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How does one get good at cooking? Everything I make pretty much turns out awful

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ignore recipes that're out of your league.
I do chili with bacon, maybe throw a fried egg and cheese on top.
Or mac-chesse and bacon, topped with panco crumbs.
On special occasions, I'll roast a duck.
Tomorrow, I'm making a rack of lamb.
Know what I don't know how to cook? anything healthy.
I don't mind dying of a massive heart attack in my 40's. I've lived a good life.

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start small.
learn from your mistakes.
>insert le definition of insanity farcry maymay here

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It’s just practice, though watching lots of videos and/or studying recipes and methods is of course helpful.

If you make a recipe and it turns out awful, examine why. Did you cook it too long? Was the heat too high/too low? Did you add too much of a particular ingredient, or not enough? Perhaps it was under/over seasoned, etc.

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Look at his hands you idiot.. The burgers are clearly different sizes. His are more like thick sliders.

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It's trial and error. The first time you make something will turn out like shit, but you learn and change what you don't like about it. Next time will be a little bit better and better. It's the only way to level up.

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You have to manage the basics first, fail a bunch of time and see what works and what doesn’t. I cook for a living and sometimes the first time I make something new it doesn’t go to plan. But I evaluate it and when I make it again I change what went wrong. Same with everything, got to practice.

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i don't consider myself particularily good but i like the things i cook. i started with recipes that don't require you to do a lot at the same time. things like carbonara, which is easy to make, requires few ingredients which you'll find in any store and have a relatively long shelf life. plus it's absolutely delicious. i try to cook at least one new recipe per week, which i pick simply by what i feel like eating. if it turnes out shit i'll do it different next time

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you pick up things along the way as you look up recipes and shit, like what pans are best to use, how to sear meat, why and when to sear meat, how to deglaze etc etc. as you learn you'll pick up equipment and ingredients and experience which will all help.

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mostly good advice itt so far
master basic shit like eggs and branch out from that

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How does one master the egg?

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You're not using enough salt.

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Often the actual cooking is the least time consuming process of cooking. Prep every ingredient you're going to use in advance. That means cleaning and cutting up every veggie, meat, and herb you're going to use. Then you put everything in its place. That means have everything you're going to use in order of the recipe. You don't want to have to do much walking around in the middle of the actual cooking. For the actual cooking, pay fucking attention. Use your eyes nose and fingers to pick up on things. And don't stray from the recipe. Straying should come from experience not hubris. And lastly, no matter how good you do, you're bound to fuck up. Don't worry.

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you really should unironically go to r-ddit for these types of issues. This board won't really help you learn to cook, in fact most people here seem proud of their terrible cooking.

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Is this the colorado pizza episode where he strait obliterated subtle dying american culture. Brits BTFO

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Yes. It's also one of the most successful turnarounds from the show with it still being open with relatively high reviews

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I know but fucking a. Thats just how pizza is in colorado. Allegedly the most fit state. Nothing to do with cutting carbs either

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Small difference. Gordon is literally an actor. Don't downplay this factor, most all of the shit he says on his American shows (only ones I've seen) is pedantic to shit on people.

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Start by making simple meals that only you get to eat. Once you have mastered making yourself food that you actually enjoy eating, then you can move onto trying to adding more complexity to your regular meals. It also helps to clean up all of your dishes each time after you finish cooking, so that you naturally pick up tricks that simplify the cooking process and dirties less dishes.

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You should watch his original British shows. They're great and he's not such an obvious fuck head. Totally different person.

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With a whip

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