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ahh nothing like mexican cuisine. wtf even is this

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Idk but give me a tecate or 8 and I'll demolish it

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This looks like european version of mexican food

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why tecate. thats their crappy beer

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posted by a girl I know who lives in Mexico.lots of weird foods with chili powder on everything.

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My favorite Mexican dishes
1. Las Mares or shredded chicken
2. Leg of Lamb or Shell
3. Tomatoes or Shredded cabbage (serves 2)
4. Chips and salsa (serves 2-4)
1. Chicken or Pork
2. Spaghetti or Meat Balls
3. Bean Zucchini or Mushrooms
4. Eggs
5. Baked beans or lentils
6. Tacos with beans, cheese, rice and pork
7. Soup with beans and veggies
8. Frozen tortilla, baked beans, veggies and cooked meats
9. Dinner is a salad, now it's a taco!

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It looks like it could be shrimp enchiladas or maybe a salad.
This looks like regular food you get from a stand.
Still tasty.

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she posts these all the time.

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plastic flavoured cheese sauce, sour cream, queso, lime juice, and tajin on a bed of corn. it looks like mexico's version of american nachos. when amermutts talk about their cuisine's influence, this webm is the culmination of it.

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