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Post American cuisine webms

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mios dios.....

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Deep fried butter is not cuisine.

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It's America

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mmm keto

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That kid is so fucking whacked out, makes me giggle everytime

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>that burger doesn't look bad at a...

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I see nothing wrong here, infact it taste good

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Why don't you pour oil into your coke?

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That squirt of sauce in the end is weird and funny at the same time

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mein gott. das real?!

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This is an epitome of Jack's cooking for me.

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I'm gonna be fucking sick.

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Wouldn't that actually be sort of tasty? The chips would just taste like bread at that point.

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where's the lasagna

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I used to get pizza from papa johns and dip the crust in cranberry juice, it tasted good, but I stopped doing it because I would get looks of disgust when I did it.

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>using a fucking paint roller to apply butter
I hate this fucking species

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lel is that actually a thing? america will never stop surprising me...

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Tbh that probably tastes pretty good

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true, but I would be embarrassed to eat that in front of other people, let alone filming a recipe video of it.

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Is that the same woman?

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What drives an American to make these things?

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All me

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of course it's fucking jack

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I never see people do anything remotely close to this, that's fucking nasty

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Why the fuck is he calling pasta "lasagna" lmao what a clown

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Holy fucking christ, he doesn't even try to hide what he's doing, he probably lied saying he needed gas for a car or something and then fucking does this right in plain view

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The way he spits right before.

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that's not jack you dumb faggot

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Extremely based, holy shit. Wisconsin back at it again with another banger

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Lasagne is a type of pasta, retard.

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Lasagne is pasta in any case you dumb zoomer

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how do they expect you to eat this?

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someone screencap this post please

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Do Americans even know what lasagne noodles are? Any pasta flavoured with tomato and cheese sauce doesn't magically turn into lasagne.

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It's lasagna you twat

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American education, everyone.

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I'm British you nonce

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Not the guy you're replying to, but doesn't lasagna imply some kind of stacked layers? Ja/ck/ webm for me is just a noodle casserole.

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Well, the brits aren't exactly known for their culinary prowess.

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If she was a yank she'd have dumped a bunch of plastic cheese flavoured shite on it

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would've done it a bit better

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>all this fucking cream
also apparently /ck/ thinks any pasta makes a lasagna

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i assure you that tastes like shit, i thought he was to at least melt it all in the oven and get it a little crispy, i don't know if i can say that i was dissapinted though

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these are hues anon, nevertheless i love how the employee serves him a cuop of diesel like if he is a bartender

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meh, if you can't afford deep fried glock you've got to do what you';ve got to do

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He looks like he got run over

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La creatura

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Post the snickers salad

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El ogro los Americas

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>rainforest cafe

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He picked the guy filling up with diesel. Obviously a man of great taste. I bet he chases after school buses too just to get a whiff.

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Get that foreign shit out of here. We only fry Colts, Remingtons, and Brownings. Anyone up for a beer-battered M2?

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Mental illness + alcoholism?

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Gasoline does not contain alcohol, as far as I know. Maybe it makes you high.

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Almost all gasoline contains 10% alcohol.

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Freedom probably

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What was the point of the measuring cup?

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That's why I like a nice deep fried hi-point.

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They sell a lot of cars in Brazil that run on 100% ethanol made from sugarcane, even the nozzle they dispensed it in the webm was labeled "etanol"

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Jack is a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. Beyond this, you've asked a fairly complex question since the US is a huge place. Doing some minor checking I've run into accusations that Jack is a child abuser, right wing bigot and is homophobic in response to his own gay desires among other things. Evidently he has cried on TV when his credibility was questioned. He's not himself successful financially but is being enabled by his white trash mother (TN hinterlands) who makes quite a bit working in management at a communications company that evidently has quite bad management. His father was an abusive, jobless moron from LA whom he greatly resembles and whom his mother also enabled.

The story appears to be that a woman from TN escaped the trailer park life through management skill mostly consisting of clever bullying but could never land a decent man or even transfer that success to any of the men she financially enabled.

In the end what was know of as Jack is ultimately paid for almost entirely by Tammy's employer a company called Bear Communications who's primary business appears to be providing FTTH service in the midwest area.

So, actually researched answer: His mum is a trailer park whore with money.

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fuck...i think i'm gonna vomit ffs.

this shit should be moved to /b/

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It's called penne.

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i want this

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thanks, I'll try to remember in the future.

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you can clearly see the pump is ETHANOL

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i just want to say you guys are my best frens and this board makes me happy

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american here, makes me dry heave every time i see this webm

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dont be rama-rama!

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Daddy got his juice

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Yeah. and she even made a music video.

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Not really, even Americans thought it was pretty weird when they saw it, hence the music video another anon posted. It has made me consider trying it desu famalam

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Answers like these might not be important at all, but I appreciate them anon.

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now thats a stiff drink

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wow that is just terrible

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It's not that bad. If the chicken is really dry, dipping it in a little cola is a good way to add some moisture and flavor if you don't have a sauce.

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I'm an American and this looks good

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people have odd ways of trying to extend their 15 minutes

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Fucking gross.

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That sauve looks horrendous

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I think he used it as a mixing bowl.

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Jack's "lazy man's" recipes are pure food cringe kino.

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Branding is a hell of a thing.

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Fucking kek

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American Smörgåstårta

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>food cringe kino.
The absolute state of Reddit.

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go back you fucking tourist

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I feel sorry for Americans.

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Whatever amount of oil comes off into the drink is tiny and doesn't affect the drink's taste at all.

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This nigga hit rock bottom then pulled out a damn industrial drill.

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bio-ethanol fuel is just ethanol of some grade

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She's good looking.

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We feel nothing for you.

>> No.13571919

I feel sorry for beaners like you.

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Okay, Xi.

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source on this. i'm curious if that french fry container thing by the pitcher is just filled with sauce.

>> No.13572114

I'm certain it is, I've known people who did that.

>> No.13572125

I know exactly where this is

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Do you always miss the whole fucking point of things? Jesus Christ.

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staged as fuck

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this shit is god tier

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says the country who produced kays cooking

>> No.13572888

Nothing wrong with cooking with love, even if the end product is pure garbage.

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I would unironically eat this

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>cutting a burger

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He's so comically round. Disgusting.

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heart disease in gallon form

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This is how you lie to yourself about being worse than the U.S.

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can I get a little squirt?

>> No.13573695

looks like an oversize dessert tamale

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very informative
thank you, anon

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Jesus fucking christmas

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Oh shit I used to think that was the coolest scene in the Batman movie because I always thought criminals would be cartoonishly degenerate like that. Also I agree a burger shouldn't be cut down then middle that retarded. And it should also be charred and never medium rare.

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Does anyone know where to find the chicken soda music video? I think she took it down after getting bullied, and I don't know if anyone saved it.

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