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Food from film/television that makes you fuckin’ hungee.

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fuck off Babitch

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I tried that once, made me want to drown myself

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that scene in death proof where stuntman mike eats nachos

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And then she wondered why tony and tony junior were fat fucks. Dumb bitch.

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mafia fags need to dilate

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Why was this show so fucking weird about food?

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There's a scene in Cinderella man where he finally gets a fight opportunity after not having one in so long. He's so hungry he just mashes his face into a bowl of hash right as a reporter walked in, but I really related to that from lean times in my early 20s. Missing a couple of days of meals makes any ol' meal a feast.

A few others:

-Not food, but in Shawshank Redemption when they're all drinking beer after tarring the roof. Busting your ass all day and having a couple of cold ones while you watch the sun go down is so choice.
-In Fearless, when Jet Li is cooking with that blind chick and he's learning to reconnect with himself and nature
-Bill Murray's binge in Groundhog Day when he knows he can't die

Probably some others but those stand out the most.

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an old classic

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Does he eat the pp

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this but the shape of judy's paws

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What did the onion rings symbolize?

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>Try the cock, Albert. It's a delicacy.
>And you know where it's been.
>Go on, Albert.
>Bon appétit.
>It's French.

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I always enjoyed the intro to Dexter. A ham steak, a couple of eggs with hot sauce and toast, and fresh juice.

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or tail for the matter

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i fucking love this film. thank god for peter greenaway

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Stoned at white castle

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How do I make this?

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The whole fucking movie is the context, doofus.

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it’s fucking cream cheese inside hot dogs on bread

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Based and fensler-pilled.

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>Wait a minute, wait a minute... (sniff)... (slurp)... (smile)... You know, this is--excuse men--a DAMN fine cup of coffee. I've had, I can't tell you, how many cups of coffee in my life, and this--this is one of the best. Now, I'd like two eggs over hard. I know, don't tell me, it's hard on the arteries--but old habits die hard, just about as hard as I want those eggs. Bacon: super crispy, almost burned. CREMATED. And I'll have the grapefruit juice. Just as long as those grapefruits... are freshly squeezed...

Also: pie. Also: the Horne bros' baguette sandwiches with brie and butter.

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that brings me back

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now I want me some steamed hams

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why anon?

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Literally just rewatched that this morning

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time is a flat circle

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amerimutts mixed with wops. deadly combo

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i would

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I love those village scenes in Fearless.

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Every time Tony said "gabagool" made me glad he got rekt at the end.

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Stoner humor

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