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simple as

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you’re just saying that because your scat fetish involves corn

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stop watching porn, please.

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this is a burger? isnt the burger portion (ground beef patty) supposed to be the main part of the burger? this is a slop o shit

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>Old French
> to bait

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better than Britain?

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Anything from Brasil is better than Britain. Especially the hot chicks.

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Wake me up when they make 'better' burgers. Beter sounds like hot yellow shit.

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"better" seems like code word for bugs.
There's always some marketing scumbag in there, always pushing bugs.

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i'll pass, thank you very much.

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Brazilian preteens are great and energetic fucks.

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Look up the colorful things that some of the girls wear. I asked a couple Brasilian friends about that when I read about that and they just told me that it's about poor girls that do that. They wear colored bracelts telling people what they can or can not do with them. Being an American I just can't do that.

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like you wouldn't eat it.

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hahaha, korean savages!

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Quiet fat

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bats, turtles, and cats, no wonder they're condemmed to hell.

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That's Lord Fat to you, you fucking savage!

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Missing: the burger

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corn porn you mean.

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burger miestier straight from merkel town telling everyone what to do, you know what, we tell them germans to piss the fuck off!

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Ok, Im from Brazil but I still have some sense in mind. I will explain what composes a "brazilian burger" and you decide for yourself If its superior or not.

1- Stale bread bought in a dollar store
2- overcooked eggs
3- cheese product
4- unwashed day old veggies
5- government ham
6- Industrial "burger" made of chicken and cow meat scraps
7- cooked by a shirtless street vendor without any sanitary practice.

People here dont even usually mix their own ground beef when making burgers even at home. They just buy this frozen crap.

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We don't have government ham. We don't have enough money for that kind of subsidy

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My mom buys those mystery patties for us, but gives good ground beef to the dog.

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Leave it to Jini.

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Why don't you use s? Brasil, and not Brazil?

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maybe because he was writing in English

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Looking at the frozen burger ingredients:

>soy protein


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Brazilian takes on foreign food are wild. Their burgers always involve corn, ham, and eggs for some reason. They can be alright, but they don't really taste anything like an actual burger because there's hardly any beef. It's more like a weird mystery meat melt. It ends up tasting like a fried bologna sandwich with a ton of corn and mayo. There was a place where I lived called "Pittsburg" that was named after the city in Pennsylvania but was all tropical themed, with palm trees and some kind of happy hamburger dinosaur monster.
One thing Brazil does have on other places is Habib's. That place was great for filthy drunk food. Sfiha are a wonderful thing and hard to find around here.

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Superior Brazilian cuisine comin' through.

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what's that?

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I'd say two days spent on the porcelain throne non-stop. Bring a pillow.

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Anon that meme 2 girls 1 cup was over a decade ago, also we will never top the Germans in this fetish

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If you find this shit massa produced sfiha any good, Just try the real deal. Youll be blown away.

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why do you people who always eat the most atrocious food take photos in complete darkness?

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"I am ready to settle down now"

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Someone post mestre da pizza

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Dude, he cuts the ones he serves in half, there's literally no angle of attack he could use in biting the burger up top.

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>Brazilian takes on foreign food are wild.
Americans are no different

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American takes on food are bland as fuck. All the meme things you see are just that: Meme foods. Nobody actually eats that shit.
Have you seen European takes on American foods? you guys have us beat out of the fucking park

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He could have cut the other burger in half too
His patty is literally fucking thicker and the buns make it inhumanly tall. He's a hypocrite faggot who doesn't know what makes a burger good.

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That looks tasty as fuck

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Uma delicia

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>Uma delicia
>49 posts in
took you long enough

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