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how do you learn to cook? how can I make onions like this

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cook them for a long time but not very hot

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All cooking is about the same four methods. Learn those steps and wala, you can cook.

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Making carmelized onions is so tedious but so worth it.
Do it.

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Frying and grilling
Stewing and casseroling
Reducing and caramelising

That’s about it.

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the same way you make all onions but turn up saturation so far that everything looks like its fluorescent.

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quick curing?
It's almost like cooking has a bunch of different techniques...

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Those are all steps within, but the same roughly four categories apply. Pretty much all Italian or Indian food, for instance, is the stewing method. Obviously, things like potatoes or whatever you need to boil, or you need to sear steaks or what have you.

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butter, pan, slice onions. cook until brown, splash balsamic vinegar. boom, candied onions. works for shallots too.

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etc. etc. etc.

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>Frying and grilling
2 totally different methods of cooking.
>Stewing and casseroling
The same method of cooking.
>Reducing and caramelising
Reducing is liquids. Caramelizing is not liquids.

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Stewing and making a casserole aren't even the same thing

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In that order

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What's the difference? Both use cheap cuts of meat cooked in a liquid for a long time. Green beans in mushroom soup is NOT a casserole. It can made made in 10 minutes.

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Extreme patience. Carmelizing onions takes a fuckload of time. Cook low for like 45 minutes. Use sweet onions. Use a ton of olive oil, but remember, temperature low so the onions don't fry instead of caramelize. I like to toss in a little bit of balsamic vinegar at the end, but I'm a weirdo who likes that shit on everything.

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They are the same thing. Same method but one simmers on the stovetop, the other goes in the oven. Other than that, cooking method is exactly the same. So is soup, by the way.

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Frying and grilling both rely on high heat for their outcomes. You can add liquids, make glazes, etc. but the actual cooking method is high heat which makes it distinctly different to the others. Casseroles, soups, stews are all the same method (and this includes things like pasta ‘sauces’, etc.). Caramelizing and reductions I’d say probably are the same if you look at them as ‘cooking methods’ as both use prolonged heat to intensify flavor which again makes them very different from the others.

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You can't if you don't have industrial equipment. You but them like that in the frozen food section.

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Uhh, naw. What about knife skills? Rolling technique? Being able to toss a pan? Any kind of prep work?

You shouldn't act like it's so easy when you actually know fuck all.

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You’re not reading, stupid. All those ‘skills’ are just addendum to those basic methods. This is why you chumps get paid so low - you’re really not doing rocket science, princess.

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Something tells me you take 5 minutes to cut a potato and leave your dishes in the sink for a week.

Also get laid.

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> resorting to personal insult fail
Your buttravaged feelings are noted, princess.

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>being mad on the internet

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please calm down mr. ragusea its just for fun

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Sure is seething feelings ITT from the low t ‘chefs’, warbling and wailing about their leet knife ‘skillz’.

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Don't get mad for your lack of skills son, just keep practicing. Baby steps.

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you can caramelize onions more quickly if you use medium or high heat and add water when the liquid in the pan evaporates

low and slow just makes it hard to fuck up

also this argument about the number of techniques in cooking is dumb generalizations. there are millions of things to learn about how to prepare ingredients and trying to sort them into four categories isn't helpful for someone trying to learn, and frankly is autistic

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Not him but man seriously learn to argue ffs. You’re like a little baby tampon boy at this point.

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Seething lol.

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You sound upset, did you cut your thumb bud?

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>Find recipie
>Follow steps
>Fuck it up
>Ask yourself "Why did I Fuck it up?"

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Frying uses oil. Grilling doesn't.
Caramelizing involves a solid e.g. onions or carrots. Reducing means evaporating a liquid to make it more concentrated.

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olive oil
medium heat
stir until they look like the pic

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>Slice up a bunch of onions
>get a pot/pan with a large surface area
>preheat on low for 5 mins, or longer if cast iron
>add onions, cook on low, stir every 20 mins or so (just keep an eye on it)
This is also how to make real onion soup as well, slow cooked onions for hours until they liquefy

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You can't liquify onions unless you blend them.

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Am I doing it wrong if I both carmelized and beer braise my onions? Usually let the onions sit in olive oil at low heat for 30 minutes, when they are browned and soft I add butter, beer (usually Innis and Gun) and brown sugar, and turn up the heat slightly. Cook for another 15 or so minutes, when they look finished I add a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

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you can use oil on your grill
In fact, a lot of people add oil to their grill to get better defined grill marks
Also, you can caramelize liquids, IE caramel--really caramelizing involves sugar while the maillard reaction involves proteins

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You are so stupid you don't understand what fry and grill means. Can you deep grill some chicken? Caramelize an egg?
Your education and parenting is disgusting. You have no clue whatsoever.

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i camefit ya mammas buttocks last night m8

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