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Can't stop thinking about dish. It's been three weeks and I want to eat this every day for the rest of my life. Why does Mexican food have to be so good?


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womanin the back looks like just had enough with this blabbering fucking gringo boomer.

also, to answer your question, mexico has soul.

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Can you mexicans fuck off please?

You are shit people and muh food which is not even that good does not make up for any of your negative traits.

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They bring down almost every metric of this former nation, IQ points of some states have gone down because so many of them are invading us.

I guess stupid bean and flour arrangements mean we cannot have a country.

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They are just a dumb child like people.

If mexico had decent people it would be one of the richest nations on earth, instead it is pathetic and low end.

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Seethe more

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yeah it is all just a big fucking joke, viva la raza.

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Just gross goblinoid so called people, the only ones that can be salvaged at all have majority white blood.

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>bring down almost every metric of this former nation, IQ
Makes sense since they're notoriously conservative so they fit right in at the IQ level of magatardation.

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>since they're notoriously conservative

LOOK AT THE VOTING PATTERNS, they vote left every time period.

The entire naturally conservative BS is just made up by mexicans so people will think their invasion and takeover is going to be okay, it is not.

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Not a single one of their nations are wort living in, they are taking something over they could never build themselves and pretending they are not going to turn this place into the same place they fled from.

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The reality is that all mexican food is just copied shit from somewhere else, you maggots always point this out about anything American but want assign greater value to mexicans just because they are not white.


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Seethe harder /pol/ddit

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>i got my impression of mexicans, who were in US long before the sickly, pale lice ridden anglos crawled off their boat, from breitfart and F(au)x News
Cool. Now go have a taco, kid.

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Mindlessly repeat catch phrases some more paco.

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>notoriously conservative
And you are conservatively a nigger anon

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>who were in US long before

You stupid fucking spic, whites were not here until after 1810?!?!


Your shit people are not Spaniards you can just come off it.

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>/ck/ - children obsessed about race

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I just want to assign greater value to mexicans because they are taking over this nation while being low end shit people.

How else can I kid myself that everything is going to be okay?

Tacos are delicious and no white man can ever possibly make them so that means we have to give the country away.

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No NPCs think OMG mexican food is so amazing you goys so that makes their shit culture okay.

NPCs think that oh only /pol/ has a problem losing the fucking nation to subhuman garbage.

NPCs mindlessly repeat catch phrases rather than using their own words and phrases to describe things.

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Seethe harder, we all know they invaded along with the normie boomers in 16.

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No they aren’t you retard that’s Cubans

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And how long after this did you arrive?

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thanks for the bumps my guy

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t. NPC

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>Mexicans were in north america in the 1500's and owned the southwest and CA.
>b-but muh weak, lice ridden anglos were here first
Lol, wut?

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Why does you dumb ass think brown equal mexican?

You stupid fucking spic mexico did not exist until 1810.

God damn I hate you child like mother fuckers.

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Not a Mexican but I love the food. That lamb dish...I need it

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Real mature brat.

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We beat your subhuman asses in a war you should have won.

You had the numbers and experience yet you could not secure victory.

Just shit puke subhuman garbage,.

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The fact that you save content of shit you don't like, speaks a lot louder than the message you're trying to convey.

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Even Gordon Ramsey traveled to Mexico to eat the dish. GAHHH WHY IS IT SO GOOD I WANNA GO BACK

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Kys gringo

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Bullshit, repeat some more canned phrases.

I save them because it points out what actual mexican garbage is not the shit these sacks of shit try to pretend is.

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Don't pretend like most Americans wouldn't happily chow down on this. Our cultural influence and junk food exports are the reason why they eat shit like this now.

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>not the shit these sacks of shit try to pretend is.

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There is lots of fronting that mexican cuisine is some kind of world class situation, it is not.

There is this pretending that their cuisine trumps the problems they bring with them as a people.

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Your influence is shit and only lowers the bar, that is the point, it is also the point that you are so child like at a people that you openly celebrate lowering the bar.

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Mexican food is varied and with many influences so you'll be able to find all types of food in Mexico.

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>Your influence is shit and only lowers the bar, that is the point
That is the point I was making obviously.
>it is also the point that you are so child like at a people that you openly celebrate lowering the bar.

lmfao what are you rambling about, you retard? How is stating an objective fact celebrating anything? English either isn't your first language or you've been lobotomized in the past.

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>why do people always call me the same pathetic piece of shit every time i parrot on about my racism?

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Seethe harder kids, your display of weakness is quite telling. Now go have a taco, but go for the mild sauce, ok, you can't handle the real deal, lol!

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Mexicans aren't shooting up pre-schools

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I read it all wrong sorry, my anger had me blinded.

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LOL mexico does not have pre-schools, everything else gets shot up, people beheaded, mayors murdered in the street.

The level of violence you trash bring to the table is higher than even the poorest whites.

Go perform human sacrifice some more.

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I'm not Mexican kiddo

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Only mexicans defend shit mexico.

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You don't get out much do you.

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If you are not mexican and you defend mexico or mexicans you are just doing to "be a good person" because you want to be "against the racist" etc..

If you go out more you would realize what a huge problem these invaders are.

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why do us citizens get butthurt about superior food from mexico?

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I bet that kid is mad that a mexican dude fucked his crush back in high school

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Mexican food is, honestly, repetitious, boring and unhealthy. It's the same flat bread with bean slop.

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Tex Mex is good though. fuck off

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>why did the French hate German cuisine?

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Nope it cannot be that we are being invaded and taken over by your shit people, nope it has to have something to do with muh dick.

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