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Favorite episode? Favorite moments?

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UK or US, whichever

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I liked Rococo, that's a bloody good episode.

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Always liked Fiesta Mexicana. Something bothersome about Patti's mother using her and ruining her credit.

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Oops, meant Fiesta Sunrise. Fiesta Mexicana is a local place.

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US episodes belongs in the trash.

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wrong show

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I'm not no bitch.

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UK. The one with the Irish owner and her son with a drinking problem.

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My name is Ninoooooo

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don't remember which, but there was a great US KN episode featuring a burger joint that really had it all.

>oblivious boomer dad
>dad stole directly from his son to start the reseraunt then didn't understand why his son resents him
>guy is obsessed with "the best beef" and gordon can't make him understand it's better to have decent fresh beef the freformed patties just because they're kobe
>guy can't even cook them right, they're all either way overdone or way underdone
>at one point they run out of large burger buns and send out a specialty jumbo burger on a regular size bun
>his wife is a bpd karen who yells at the chef
>when gordon makes a burger for everyone to try, she gags and pretends to choke as soon as everyone else says they like it
>the couple's son is balding and wears a fedora

great episode, just 40 minutes of pure train wreck

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The one where he freaked out over only getting half a cake even though the half was a very large portion

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Yeah, Gordon does some pretty autistic things and gets away with them.
>where’s the rest of my meat?
>it’s a filet, chef, it’s a fairly large portion
>well I want the rest of my cow, is it in the back?
>the rest will be served to other customers, chef
>fuck me!

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The very first episode of Kitchen Nightmares!
Bonapartes (the UK series)
It's such a fantastic episode and the chef has no fucking clue, he can't cook and he's the head chef of a "fine dining" resturant.

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Oh fuck, I remember that one. That was one hella of a ride, specially the part of the burgers on buns. There's no way that can be real

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>redemption burger
I like the italian spot where the guy is shitting his brains out (or at least pretending) and gordon makes this poor dude an example to the owner. Like it wasnt bad enough i got food poisoning from bad lobster, now a celebrity is shoving cameras in my face and proclaiming to the restaurant i might die

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I think it was more the principle of the fact that they served him a cut cake instead of just upping the price slightly to serve whole cakes. It's just tacky. I don't think he was considering the portions, just more of the fact that they would go the lengths of ordering already portioned desserts simply to cut them up to save a buck. Most desserts are meant for sharing anyways.

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rewatch this you retards
if that is a very large portion you are delusional

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how has no one said Amys Baking Company?
this couple transcends insanity.

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I’ve seen the episode like 10 times, m8. How fat are u?

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They're eurotrash OP. That might be the american standard but it's not as common in their countries

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it's a fucking miniature cake cut in half
how anorexic are you?
>They're eurotrash
well so is ramsay but he isn't a retard with an inferiority complex

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I remember the issue was more about that shit costing $30 bucks or something. And they didn't even make it, they ordered from a local shop

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It’s at least fucking 500 calories of fat and sugar. What more do you want? >>13586475
I’m american, friend.

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the one where ramsey got fucked in the ass and liked it

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yes, the main issue is the portion compared to price
I wouldn't eat the entire thing in one sitting, but if I ordered a cake at a restaurant I would expect it to be enough for two people to share a reasonable amount
>What more do you want?
something that reflects an exorbitant price

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Fine. You’re right about the price, obviously. I still argue that the portion is totally standard and acceptable.

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I seriously don't know why a jewish mob guy or any mob guy would marry a woman as insane as that

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like I said I wouldn't eat the whole cake in one sitting, it is more than enough and the half more or less reflects a slice of normal cake
it's not like ramsay was sperging out for no reason is all I'm saying

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Is that the one from the semi-mob guy and the crazy bitch who made good good deserts but fired 3 people every week?

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Just, the balls on him to merge the two halves and then start eating like a petulant child. It’s funny, but hard for me to watch. I prefer it when he sifts rotten food through his fingers and jams it up a chef’s nostrils while cussing them out

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hes just a chad like that, flexing on the owner and humiliating them

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La galleria 33
>The owner keeps going into panic mode
>Chick serving ramsey keeps shitting on the food and drives the owner mad
>One of the servers is questionably drunk everyday and Ramsey notices it
>Actually turned out fine

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I think that episode is especially hard for me to watch because the owner is so fucking weird that it makes me paranoid about if I have any shared traits. God help me is gordon flexes on me in front of a multi-million viewer audience.

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That owner definitely had a pedo vibe

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yeah, you'd think you could find a less insane sugar "baby" slash marrage visa. maybe he was laundering money with the place and was in too deep. they didn't say they were in debt, right?

other favorites are

>the ditzy middle aged bellydancer owner lady who really didn't realize the food was so bad. she did really turn it around in the episode they reviseted her though.

>the place with musty furnature and antiques in the rafters. i could practically smell nursing home from the TV.

>any middle eastern place where it's revealed the owner couple are making their resentful kids work for free

>jersey shore (i think) summer beachside place where they gave Gordon a lobster roll with 5 claws in it and it was painfully obvious that the owner wife was cheating on her husband

>FlamAngos tropocal resteraunt where the old owner wife dragged her 70 year old husband out of retirement so he could do tableside service of filet mignon on roof tiles

>Place with the sushi pizza where the owners, a japanese middle aged guy who's clearly dead inside and his shrill white wife said gordon was wrong about throwing bamboo skewers out after use

were there any asian places besides that one?

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the bought the desserts

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He said those three shitty small meals, including the imported pre-made cake, was over $70. You're damn right I want the whole fucking cake for all of that money. What a joke that place was, and what a joke you are for complaining about Gordon complaining about it.

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He does not know what I know about fucking buffalo

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holy shit these "people"

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Calm down, fattie. I already relented. Read the damn thread.

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Sound like a bitch to me.

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which episode is that?

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jersey shore (i think) summer beachside place where they gave Gordon a lobster roll with 5 claws in it and it was painfully obvious that the owner wife was cheating on her husband
That one hit me hard. Dude seemed like a legit hard working good guy and the bitch was just a Stacy

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Sante La Brea (SE2 EP10)

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Why does he lie so much?

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'for as long as ive got a hole in my butt big boy those fucking potatoes have been in the deep fat fryer'

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These two fat fucks
>Good hearted and funny, just dumb ass hell
>Immediately take all of Gordon's advice
>Actually become successful for years and and years until they retired and sold the place

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Are you blind or just thick?
Ramsay is taking the piss at how the patty is way too big for that bun.
At least Gordon’s patty is proportional to the bun and doesn’t hang off the edge.

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The pizza place in LA. Cant remember the name but the fat fuck kept going on about flavor combinations and how he was gonna franchise and mass market his shitty pizza

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I loved it. It reminded me of that Ratatouille scene with marketing the fat chef for ethnic frozen dinners. He was so obsessed with his dumbass million combo gimmick menu and pissed that Ramsay cut it down to like a dozen successful items.

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Hands down, La Riviera in Kitchen Nightmares UK.

He's not dealing with a bunch of idiots but actually seasoned, professional, Michelin tier brigade. He tells the difference between a good chef/kitchen and a great chef/kitchen.

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Oh shit that fucking menu

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Pure gold.

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>It reminded me of that Ratatouille scene

>> No.13588390

>perfectly equivalent example from a 2007 disney/pixar movie about food
Should I have compared it to one of the various popular national fast food chains? Would you have related better with that? Would that have been closer to the image of this minimal effort hobby board?

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Fetal alcohol syndrome, maybe?

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i liked that episode where gordon goes to france to help a crazy vegan chick run her restaurant. crazy thing is, the place eventually closed down and the owner became a prostitute.

>> No.13588946

the one where the chef doesn't care about anything, walks in late, and is drunk/on drugs or something like that right?

>> No.13588976

they never say it on camera but its REALLY obvious she is on something the whole time

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That is shit is great. The why the kid cried and yelled. The dad being an absolute tard at cooking burgers.

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>its the gordon busts a rancid tub of red sauce out of the fridge episode
fucking reruns

>> No.13589435

i think they were still open until recently then they talked about opening a "museam" from the publicity. your probab;y right about the money laundering. probably why the dude was nuts and kept the waitresses tips.

>> No.13589461

the husband got deported, turns out he was into gang shit and laundered money there

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the sad jap episode was heartbreaking.

>> No.13589482

Kinda neat how their Youtube channel still gets 60+ million views a month on recycled ten year old content.

>> No.13589494

yeah but that sushi pizza was vile though. cute daughter though

>> No.13589503

Kid had tweeker girlfriend.

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That place near my mom's house in LA and was in far too nice an area for what he was doing. It was constantly getting bagged on for being gross and "midwest quality." When Gordon left and he turned it back into his weird combo menu it almost instantly tanked and they ran off back to Boston for a couple years to run a landscaping business to get out of debt. That guy ended up acting in a few minor roles later.

>> No.13589530

I felt bad for that dude. And that bitch was was def hooking up with someone else .

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I don't remember the name of the place but there was that one where gordon was at some small time burger joint and the "head chef" was some young guy who was the ex of the owners daughter (who was also the waitress.) and I just remember feeling so fucking bad for this kid because every time he opened his mouth the owner and daughter would just lambast the poor guy, even when he said nothing wrong. Really made me wonder why he was putting up with that shit.
Does anybody remember that episode?

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Nah, just fat.

>> No.13590069

Sounds kind of like Mangia Mangia, but that was the Italian restaurant with the drive-thru window.

>> No.13590085

Miss Jean's Southern Cuisine is a pretty entertaining episode, it's a fucking rollercoaster

>> No.13590180

She was just with the kid for his massive inheritance. Kid was straight up fucked anyway, should've had the balls to sue his father for that fucking abortion of a financial mistake but from his balding fucked head covered by a fucking fedora and his mummies boy personality, he wad stunted from the start.

What an awful fucking family holy shit.

>> No.13590218

What's heartbreaking about sneak attack japs? Cry me a river.

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>the dad's father was abe saffron, notorious australian crime boss

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Curry Lounge is still my favorite.
No sanitary hazards. No shouting. No argumentative dysfunctional people torturing eachother for lack of anything better to do.
Owner simply has bad taste in decor. Chef simply not doing his best work and feeling a little underappreciated.
Gordon takes them out for fun teambuilding exercises and throws the owners tacky decor in the bin.

If anything, getting on the show might simply have been a marketing stunt on the owner's part, but it made for wholesome TV.

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They were mostly a French brigade weren't they? It was magical watching them slide past each other during service.

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>If you thought the food was bad, you should see the clientele

Why are they suggesting the customers are worse than the food at a hotel?

What do they have to do with the shitty food being served at a failing hotel restaurant?

Hell, I don't even remember an episode where the customers were the problem. The fuck?

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There was the one episode where the whole town hated the owner because she copywritted the town slogan and wouldn't let anybody else use it.

>> No.13591311

The word HON of all fucking things with her giant ass pink flamingo on the front.

>> No.13591349

>>guy is obsessed with "the best beef" and gordon can't make him understand it's better to have decent fresh beef the freformed patties just because they're kobe
Not kobe, waygoo!

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All I remember from that show is Gordon's naked ass being constantly on display.
Was that his idea?

ABC goes without saying, but as a nurse myself I am also very partial to the Jamaican restaurant with the owner who insisted on being referred to as "doctor". If a doctor who was actually working as a doctor showed up with that attitude they'd get told to fuck off. At least where I work.
And of course she absolutely refused to take any criticism. I think they were doing alright when they were revisited, though.

>Chick serving ramsey keeps shitting on the food and drives the owner mad
She was a cutie, though.

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File: 11 KB, 66x91, punished sara, a woman denied her tips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd remember that smile anywhere. What a trip that episode was.

>> No.13591671

Shame she turned out to actually be kind of a bitch and got fired later.

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> Italian restaurant

> Head chef is some Guatemalan that can barely speak English

> Owners wonder why the food sucks


>> No.13591683

She was treated like shit and had had enough.
I fully sympathise with her. The owners don't always deserve a second chance just because Ramsay finally manages to knock a little bit of sense into them.

>> No.13591700

The one where he goes to the one with a bunch of really good french chefs run by a shit manager that insists they do shit like fly in vegetables. They all seemed to grow a lot, Gordon treated them like the pros they were, and they gave him an inflatable sheep wearing fishnets.

>> No.13591706

yeah this one

>> No.13591842

Nah she was fully justified in the original episode, but it went to her head after.

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>> No.13591928

do you know what episode it is? I've been watching the ones people talk about in this thread but I can't find an episode # based on that description

>> No.13591966

m8 just read the first reply to that post

>> No.13592524

it costs SEVENTY DOLLARS for half a pre bought cake. gordon was right.

>> No.13592650

I thought so too, but a few moments later he says it's actually $70 for the entire meal.

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I'd like to ruin her too if you know what I mean

>> No.13592771

You forgot the head chef, he made the burger
>Makes his own superior burger
>Wife pretends to choke on it
>He calls her out
>She makes up shit
>He demands to be paid and then walks out

>> No.13592858

>Focused almost entirely on the food
>Ramsay immediately jumps in and starts cooking with the staff to show them what he knows
>Maybe a bit of team-building exercise like they all go out to play a game of cricket or something
>episode is comfy overall

>almost no focus on food other than the first meal
>drama out the ass, everyone crying or getting into fistfights, Ramsay has to become Dr Phil
>edited like a fucking Michael Bay movie with over the top sound effects of explosions and gun shots
>those annoying as shit audio cues that are just blaring trumpets & strings that they use to indicate drama like they do on HK.

>> No.13592867


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>> No.13592887

definitely one of them, shit's straight out of a horror movie.

this meme video took the piss out of HK


>> No.13592923

>that stock sloshing sound effect they use whenever there's melted cheese or a sauce or whatever
I'm surprised they don't also use Wilhelm scream or HL2 door opening sounds

>> No.13592932

Maybe it's a money laundering operation?

>> No.13592946

He has to lie and make a specticle of his pathetic self, that way people like you keep watching him and watching his shit filler between commercials. As for me, I'm watching The Magnificent Seven right now.

>> No.13592962

>Americans think these shows are genuine
For a nation that does nothing but watch TV, you're shit at understanding how it works.

>> No.13592982

That was cafe hon in Baltimore. Trying to copyright a word used by damn near every person in the state was possibly the dumbest fucking idea anyone has had since landing the hindenburg in a lightning storm.

>> No.13592985

what do you do and where are you from?

>> No.13592996

At least they learned to not use Hydrogen and instead started to use Helium. Also remember the Akron and the Macon, those two went down in stormy weather in the Pacific if I remember that right.

>> No.13592997

If you want to pass yourself off as some kind of cultured intellectual on 4chan for some fucking reason you should probably learn to spell "spectacle" or at least get a browser with a built-in spell checker.

>> No.13593000

u r mum got my spectacle if you know what I mean!

>> No.13593002

>jersey shore (i think) summer beachside place where they gave Gordon a lobster roll with 5 claws in it and it was painfully obvious that the owner wife was cheating on her husband

Fuck I need to watch this one

>> No.13593008

That's kinky, cheating on her husband with a lobster claw?

>> No.13593011

>acting in a few minor roles
Nice way to say he did gay porn

>> No.13593018

That place went under pretty quickly.

From a reality tv site:
>Fiesta Sunrise has one of the shortest updates of any restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares.

>See, the restaurant couldn’t even manage to stay open until its episode was aired! Yup, Fiesta Sunrise closed before its own episode even aired.

>So why did the restaurant get shut down? Taxes. In 2008, Fiesta Sunrise was seized for not paying back taxes. Therefore, Fiesta Sunrise’s last open day was actually its air time on Kitchen Nightmares.

>In addition, there was a stabbing at Fiesta Sunrise a bit earlier in 2008. So between a disgusting kitchen, not paying taxes, and, you know, people getting stabbed…this restaurant was always doomed to failure.

>> No.13593019

>look at me im so much smarter than all these sheep that think reality shows are fake im the enlightened
hi, i worked in reality show business for half a decade. let me run through a few points
1) you are a retard
2) nothing in reality shows are scripted. what people say, always, is genuine. what IS the smoke and mirrors is the editing, which is usually switching scenes around, playing audio without the video, and influencing the cast
3) when i say influencing, i still dont mean scripting. what it IS is goading them--and when a reality show team vets a potential episode for material or a cast for a season long show, they are picking emotionally charged, unstable babies. here is what goading is like:
"can you believe gordon ramsay insulted your burger like that? that's awful of him. how does that make you feel?"
"you remember when wendy told sarah that you were a slut? oh, you werent in the room. well, we got it on film and it happened. how do you feel about wendy?"
and etc

these shows are very, very real--theyre just magnificently pulled by strings by a team of puppeteers.

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File: 54 KB, 550x313, lobster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as if you wouldn't get CLAW'd

>> No.13593072

I always thought it was bullshit how so many people are always like "oh uh well did you know that like 70% of restaurants featured on the show have shut down?"

Yeah no fucking shit they almost always change everything back to how it was before, and even if they don't even if they followed everything Gordon said by the letter it's a fucking restaurant those are always going out of business left and right and the kind of restaurants that get on the show are always like "oh no I only have enough money to keep the restaurant open for the next 3 months whoops pls help gordon"

>> No.13593088

If "gordon" was so damn smart then he wouldn't need to be hollaring at people on some stupid tv show, he'd already have made billions, he's nothing more than a standard bullshit media whoar.

>> No.13593116


That other anon was right, you need to use a web browser with a built-in spell check.

what are you using like internet explorer on windows vista or something

>> No.13593169

>"yeah. the pasta's bland"
>violin screech

>> No.13593182

>I pay my bills!
>I pay your bills too bitch!
Patti's husband was based

>> No.13593208

Found it . She's a major bitch. >>13593008

>> No.13593244

Found this site. Gives updates on lots of the restaruants .

>> No.13593297


mm I'd love to fuck that white cheating bitch with my MBC (medium brown cock)

>> No.13593318

>What is 550 grams?
>He's British, mom
>I know but what does that mean?

Godspeed, Anon.

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>> No.13593449


I've watched both versions and you couldn't be any more correct. The theatrics in the US version is so fucking annoying. I hate British accents, but at least they d don't dramatize the show. I think it's completely unnecessary

>> No.13593452


Have you even watched the UK version? You look like a retard who doesn't know what they're talking about

>> No.13593509

To be fair that is kind of what most american audiences want. At least the television watching audiences that are the targets of this show.

>> No.13593511


>> No.13593592

What's there is there.

>> No.13593616

Billy Billy, drinks are on the house.

>> No.13593628


That's true, but it's just annoying

>> No.13593872

here is somebody eating there fairly recently

>> No.13593880

best episodes are
>Amy's Baking Company
>La Galleria 33
>The Olde Stone Mill
>Mill Street Bistro

>> No.13593883

What kind of homo are you?
You actually write that Ramsey shit down and remember it? That's pretty pathetic, like he is.

>> No.13593891

i am most sori to hear abuyt ur severe brian damage that doesnt allow u to remember things bro lol

>> No.13593911

reminder that if you unironically prefer US tv your brain is already too far gone and you should stick to fast food threads because you evidently dont care about cooking

>> No.13593930

I like UK when I want to be comfy and US when I'm doing something else or watching with friends

>> No.13594243

If you want things to be solely about food and cooking, what are you doing here?

>> No.13594264

kek this one is great. the owner was a little bitch at first and gordon builds up his confidence. he went way too far though and the owner became a fucking lunatic drunk with power.

>> No.13594462

Yes, the UK version is so sophisticated! Just watch this clip and you'll instantly feel more refined and well-mannered, because there's no hokey sound effects or anything like that in the UK version.

>> No.13594484

what's that episode when the gay waiter is flirting with Gordon? The waiter introduces himself as [insert name] but then 30 seconds later Gordon asks what his name is and cheekily calls him another name and the waiter responds with "You're such a kidder!" because he knows Gordon is teasing him.

>> No.13594495
File: 38 KB, 624x352, Kitchen.Nightmares.US.S02E04.The.Black.Pearl.avi_snapshot_04.35_[2020.01.31_03.31.41].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Black Pearl. SE2 EP4. Also nomination for the most arrogant owner: David.

>> No.13594675

Thanks, I found the clip. Here bros, enjoy. it's from 5:07-6:07, funny exchange between Gordon and Steven "Michael"

>> No.13594688

Gordon seemed pretty interested in him during the revisit episode (asking about steven's relationship status, joking about pulled pork, slapping his thigh)

>> No.13594717

Completely forgot about this haha. Their dynamic is fantastic, they got great chemistry when it comes to entertainment.

>> No.13594729

The comments on that video are all so fucking gay, they make Steven look straight.

>> No.13594861

For $74 that really is incredulous

>> No.13594936

literally once for emphasis across all the seasons, compared to US version which is every 10 seconds?
im surprised you managed to sit through enough of the episode to find that clip, without all the jump cuts and close ups and screaming every 5 seconds you must have been bored

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