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What the F*CK is his problem?!?

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We can say "fuck" here, Anon. This is an adult website.

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In the top video, he's producing garbage tv for people who want to feel superior about stupid shit. In the bottom video, he's producing garbage tv for people who want to eat stupid shit.

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Sure thing, kid.

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He was making a point in the top video because the bun is way too small for the burger.

Of course you would know this if you paid attention to the episode.

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He's an actor and not an actual cook.

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Gordon is a gay slut, I used to wait tables for him in London back in the 90s. At the end of every service he'd take me to the basement where we kept our produce.
He would pull his trousers down and stare me in the eyes. "MY ARSE ISN'T GOING TO FUCK ITSELF IS IT BIG BOY?!?!"
I would just always reply with "No Gordon." I would then pull out my courgette and olive oil and begin penetrating his donut hole.
After he came he'd scream at me "CLEAN THE FUCKING STATION YOU STUPID IDIOT!"
"Yes Gordon" I would say as I cleaned his bum bum.
He'd walk out of the restaurant and enter a car driven by Marco Pierre White. One time I heard Marco say to Gordon "I doubt it's as sore as when I used to humiliate you in front of the boys at Harvey's" I saw Gordon cry after he said that.

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put me in the screencap XDDD

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More of a cook than you will ever be, ex-Wendy's chef.

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Yes, despite being an adult website, most of the users are underaged b&, but they usually stay on the shit boards like /pol/ and /v/.

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>critique movie

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ex-sandwich artisan, I'll have you know

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You literally said he was not a chef, which is factually incorrect. Learn english, retard.

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do you think he actually cooks any food these days
a chef orders people around in a kitchen and makes a menu, he doesn't actually do cooking

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Toppest of keks

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Outing yourself in less than 3 minutes, how exceptional.

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fucking kek

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ramsay is a hack

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ramsay is the hacker 4chan

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Well... if you're not meme'ing...

He went on the kitchen nightmare show in order to make a failing restaurant in to a good one. The burger likely was not a well selling menu item, and since it's a television show he opted to play it up for the viewers. Later on, I imagine he revised the burger to smaller patties which would save the business money on marginal decreases in cost, and in turn with other revamps to the restaurant likely made it more successful from what it was originally. Not just because of a revised menu and reconstructed restaurant, but because he now has his name brand associated to it.

As for the video where he personally makes a huge ass burger--which to the unknowing eye makes him look like a hypocrite--the man is worth millions and could give less of a shit, so fuck you.

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Underrated and kek

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>american chefs

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Thankfully I put up curtains and bought a dog.

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it's the same as when he shit on everyone for using those plastic squeeze bottles for sauces saying they belong at the hairdresser's but then uses them all the time now because obviously they're convenient

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but why dont he just eat it :(

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True story. He had a midget porn star look-a-like that was found half eaten in a badger den.

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he was off his nut on coke in the second video

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You're looking just at burger to bun ratio, you SHOULD be looking at the overall size of the burger, the first one is huge, his one is smaller. Still he makes a garbage burger, but it's not as bad as the first one.

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>food that needs a stick to hold it together.
I hate that shit so much. The top advantage of a sandwich or burger is that it is something you can eat with your hands without making a huge mess. I know there are notable exceptions, but still...

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By slicing them in half he made the burgers easier to eat. First vid burger should be sliced in half and the pattys too big for the bun anyway.

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Very nice

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