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>don't add salt to your eggs before cooking it turns them grey and watery
>Don't whisk your eggs before cooking it breaks them down too much
How can one man be so wrong and perpetuate this retarded myth?

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>that one chef from Bon Apetit that I cyberstalk said it's a myth and I trust them implicitly

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i've never had eggs come out grey if i put salt on them. did gordon actually say this?

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Chefs know jack shit about the science of cooking. Even then, I always trust a chefs step by step instructions to cooking a dish because that end result is truly the only thing I care about.

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everything in england is gray and weirdly desaturated
it's just how things are over there

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most of what gordon says is to troll retards

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he probably said it about pepper and op is confused

he does say not to salt eggs though and it is horseshit

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>Gordon thread
>No Gordon is a cocaine addict posts
Did that anon dieded?

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iirc adding salt to eggs before cooking them takes water away from them
is this wrong?

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He says it makes them "watery"

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>How can one man be so wrong and perpetuate this retarded myth?
because pointing out that he was wrong about something just gets 10x as many people saying you can't criticize him because he's rich and famous so he must always be right

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Both are true.

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It depends on whether you are doing scrambled eggs or something else.

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I love eggs. Can you crack them with one hand? I sure can.

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It literally doesn't.

Especially not his recipe, which is done extra quick, there is no way salt could make them grey

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if salt snorting addict gordon ramsay says to not add salt you don't add salt

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>I just think it's weird for duck BROTHERS to lay eggs
>quit talking about my eggs!

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it's like the diet industry
if you learn to lose weight on your own using just the concept of cico you won't need to follow a retarded diet book or website then they lose money
if you learn proper cooking methods, you can easily work your way around a pantry and kitchen without needing a recipe or only glancing at one for reference. You don't need celebrity chef cookbooks to cook a five star meal - they didn't learn that way in the first place.
if someone teaches you incorrectly but you idolize them because they are a celebrity you want to listen to them thinking they are telling you the truth.

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he said it will make them watery, not gray

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I follow cico aggressively but telling people it is only about cico is just gonna keep them fat. They need to factor in metabolism which can vary for a lot of reasons like age, gender, medication, environment, etc.

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Ramsay's a good cook but he believes a lot of debunked bullshit like this.
He probably also believes in "searing in the juices" and "never wash mushrooms".

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but all of those fall under calories out.

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Metabolism can be manipulated.

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takes the water away to where? fucking africa?

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You're kidding right?

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Ahh yes, Gordon Ramsay with his fan favorite scrambled butter with eggs

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Those things really only alter CO by a smaller amount relatively. If someone isn’t losing weight they need to consume less. Their body still cannot ignore laws of thermodynamics

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he doesn't know what he thinks

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Except not actually. Kenji Lopez from serious eats showed that salt makes the eggs more orange and softer and hold onto water better. The water weeping out can actually be avoided by adding salt to your eggs. It is literally the opposite of what Gordon says.

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You don't salt them until just before cooking. Eggs are water & protein, letting salt sit in them will promote separation, or at least that's the idea.
Most idiots aren't using their time well and are slowly cracking the eggs, then whisking, then heating the pan.

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Except you're wrong about that as well. The longer the salt is in there the softer and better the eggs come out. This is a really easy experiment to do at home. Just add a few pinches of salt to your eggs whisk them up and let them sit for 5 minutes. You'll see they turn more yellow and they coagulate at a lower temp and come out softer


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god i hate his way of making scrambled eggs so much
salmonella mush

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>come out softer

no one was talking about making eggs softer you fucking retard.

i have cooked eggs thousands of times in my life and can tell you you're some retarded instant ramen eating faggot that talks some retarded theory about foods when you've never cooked them.

ramsay is right.

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I like little Jimmy but I would not eat food he had handled.

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And most people aren't going to consider all of them or really go beyond some calorie calculator on the internet.


Hence having to take medications and activity levels into account. Pretty much any stimulant, including caffeine, increases metabolism, Alcohol completely cripples fat loss, shit like that people don't consider just at a basic level.


"Laws of thermodynamics" is a meme statement by people who don't know how the body works. There are many factors and processes going on in the body and you can easily consume less calories than you need and not lose fat, if there is something wrong that is gimping or crippling it somewhere in the chain. The body will take energy from other sources, or barely take it at all which will just leave you sickly and tired.

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Your meme statement is even more abhorrent, my man.

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then they aren't following calories in calories out.

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>Muh cooked thousands of eggs ancedote
Please off yourself you colossal retard and actually open a science text book. The salt breaks down the disulfide bonds present in the egg protiens which dentures and unravels the protiens. This allows for the water to properly mix with the eggs since the protiens aren't tightly bound and allows for the fats and water to mix more efficiently. This leads to an egg that holds more water and leads to a better textured product. Ramsey is literally wrong in every way when he perpetuates this myth


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There are many chemicals and medications that retard fat burning, anxiety/depression medications and alcohol for example. After consuming alcohol your bodies fat burning process is reduced by over 70%, which will cause fat retention regardless of basic cico. This is specifically why people on certain medications, like anxiety meds, need to modify eating habits or have special diets.

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you dont seem to understand what calories out means.

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And you don't seem to understand anything

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umad bro?

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Fucking how? Salt dries shit out!

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Haha, that little piece of shit is less famous than every opener he's ever had. Fucking zilch.

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Salt is magnetic, like water, so they attract.
Salting eggs before cooking splits the water from the oil and fat and protein which then cook separately.

Learn how chemicals work.

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Before you start calling others retarded, maybe you should actually know what your talking about.

The word you were looking for was polar, not magnetic. Because both water and sodium chloride, which is normal table salt, are polar molecules they are mixable and the final product is a solution of the two molecules.

The second part is sort of true, the water would rather be mixed with the salt then the non polar oil and fats. Thus, the salt "pulls out" the water because they are both polar molecules.

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Salt doesn’t exist as molecules. It is an ionic substance that dissociates into its constituent cations and anions. And it’s osmotic pressure that draws water to the salt. Stop being a tard.

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This thread is full retard.
He's a chef, not a scientist.
Doesn't matter if his logic is wrong as long as his food is good.
His and Blumenthal's slower style make an exceptionally soft scrambled egg. Some may prefer that, others may prefer a drier curd. This is no different than liking a trad french omelette vs a country style omelette.

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Ok retard.

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Thanks for the (you), gen chem drop out.

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iirc he said to put in salt just before cooking because it causes the egg to break down.

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Was it as good for you as it was for me bb

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If you need to skewer your burger, it's a shit burger

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he puts oil into his pasta water and breadcrumbs into burgers
he may be good at running a kitchen but that doesn't mean his food is anything special

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>Salt doesn’t exist as molecules
This is kinda true for saline solutions but I'm pretty sure dry salt "exists as molecules", man.

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No. It is technically incorrect to say salt molecules. This is a common error that is not just semantics, and any freshman chemist worth his salt will tell you this. A molecule consists of atoms covalently bound to one another, forming a discrete unit. An ionic compound does not exist as these discrete units, but rather, exists as a lattice of anions and anions (Na+ and Cl- in this case).

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>And most people aren't going to consider all of them or really go beyond some calorie calculator on the internet.
That's not a problem with CICO then. It only says less calories will result in weight less. If whatever you're currently consuming isn't making you lose weight, then cut back more. That's it. You don't have to take a million things into consideration. It's just eating less until you start losing weight.

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Cations and anions*
Pardon me.

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I'll take your word for that. Guess I learnt something new today.

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Enjoy, my egg brother.

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You actually are a retard cause that's not what happens. The salt helps the water and protiens mix which allows them to be tender and hold more water. If you added a fucktonne of salt then yeah it would dry out, but that would be unpalatable. The amount you add for taste only denatures the protiens and works the same way brining poultry works. The fat doesn't split because eggs contain lecithin which makes small droplets of fat in suspension of water creating an emulsion. And guess where the water is now thanks to the salt, within the protien matrix. This means that the fat and protiens mix more thoroughly.

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t. doesn't cook and lives with his mommy.

P.S. 1488

>> No.13557561

ok kike

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i swear to fucking god fat people will do and say anything to make themselves feel better about their lack of progress

you're not special, you're not an exception

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>Worth his salt
Very funny anon

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fuck yourself "retard"

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I always salt and pepper my eggs before I flip them. Have I been fucking up, bros?

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>The word you were looking for was polar, not magnetic

LOL do you even know what polar means, retard?

Fucking hell, these are the pseudo-intellectuals trying to 'teach' us about the nature of eggs. Stick to your buzzfeed articles, troglodyte, and leave the cooking for the people with an IQ above 80.

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he is right here

>> No.13560195

trying hard for the screencap i see

its not bad i did indeed kek slightly

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you are surprisingly dumb

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and thats a fact

>> No.13560210

kek dumb fuck

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Water is polar, sodium chloride dissolved in water dissociates into anions (chloride) and cations (sodium), neither of which are polar.

"Polar" in this case refers to distribution of average electric charge across a molecule and does not have to do with magnetism. Take an entry-level chemistry class.

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Keep dropping truth bombs on em, based salt bae professor. IMO Gordon is based af, but when Jack tells him he likes hit eggs so that he can stab them you can tell Gordon does get a lil bit shook- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S60kUxaolSw

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No, definitely grey and muted in the city but in the country side it is green as far as the eye can see.

>> No.13560239


You have no idea what you are talking about.

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>"Polar" in this case refers to distribution of average electric charge across a molecule and does not have to do with magnetism
>does not have to do with magnetism

You do realise the fundamental force is called 'electromagnetism', right? Retardo mcPseudo-intellectual here is talking about entry level chemistry when he doesn't even have a basic understanding of polarity or a maxwellian understanding of charge LMFAO

>> No.13560318

people fell for such obvious bait, oof

>> No.13560322

Oh good, he's getting pedantic. While yes, electric and magnetic fields are both related through electric charge, they are separate behaviors which are then summed into the electromagnetic force. The phenomena of chemical polarity deals with distributions of charge interacting via each other's electric fields, not due to a magnetic interaction and is different from the polarity exhibited by magnets.

>> No.13560331

Boom, roasted.

>> No.13560344

Lucky he’s not English then, isn’t it?

>> No.13560408

>he's getting pedantic

How is the unification of electric and magnetic fields under a fundamental force pedantic? It's one of the largest discoveries in the field of science.

>The phenomena of chemical polarity deals with distributions of charge interacting via each other's electric fields, not due to a magnetic interaction and is different from the polarity exhibited by magnets

You have no idea what you are talking about. Polarity deals with the electromagnetic force as electric and magnetic fields exist co-dependently. You are literally peddling an understanding of electric fields which was outdated 2 centuries ago.

This is something which is learned in the 9th grade. Let me guess, you are American?

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Gordon says a lot of stupid and frankly contradictory shit.

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Oh shit, gettin lit up in here!

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Electric fields and magnetic fields are part of the same phenomenon but act on particles differently. Let's break this down. The polarity of a compound exists due to differences in electronegativity between the different atoms that make it up. In the case of a polar molecule, the electrons are "pulled" more towards the atom with greatest electronegativity and therefore there are regions in the molecule's geometry in which there is a higher density of partial charges which can be expressed as negative poles and regions of lower density which can be expressed as positive poles. This interaction does not specifically have to do with magnetism and you are getting hung up on something you are misinterpreting both contextually and conceptually. You are either arguing that electric and magnetic dipoles are the same thing or you are just getting hung up on some very minor wording like an absolute autist. Electrostatics and magnetics behave differently despite being a part of the same overall phenomenon.

>> No.13560543

Thank you for confirming for me you are just quoting wikipedia without understanding any of the concepts you are arguing about. Peak Amerifat argumentation.

You exposed yourself when you mentioned electronegativity which deals with the interaction between the nuclear forces and electromagnetic force (of which magnetic force directly affects).

You literally just negated your own argument by not understanding the concepts you are arguing about LMAO

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The problem on the first one was the small bun if i recall correctly, both are too thicc for my tastes tho

>> No.13560566

Or isnt an american and uses proper names?

>> No.13560592

unironically how does he get out? that cart is in the way

>> No.13560615

don't add salt to anything
that's how they get you

>> No.13560631

You will never be an egg brother. He is completely correct.

>> No.13560652

This is the same man who blended brocolli and called it soup. Why does anyone care what he says?

>> No.13560953

>Hehe I'm gonna call my post bait because people have shown me the error in my ways

>> No.13560980

he's right.


>> No.13560988

>Gordon ramsay isn't English
wait what lol

>> No.13560994

he's scottish
he was raised in england and currently lives in london though
a lot of his stuff is filmed at his house

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>this whole thread
/ck/ is absolutely retarded. I don't know about salt making eggs gray but it's a fact that salt draws out moisture and if you would make eggs and add salt before you cook them it's a simple fact that they will turn out watery.

>> No.13561029

That's literally not how it works at all. If you actually fucking cooked for once in your life your know that salted eggs come out more tender and don't weep liquid the same way unsalted eggs do.

>> No.13561038

Probably the most ungraceful way to admit defeat but okay.

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