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Does /ck/ have any sneaky food tricks?
>Go to gas station next to my house
>Hmm do I want hotdogs or taquitos?
>Do pic related
>Put them in the styrofoam box
>Cashier says "one hot dog?"
>Me: yees
>Run home
>Enjoy delicious taquito dog
Sometimes when they're distracted I can get away with putting the chili and cheese from the nacho station on top of my taquito dogs too

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>paying money to eat this
I wouldn’t eat it if I was paid to do so

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Boy, you need your ass whooped.

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Sorry, my ass is for getting fucked, not whooped

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Sometimes you have to outsmart the system
This is not me , I am op

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how much is it for a hotdog? how much do the taquitos cost?

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It is 2.00 for a hot dog, or 50 cents for a taquito

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Post a picture of your tight boy ass.

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Do Amermutts really do this?

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>Rent free

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So you took 3 taquitos and paid $2 for it? I don't understand what's happening.

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wait, so aren't you losing money? 3 taquitos would be 1.50 and you're paying 2.00 (hotdog price) for 3 taquitos.

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well i get the bun with it too

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Yes but it comes with the bun, which surely is worth $1.00? So I am saving money
This anon is not me, and I don't know why he is pretending to be

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In high school I used to get cheesy jalapeno bread from the supermarket ($2.50) and ring it up as "Rolls Poor Boy" (0.80) at self checkout. Now that supermarket is out of business.

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When I was in college I was at a gas station and a man held up the cashier with a shotgun. It was a very intense, scary moment, and I had left my phone in the car, so I couldn't even dial 911.

He stole the money from the register and left without hurting anyone, but it was very intense. I was shaking, and I walked out, and this guy in a suit going to his BMW says "dude... DUDE. Check this OUT! I stole a Twix bar."

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Bro you think the sausage is worth the same amount as the bun?

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What's the difference between a taquito and a flauta?

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When I was in high school, some items were served in plastic bags

>hot cheeseburgers in plastic bags
>chili cheese burritos in plastic bags
No idea how they heated these delicious items, or where they bought them since they tasted so much better than ANY frozen food option at the grocery, but yep.

I'd steal them, just put an extra one or two in my pocket while the lunch lady was distracted and before I got to the cashier with my deserved appointed one .

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a taquito is SUPPOSED to be corn tortilla and a flauta is SUPPOSED to be flour tortilla (and rolled into a cone instead of a tube), but in modern terms they're the same food

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I'm actually also transitioning right now, not sure if that matters

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If you'd lay off the hormones, you could probably afford food like a normal person. You're being selfish OP.

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American education

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Again, that anon is not me, he is trolling. I am not transitioning

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Please stop being transphobic, I just wanted to talk about food tricks and you're being transphobic and claiming to be me.
I just wanted to have a nice time discussing taquito dogs and you have to start this shit to make me question my own sanity, this is disgusting and I cannot take it anymore
I will NOT be returning to this disgusting transphobic thread, let alone this website
I will enjoy my taquito dogs and food tricks myself, this is your fault
Good day

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The absolute state of homosexuals

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This is NOT ME. I repeat: THIS IS NOT ME!

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>go to grocery store
>avoid making eye contact with most everyone
>walk down aisles with little to no people in them to minimize eye contact
>go to self checkout
>successfully avoided talking to a single other human being

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>go to self checkout
>some error pops up
>have to ask the attendant to fix it

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Try not being retarded? Self checkouts have gotten better, I haven't had an error pop up in years now and I exclusively use them when I grocery shop

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Those are the Jose Ole brand taquitos that come in a box of like 30 for $4, they even look microwaved, and the background is clearly your kitchen

Nice larp, faggot

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This is not me, and I don't know why these other anons are pretending to be.
I get the bun to shove it up my ass later.

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stop fiddling with your bagged groceries and nothing will come up

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Eh, I have a rule. If the error, comes up I'm just walking out with the shit.

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Not being friends with the night shift guy and chilling outside while smoking weed and eating free taquitos.

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No, but... because... you see when you factor in the exchange rate... it's an inflation hedge.

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Your only mistake is not ripping a huge fart and hold up as you turn the corner but stop and observe who gets face plastered. It's a real epiphany.

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Smartest thread on /ck/ right now

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>go to cafe in a small town while travelling
>buy a coffee
>waitress smiles at me
>masturbate furiously in the (lovely) bathroom and cum on the wall

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this was a good day for /ck/
bland spaghetti and transphobes.

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You mean the bun you can get for 11 cents per bun in an 8pk at wally world? The bun they get for like 9 cents because they probably order 500 of them at a clip so fatties can keep jamming this disgusting shit in their mouths?

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>use self checkout
>error happens
>attendant can’t fix it
>move groceries to next checkout and start over
>error happens again
>all self checkouts malfunction
>get flustered and leave without groceries
>return the next day
>self checkout area is closed off
>attendant recognizes me
>leave and never return

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Which one of you is this?

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Those are fucking Delimex taquitos, and you know it. You got them from wal-mart.

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It's you.

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>getting hard from being smiled at

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I actually have a decent one for you poorfag students. Go to Panera bread with a self service checkout. Mime like your buying a coffee or iced tea, swipe your card but not all the way. Boom instant free coffee, iced teas, and hot teas. Ive done this literal dozens of times.

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Can you put taquitos in there?

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>not getting hard from being smiled at

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Flauta is a dish, Taquito just means "little Taco", probably American chains changed the name because the latter is more marketable

>a flauta is SUPPOSED to be flour tortilla (and rolled into a cone instead of a tube)

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you can fit about 6 in a coffee cup. But you gotta top it off with coffee to hide them

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My local supermarket has a fruit and produce section with automatic scales where you push the button that corresponds to the item you're buying, i put my finger on the bottom of the scale and push up just before i hit the button, what is really two kilos shows up as one kilo or less depending on how hard i push up.
This also works on the cheese,olive,and pickled areas that have the same scales.
I can get away with paying for three kilos of stuff when its usually way more.

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Great thread, OP.

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You can also put them in your ass

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>go to a store at night with a thermos
>take an expensive bottle of any alcohol
>hide in some corner where stuff can't see you
>dump alcohol into your thermos
>put the bottle back
>buy a gum or something to not appear suspicious
Give me one reason this won't work

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Thats retarded

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t. Jew

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Niggers, every single one of you

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There is nothing wrong with stealing from mega corporations.

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Acting like a nigger is non-excusable
Plus, is the workers who have to deal with your shit, not the executives

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Whatever you say, kike.

>> No.13670555

are you proud of yourself?

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Ok, punk

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based BMW guy

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the girl that walks by and ignores the autist is so pretty, I want to smell her teeth. Does anyone know her name?

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Fuck off.
Me taking things from a walmart or a chain store or a theme park isn't ruining the employees lives. They get a meeting about shop lifting and told to be more vigilant and that's it.

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It'd work once or maybe twice but once they start finding the empty bottles they will watch and see who keeps taking bottles but not purchasing them.

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bruh, flauta literally means flute, y'know, that tube shaped instrument

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>steal whiskey or other dark liquor
>fill the bottle back up with piss and put it in the back of the shelf
It's almost too easy

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based as fuck

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Fucking idiot. They're the same thing. Flauta means flute. The shape that a rolled up tortilla takes. The type of tortilla literally doesn't matter.
>Flauta is a dish
Wrong. It's the shape of the rolled tortilla.

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You are still stealing, just because it doesn't affect others it doesn't make it right, you nigger

Yes it is
t.also a spic

Go to the Center of the country and you will find a lot of different dishes with the same ingredients but a different shape, these are all considered different dishes

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I'm starting to think OP is the same person who made the bad pie thread last year. This thread just has a similar feel to it

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i put potato chips in my cold cut sandwiches to make them crunchier

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put the hollandaise in an insulated cup

>> No.13671107

how can you tell?

>> No.13671115

I imagine you don't need the cup then.

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Want a cheap dessert? Put some peanut butter and some jelly in a bowl and put the bowl in the freezer. 30 minutes later and wa la!

>> No.13671130

This is more work and a much higher risk of being caught than just wearing baggy clothes and sliding the bottle in your pocket

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I mix mayonnaise with spicy brown mustard and a little salt. Tastes like a richer Dijon and good on a sammy.

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>Go to McDonnel's
>Get Sausage McMuffin for $1.00 each (I usually get 2)
>Cook your own egg at home and put it on there

Wala, $1 Sausage McMuffins w/ cheese

>> No.13671206

Just get a box of Jimmy Dean brown and serve patties and some muffins while you're at it. Don't even bother with the cheese.

>> No.13671234

Yeah probably just increases the risk of getting caught. Also, you're a nigger

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Dumping hummus and sriracha into baked beans

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Big ass microwave/oven thing. Think about the tv dinners plastic that doesn't melt

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When I was in college I was at a gas station and held up the cashier with a shotgun. It was a very intense, suspenseful moment, and I was very much relieved nobody called the cops on me.

I stole the money from the register and left without hurting anyone, but it was very intense. I got the cash, and I walked out, while leaving my getaway driver tells me "dude... DUDE. Check this OUT! I stole a Twix bar."

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When I was in college I was at a gas station and held up the cashier with a shotgun. It was a very intense, suspenseful moment, and I was very much relieved nobody called the cops on me.

I stole the money from the register and left without hurting anyone, but it was very intense. I got the cash, and I walked out, while leaving my getaway driver tells me "dude... DUDE. Check this OUT! I stole a Twix bar."

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I've never fucked a whores taquito

>> No.13672533

guys a legend, you don't simply steal a twix bar, punishment for that is more severe than raping the corpse of a child..

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