade burger grilled w/ bbq sauce and seasoned w/ salt/pepper/garlic on the grill w/ a dab of squished mustard/ketchup for taste and put on lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon. but, yeah, i could eat like a faggot without all that too, but I don't need to make a pointless thread declaring my superiority in the matter.

>> No.13430261

pussy can't stomach tomatoes and dribbles on his chin like a child. kys, faggot.

>> No.13431542

Anybody misguided enough to glop mayonnaise on a burger, of all things, should be liquidated so that those deficient tendencies no longer pollute the gene pool

>> No.13431737

raw onion

>> No.13431769

Lol, sad lil' tastelet baby's tears gonna make his burger soggy. Boohoo. Cry harder, faget.

>> No.13431882


bleu cheese, grilled onion, steak sauce & mayo mix

don't forget the butter toasted bun, bitch

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>Why tf do people put lettuce and tomato on their burgers? the lettuce is tasteless and the tomato overpowers the taste of the rest of the burger. A real man orders his burger PLAIN.

>> No.13431897

Ice cubes made from grape juice
A second patty, but before I slaughtered the cow it came from I whispered in its ear its cowfriend had been cucking it for years

>> No.13431900

shit tastes rubbery

>> No.13431909

based. these three ingredients bring out the taste of grilled/smoked/fried meats like no others

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>he doesn't know about olive burgers

>> No.13431982

No one ever got diabetes from eating half an ounce of barbecue sauce on a burger

>> No.13431988

what's the white stuff

>> No.13432009

I lost all respect for this man the moment I found out he puts egg in his ground beef when he makes burgers. Get the fuck out you fucking hack, I want a burger not a goddamn meatball.

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

>> No.13432022

>not liking pineapple pizza

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File: 229 KB, 576x576, Pineapple Vagina.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Liking pineapple pizza

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im gonna try your egg method tomorrow. Better hope they're better than Gordo's

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>swiss cheese
>peak burger performance
mutually exclusive buddy

>> No.13432058

Don't worry, the cheese sauce has enough American in it to hold everything together.

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File: 130 KB, 1500x1125, 20170621-black-vinegar-burger-swiss-black-olive-aioli-vicky-wasik-6-1500x1125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whipped ricotta in that pic but I prefer swiss

>> No.13432068

its a meme that its bad and 'doesnt go'. Admittedly, it isnt a god tier pizza topping.
But gammon and pineapple is a based combo. Why would it be bad on pizza?

>> No.13432078

Blue cheese

>> No.13432119

why boner

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I always order my burgers plain

>> No.13432525

Assuming that it's a regular good old beef burger, I will say
>french fries (yes, i put my fries ON my burger, sue me)

>> No.13432545

A real man spoons baked beans on his burger, takes a bite then adds another spoon.

guacamole and hummus are good too.

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I self identify as a busy Mom a few times a month (I'm a cis male by birth) and I hate sweet potato fries as well as hubby, Tim, our twins, Clovis and Jupe and even Babby Puddles, our toddler can't stand them
probably will post more about it on my food blog, but got to get dinner ready for my hungry gang
I think I'll make some cheeseburgers on the grill and pick up some potato salad from Kroger

>> No.13432579

I like a good crunch

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Because most people are not brain-damaged by population control vaccines and are not mentally stuck as a child in man body because of autism caused by Bill Gate's vaccines.

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>the tomato overpowers the taste of the rest of the burger
Stop eating tofu patty?

>> No.13433077

Nope. It goes there. Mixes with the meat juice for a meat sauce of sorts. Black pepper too.

>> No.13433095


Garlic mayo
Sauteed onions

>> No.13433117


>> No.13433141

>most burger experts
How many weeks does it take to graduate that course!

Coarse-ground, medium-rare with:
>horse-radish mayo
>red onion
>a packet of lube on the side so I can rape the dumb fucker who said this

>> No.13433144

>burger expat thinking he knows anything about burgers

>> No.13433152

onion mushroom swiss oh god

>> No.13433339

>Why tf do people put sauce and meatballs on their pasta? the meatballs are tasteless and the sauce overpowers the taste of the rest of the pasta.
>A real man orders his pasta PLAIN.

You're all autistic.

>> No.13433414
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I think it's better to have a pickle on the side. you use it to clear your palate as youre eating your burger.
they do this at Bobby's burger palace(popular burger restaurant where I'm from)

anyways the best 3 toppings on a burger is sauteed onions, cheese and arugula.

>> No.13433434

based, except for the Mayo. I think heavy flavor condiments ruin the burger. like putting steak sauce on a well seasoned steak. if your burger needs mayo, then you got a shitty bland burger on your hands.

>> No.13433436

Disgusting. Keep your gloppy goo-slurping tendencies to yourself. Don't parade them in front of the quality, you underevolved trash.

>> No.13433438

now this is ultimate based
I forgot about mushrooms.
mushrooms, onion and swiss is the perfect combo

>> No.13433450

pepper jack
raw onions, rings or diced
thousand island or secret sauce

>> No.13433456

add mushroom and a fried egg sunny side for the perfect burger

>> No.13433462

I like the lettuce, it has a crunchy pleasant texture and it helps keep the burger together.

I agree with you on the tomato, and I feel like tomato usually ruin sandwiches or burgers.

>> No.13433470

A real crime to burgers though isn't this, but not toasting the bun.

People who don't toast their buns are absolutely insane and love eating mushy shit burgers.

>> No.13433472

>A second patty, but before I slaughtered the cow it came from I whispered in its ear its cowfriend had been cucking it for years
if the cow could understand you, this would unironically be a requirement for any good burger

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File: 1.51 MB, 425x481, EEF9jcl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically eat my pasta plain, or drowning it in grated KRAFT parmesan

>> No.13433482

it's adds some crispness and moisture

>> No.13433487

that bun looks repugnant

>> No.13433490


>> No.13433493

>according to new-age chefs.
post |---> trash

>> No.13433501

only if it's good german mustard
wrong and disgusting

>> No.13433502

Super fucking based.

>> No.13433510

>Caramalized Onions
this ruins a burger you fucking faggot
oh, i see you're confirming you have no fucking taste

>> No.13433525

Pickles overpower the burger, poor choice. A pickle spear on the side is the superior option.

>> No.13433533

This is the indisputable perfect topping combo for burgers.

>> No.13433535

My standard is the following:

>Buns, toasted, top and bottom.
>"Secret" sauce
>Tomato slice, if in season
>Sliced raw yellow onion
>Two smashed patties
>In between the patties there's American cheese
>A bit more sauce

The "secret" sauce is a homemade 1000 island with hot sauce in it. Pretty simple.

I also make fancier burgers but generally I'll just make it as much like an in n out double double as I can, I guess. It's what my family always asks for.

>> No.13433540

I don't see how caramelized onion would ruin a burger at all. Thin crispy bacon slices can be fine, but I wouldn't ask for them together. I'd still enjoy the burger with the bacon if it wasn't my choice of how to make it.

>> No.13433547

>I don't see how caramelized onion would ruin a burger at all.
end your life

>> No.13433558

Seems extreme. I've had caramelized onions with blue cheese and jalapeño fig jam that was awesome. Today I just grilled thin onion slices, so while they weren't caramelized, they were softer and sweeter after the grilling.

>> No.13433807

do americans really...

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File: 101 KB, 953x635, burger law.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bacon w/o tomato - yes
>tomato w/o bacon - burn heretic

>> No.13434754

>hot mayo/ketchup

I like to add jalapenos and fried onions though too

>> No.13434780


Call him an orc.

>> No.13434795

Best toppings are: Sauteed onions, Blue cheese and black pepper sauce.

>> No.13434798

>A real man
Will stfu up and just eat.

>> No.13434802

Lettuce isn't a vegetable, it's water that goes bad. Throwing some actual greens on a burger is fine, though.

>> No.13434838

Not that poster, but the texture is awful. That's why i can handle tomato sauce or salsa, but not slices. But even then the acid in them is so bad for digestion that I'd rather drink a cup of vinegar.

>> No.13434849

Is that a round hash brown or a chicken patty?

>> No.13434862

Caramelizing adds too much sweetness. Same reason I don't use Vidalia onions.

>> No.13434884

>Only use iceburg lettuce
>Caramelized onions
Loving it
>2 extra thin patties with just salt (for max surface crust)
Fuck off back to your BLT sandwiches. If you don't like mince then don't eat burgers. Medium to thick patties or GTFO.
>Thin slice tomato only. All toppings should easily be eaten in one bite
>without shit falling out back of burger
There are valid strats for circumventing this. Keep it wrapped in foil, eat it while skewered, cut it in half if you can't handle it.
>Cheap american cheese is acceptable
No, never, not in any circumstance.

>> No.13434887

>Pickling Spices 2 Teaspoon
There is no point to having a recipe if you're going to pull this shit.

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