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what is a "bone-in" steak? google doesn't really give much information. it's cooked on bone? but there's no bone on this steak in the picture? and i thought filet mignons were not even that near a bone?

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the tenderloin is directly attached to a bone, and adjacent to the strip loin

anatomically, all muscles are attached to a bone

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>"au povier"
Even if this guy wasnt a liberal coastie, he'd still be an absolute swine after saying some shit like that.

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The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone

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Its a smaller portion of meat because a 4 ounce piece has 2 oz of bone.
faggot hipster shit for milking more money for less product, like beans in chili.

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i tohugh the filet mignon was specifically the part away from the bone though?

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Sounds like tryhard shit to sound more important or high-class.

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a steak for "the experience". Flavor should be the only metric for excellence.

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How do you know it costs hundreds of dollars?

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He's lying because it sounds fancier. Bone-in steak would have a bone in it when served on the plate. A filet, by definition, does not have a bone in it. Welcome to social media.

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>filet mignon
>au povier
>Glenlivet 12

He's clearly a poorfag who wants to make himself feel better by posting on social media about his "exquisite taste". Filet mignon is objectively the one of the most boring cuts of steak. He spelled "au poivre" wrong. Glenlivet 12 is not a good scotch.

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>I don't like them fancy french words

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It is exactly what it sounds like; a steak with a bone in it. A ribeye is traditionally boneless, but a rib steak could be called a bone-in ribeye if you’re that kind of faggot.

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Why else would he post it on twitter? Especially while bemoaning about "treating himself".

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>other people aren’t allowed to enjoy things I don’t enjoy

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we desperately need gas chambers for pretentious hipsters who say they go to restaurants for "the ambiance".

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he's come far

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btw it's spelled au poivre

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is movieblob poor?

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>bone-in filet
the absolute state of coasties

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>Sounds like tryhard shit to sound more important or high-class.
Because it is. We're talking about Bob Chipman here.

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filet au poivre is delicious though. if I'm going to put sauce on a steak filet is the cut I'd do it with. it's perfect for sauces since it needs the added flavor, has nice texture, and doesn't have much fat so it's not too heavy combined with sauces that usually have a ton of butter in them.

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I think it just meant the chef fucked the steak before serving it. The sauce is just covering up the hole

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It's a fancy way of ripping you off by making you pay for the bone weight which people claim give wonderful flavor but in reality there's not much of a difference.

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>The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone
Thigh bone connect to foot bone.

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The red thing's connected to my wristwatch

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Oh, just put a bullet in your head already.

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You thought wrong.

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That could easily be a $50 meal. To most people anythi g more than a $20 plate is considered elaborate.

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Filet mignon is nice for how tender it is, but I've become a big fan of cheaper flank and skirt steak for how flavorful they are.

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Nah, he's right. In ya go.

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Coastie leftists truly are the most disgusting race of “human.”

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Like ice in water

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>this is what Europeans actually believe

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Everytime Bob Chipman does something, just remember this photograph.

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haha what a fat retard

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Beans in chili is proper, spic.

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Stop posting your shit here.

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You put your cock in the waitress (or waiter, it’s 2020 after all) before you eat.

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That shit looks broiled not roasted.

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Nope, you should kill yourself too.

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Uh oh.

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Fuck you man. He has something he loves.
That he is also a deranged lefty loony toon is besides that.

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It's wrong that's why, it's poivre.

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Yup, the only detriment to the fillet is the price.

Literally the best cut of beef if you can prepare it properly and pair it with a nice sauce and sides

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>what is a "bone-in" steak?
Once you know the various 6 or so cuts of steak, you'll understand. Just google a famous steakhouse, and go down the list of choices, and google them. My #1 is a really good Porterhouse, because it will have a full tenderloin on the side of the bone, not overly trimmed off.
Here's the main players and some historical names thrown in too.
NY Strip
Rib eye, prime rib, tomahawk chop, cowboy ribeye
Filet mignon
T bone
Of course there's flank, and some latin interpretations of some cuts for churrasaco and other different cultural cuts you could look at.

>it's cooked on bone?
yes, but it might be carved off tableside, or some assistance with cutting may be done for you if the bone is too dinosaur sized, it might remain on a platter on the table and meat served to your plate, and someone will section the meat so like with a chateaubriand, you and your partner will get portions of both cuts on either side of the bone, a little soft and tender filet, and a juiciier heartier strip from the other side.

The final question should have been if it's better. It can be better. For one thing though, people are really good at judging sizes when boneless, and since there is shrinkage from the initial weight when raw, in both size of meat, and actual estimation of how much that bone actually weighed, people are less offended when they ordered a 12oz steak and it actually looks about right. When you're paying by the pound, and you're ordering small...there are restaurant complaints. Bone takes more time to the cut, and getting it just right, say for a medium well-well cone fan, is trickier. And, bone-in needs to be cooked over open flame, not on a flat top grill pan, for good searing and crust. (When the meat pulls away from the bone, only the bone has contact with the surface there.) Therefore, not every kitchen is best for serving bone-in steak.

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That's not a steak cut, its just a tenderloin roast.

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If you don't cover the dish at all and roast it for waaaaay longer than necessary it can end up like that
t. did something similar

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do Americans really?

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He didnt spell it right friend

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this man knows hwat hes talking bout

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All skeletal muscles are connected to bones, but cardiac and smooth muscles and not.

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I'm French and the typo made me laugh, you need to relax Anon.

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This. Nothing about any of this is good in the slightest. If it were “Surprisingly nice dinner #glenlivet 100 100 hidden gem” I’d let it slide, but he’s clearly trying to fake “status” as if it means anything, and since it doesn’t mean anything, that makes it all the more pathetic.

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He literally lives in his mother's basement.

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I was hoping that Movieblob was dead.
Better luck tomorrow perhaps?

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I could be totally wrong, this is all based off of my assumptions of language.
Does filet not equal fillet, just stylized in French?
And a fillet would specifically mean meat off the bone.
So a Bone-in filet would be an oxymoron?
Bob is retarded so this wouldn't surprise me if I am correct.

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He has diabeetus and is a fat fuck who refuses to lose weight.
That's a deadly combination right there.

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>still consumes booze
We'll be rid of the fucker soon enough, God willing.

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Lmfao $20 oh no!

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Semifluent Canuck here
Pepper is "poivre" and we're making fun of his retard ass for trying to sound classy when he has no idea what he's talking about
He also could've specified if it was white or black pepper but he's probably too much of a tastelet to realise white pepper exists

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>ebin antigg unironic eugenics proponent guy is also a retard who doesn't know what he's talking about
moviebob is a selfparody at this point

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>has no problem with people misusing his language for internet clout
sounds about right for a frog

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>going to these lengths to dunk on internet gamers
imagine cooking (and wasting) a whole chicken
just to cry about goobergater
how is he a real human

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>moviebob is a selfparody at this point
He always was.
Livestream which features an interview with a guy who knew movieblob personally.
You'll get some chuckles out of it.

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>2 hours
Got a timestamp for me? I'd really appreciate it! or should I just look through the comments for timestamps?

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It could be worse.

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If I had to get mad everytime people mispelled French words trying to sound classier than they are I'd be mad all the time on the internet. I'll leave that to the Italians.

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okay, that gave me a chuckle

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what the fuck just buy a Tupperware

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19:25 Apparently Movieblob and his lefty clique believed that death is make believe (like god) and that you can live forever if you "refuse to accept the possibility of death"
That one was the most hilarious, and I'm sure there's even more ridiculous shit in there, but it's been years since I've listened to it.

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>you can live forever if you "refuse to accept the possibility of death"
(Death is a concept invented by the Jedi -- I don't even know how to spell it!)

Thanks for the timestamp. I'll check out the whole thing when I've got more time. I didn't realize just how insane he was

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You'll get a whole new perspective on Bob after listening to that stream.
Most people think that the Game Overthinker was a painfully lame attempt at fiction storytelling.
It isn't.
It's him trying to explain how he believes the universe actually works.

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I mean he did write SMB3 Brick by Brick, a journey into lunacy disguised as a description of a video game.

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good post

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I couldn't bring myself to read that book.
Is it really that bad?

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Epic meal. I love meat and whiskey.

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its a basement apartment mom

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is this guy obsessed with mountain dew or something?

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>Glenlivet 12 is not a good scotch.
Entry-level single malt. There's nothing really wrong with it, but there's certainly nothing remarkable about it whatsoever. Kind of like a Toyota Corolla.

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"Bone in" is the default status of meat.
"Bone out" is a term invented by pizza chains so they could sell you chicken nuggets at the same price of actual 'bone-in' wings.

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>anatomically, all muscles are attached to a bone
I prefer my meat genetically engineered with no bones.
Science : 1
Nature : 0

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I like how he is eating alone

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He is making 3000 dollars a month off the 30 or so people sad enough in the world to give him money

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This one gives me nightmares

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No wonder he has diabetes

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bob chipman is a subhuman retard and i'd cave his skull in no hesitation

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I have things I love. Bobby boy is a fat retard.

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True, but cardiac and smooth muscles are offal, and aren't often considered "meat"

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Blob ate the bone before taking the picture.

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I'm going to go ahead and call this based. I never thought of it this way.

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Why does he think a marinating chicken isn’t pretty

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I can only imagine how fucking tough the meat was after this

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