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I just realized earlier this year that this is the most superior way to cook a hamburger..

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One flip?

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pickles + tomato + bacon jalapeno jam

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Smash that shit.

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smashed that shit to the face my nibba..

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>pickles cut thicker than the maters
Honestly other than that 9/10 looks good as fuck bro.

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thanks brodizzle..

love being pickled..

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I just cooked one.

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Looks pretty fucking good, what fat % does the meat have? Also did you add butter or some kind of oil to cook it like that?

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I just cooked one in the oven then added blue cheese crumbles at the end. Perfect.

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>not deep fried
unironically you're doing it wrong

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85\20, no added farts..

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in the oven you say? interesting..

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my bad, 85\15..

Fosters are getting to me..

maybe a webm will come later of the process, from the beginning..

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80/20 Ground Chuck smashed with salt/MSG on a potato bun is the best burger I've ever had

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That's the main reason. Fat content is always the main reason for a burger being good.

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place I worked at got a lot of press before this style got overly popular. we'd use 82-18 ratio. salt and pepper mixed in with the meat before portioned with ice cream scoops into roughly 7 ounce balls of meat.
let the ball of meat sit for a couple seconds then smash the fuck out of it with a little more force on the edges. one flip . Being a just under a half lb allows for the corners to get insanely crispy.

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those look nice and cozy..

I'll have three please..

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haven't used that term, thanks for expanding my pants..

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share the wealth..

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teehee, thanks for watching my carbs..

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one handed with my left nut tired behind my back..

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Mixing salt with the meat

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>bacon jalapeno jam
man, where can i get some of this?

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homemade bro..

cook your bacon, then remove, add your onions and jalapenos. sweat till tender, add brown sugar splash of vinegar and cooked bacon. cook down and add balsamic vinegar to finish..

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so i dont have a griddle or anything, but i do have a cast iron. would that work for this?

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yes sir, that'll do the job just fine.. I like using the cast iron griddle for the extra space..

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It's only a problem if you do it well in advance of cooking.

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Do Americans really ....

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I'm so proud you're here..

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Own personal flat-tops? Yeah. A lot of us own property and put in workshops, grills, garages, etc.

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I swear flattop shills are out in force or something, because now I really want one. What else do you do with it other than burgers and hash?

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Everything. Good breakfast cooks can make eggs on them. It's just a really goddamned thick, flat pan man. Once you figure out temperature, you're going to be be doing everything you do in a saute pan on your flat top.

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My Mineral B carbon steel skillet is a thicker gauge than the Lodge carbon steel griddle ... so what would the griddle add?

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I was talking about an actual flattop, not a pan you throw on a grill or burner. Those things suck.

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looks amazing man, i'm gonna try this

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Thanks anon, you're making me salivate like a fucking bulldog

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Your stacking order is all wrong.
"Toppings" on the bottom? What the fuck?

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7oz? That seems a lot for a smash burger, were they really wide? Place I worked at did 2x3oz patties.

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He's Australian.

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>were they really wide?

see >>13834128

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It’s better that way. Prevents bottom bun from getting soggy and the toppings don’t just fall off

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this + March tomatoes is also a bad point

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do you think adding a slice of butter on the patty after the flip could add some flavour ?
Also approx. how long do you cook it on each side ?

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bottom bun doesn't fall to pieces, and lettuce is separated from the burger with other toppings so it doesn't wilt. looks like a good burger to me

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calling shit that doesn't have berries in it jam is faggoty af

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not him but you swipe some melted butter on both sides of the bun with a brush

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no prob, I aim to please..

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sure you can add butter, but does it need it?

first side will take about 2.5 minutes. the other side about a min..

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don't we all have just a little faggoty in us?

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I'll take them whenever I can get them..

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