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What are some unconventional cooking methods?

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Boiling. In oil though.

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But why?

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French are weirdos innit

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>Boiling. In oil though.
Nobody does confit anymore. It's a shame cuz duck fat is fucking gold.

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“Gigot bitume” is a traditional meal on French construction sites, often to celebrate the completion of masonry works or foundations.
Pieces of seasoned meat are wrapped in several layers of Kraft paper and aluminium foil, and cooked by suspending them inside of containers filled with liquid asphalt for up to an hour.

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That looks like cheesecake with ketchup on top

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Wouldn't the smoke from the tar effect the taste?
Why would you want to eat meat that tastes like tar?

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It's a Korean pizza called the bomb

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The Finns make tar flavored candy apparently. Maybe it tastes good?

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An atrocity is what it is

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In 'murica, we call it facing/kissing

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why is one of them a child

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>one of them

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We do. And not only tar flavored candy.

We've also got tar scented soap, tar sauna scent, tar-salmiakki, tar-liqourice, tar-liquor, tar-schnaps, tar-chocolate, tar-syrup, tar-cough drops, tar-shampoo, even had tar-flavored beer by karjala, tar-ice cream... And ofcourse everyone has a can of tar-spray in their carage for bolts.

Tar is fucking dope.

I would, however, not welcome tar as a flavor in meat, but I'd gladly try it.

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Boomers are retarded.

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Cooking food on my hot ass

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Steamed hot-dogs using a cheap coffee machine, it worked.

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there are phenol tastes in expensive scotches, maybe it's the same idea

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I thought they were going to carve it into Bb-8

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what is happening

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You can cook anything in a microwave if you're desperate enough.

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is this from the new season of cooking with jack? i know last season he couldnt use 1 hand but now both? like cmon come up with something more originally

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A small dutch oven inside of a larget dutch oven. 2x the radiated heat

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using a lighter to warm up sausages when sitting in front of pc

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mcdonalds should use this method to mine bitcoin

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whats hard to understand about this fuctard its hot at the bottom and it bubbles.

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calm down, nerd

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whats the liquid?

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it's turkish coffee

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Might as well just eat some cigarettes at that point.

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Man bionicles have gotten a bit too crazy for me.

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pipes under the sand

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You mean TURKSHIT Coffee

Never forget Turkey is the enemy of the developed world, the Hagia Sophia shall be retaken and all shitskin Turks are to be annihilated by Nuclear Holocaust to establish the revived Greater Mesopotamia Empire

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Holy based

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What is this?

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Why is Turkey the enemy of the developed world

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Because we eat them every thanksgiving and now they want revenge.... ON US

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seething greek

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I also enjoy burnt yet simultaneously soupy pizza.

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>served in aluminum foil
how long did she last

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thats a mighty fine cremation job there

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Holy shit is that Ja/ck/

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Kitty is in heaven now

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My samsungs smartphone CPU is reaching 106°C (more than 222°F).

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That will be 85$

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Which model?

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