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Why does he have to pretend everything is terrible? This pizza looks delicious.

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Because that's what gets his show views, especially in America.
Watch stuff with him that isn't US Kitchen Nightmares and you will see a much more amicable Ramsay.

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Because he's a fucking faggot and RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE is a thousand times more honest and Robert Irvine will let an episode be more chill and boring than a KITCHEN NIGHTMARREEZZ episode for the sake of honesty and helping out a good family restaurant run by decent people as opposed to choosing a garbage laughable family to laugh at on FOX.

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Unless that's a stuffed crust, the outer base is too thick. Cheese isn't cooked enough. You can tell the middle of the base is soggy just by looking at it. No black pepper, whole thing is likely underseasoned. There's gonna be more grease than base in this dish.

If you think that looks good then fuuuuuck

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I know UK television and it's much, much worse than America.

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>Why does he have to pretend everything is terrible? This pizza looks delicious.
Congrats, you have figured out he is a fake tool without true skills.

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Calling bullshit on this one

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>This pizza looks delicious.

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Garbage Standards Thread

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That pizza looks horrendous even for a bargain pizza joint. And that is supposed to be their best dish if I remember correctly

Say what you will about his television persona, but he's a legit chef with Michelin rated restaurants
>inb4 he lost his michelin stars
His New York restaurant, which he's barely even involved in anymore did, but his London restaurant still has 3 stars

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It's television and most of it is scripted, dummy

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That brit faggot must be really desparate to have fags like you shilling his bullshit.

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most? All. That's why it's on tv in the first place.

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More like

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>Unless that's a stuffed crust, the outer base is too thick

Google "Denver style pizza". Yes, it's a thing. No, I don't condone it.

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I hate to say it this way if you're in anyway good at what you do then do don't need to be on TV like a hollaring yammering british faggot.

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Nope. Where do you think Americans got it from? UK one is much worst. US telivision is pretty mild and censored in general.

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That's a good looking 'za, but it needs some ranch.

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>greasy as fuck
>dough in the middle is raw
>"thin crust"
if it was cooked properly by someone who isn't delusional, I would think it looks pretty good

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What are you talking about, US TV is just adverts broken up by more adverts

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As opposed to what?

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...so your whole argument is "if it was done right, it would be good."

But it wasn't done right, and that leaves us with...

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>rag on american food all day every day for le memes
>get mad when british man i don't like rags on american food all day every day for le ratings

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I think his initial reaction was way overdone, but his actual analysis of it was right

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Dude you're just wrong compare UK versions of his show compared to America it's like night and day. No cringey drama editing and sound effects and less autistic screaming over <<literally>> nothing

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No one in the UK would watch this shit. American TV is just retards shrieking at eachother to get eachother amped in-between product placement

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How long have people been making this exact thread?
What's the point in constantly making it so people make the same responses.

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R E A L L Y ?

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/pol/ and /intl/ clap whenever they see the same thread more than once a week and get mad if it doesn't go exactly the same way the last thread did

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fuck off to /b/ you spamming faggot

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What about the UK reality tv show where they take a pack of the worst young people they can find, then have them live on their own in some dingy house and force them to work on fish markets and stuff to give them some "hard life lessons"?

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I actually visited this restaurant in january, had a pizza and it was quite good. Owner talks a lot though lol

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>Owner talks a lot though lol
I hate that. I'm just here to eat. I don't give a shit about your gay stories.

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Now THAT is a fuckin' good lookin' 'za.
Absolutely based.

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UK TV these days with that faggot hollaring at everything is pathetic and not worth watching. I prefer the old stuff like Monty Python and Benny Hill.

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The UK can't even do their own tv shit these days, it's all run by merkel and euro focus groups.

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No, because BBC.

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Exactly, euro focus groups run by merkel. The bbc can't do jack shit on it's own anymore.

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I can't stop ejaculating on my daughter's shoulder. I just walk up and cum on her sweaters.

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That's kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKRgt5_0Byc

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hot, spicy, and thoroughly terrible take

go back to /pol/

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Why is the crust so wide? It's like an entire baguette round a mini pizza

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I can't post in /pol/, so I came here to share the glow-in-the-dark virus with all of you.
>Why does he have to pretend everything is terrible?
Because it's a staged show where he's going to be butthurt about everything until he forces changes on half of the served shit so it matches with his "vision" or whatever.

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That's because people use stupid chains instead of local joints where they can specify "extra thin, extra crispy." Big chains like to dough it up to maximize profits.

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What does a local mom & pop joint have to do with going to /pol? You're clearly a moron.

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Anyone that disagrees with your pathetic sorry ass needs to go to /pol. That makes a lot of sense. Think your bullshit through next time.

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mmm plain bread

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if that looks fine to you, you must be a nigger tastelet

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absolute meltdown

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Exactly what i was gonna a say, just 16hrs too late.

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Get coofed on, you retarded Fatfuckistanian.

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Because the UK are the original fucking normalfaggots. Why do you think the US broke away?
>The Beatles
>Monty Python
>Harry Potter
Garbage culture.

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americans are absolutely repulsive

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Gained 5 Kilos by just reading this recipe.
>do they rly

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That looks yummy
yum yum mmmm

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why isn't there a virgin ramsay vs chad irvine yet

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If you want a real reason it's because he literally made up his resume and lied.

The rest of the industry has no respect for him whatsoever and doesn't want to even be associated with him.

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typical british hypocrite

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I agree that british television is shit but I also agree american "reality" tv is also shit. any programs which pretend to be anything they are not are all shit and staged bullshit

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Crust is way too big, anything bigger than a half inch is a wasted potential breadstick sale.

Cheese was not spread all the way to rim, bloody edges galore (only acceptable on margherita or any other traditional style pizza). Crust will undoubtedly be fed to dogs. Cheese also appears heavy, some grease pooling visible in center.

Topping distribution is actually pretty spot on, Looks slightly uneven at 6, 10, and 12 o clock. but could just be camera angle. Density is slightly light but acceptable for shredded sausage.

Bake is under done, no browning of cheese visible. Likely due to excess cheese as crust appears to have acceptable bake.

I give this pizza a 6/10, it is a good drunk pizza as it is excessively heavy in cheese and the high fat and protein content is highly satisfying for drunk munchies, dried sauce edges are less likely to be noticed by the impaired palate, and excessive crust size should provide a satisfying fullness like a large freshly baked pretzel.

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>fish in a hot dog bun ceases being fish because you encase it in some cheap roll

So you're saying you're retarded. Gotcha.

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>everything is a kebab if you wrap it in bread
>except it's not when you put falafel in then it's falafel

Max retard detected.

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>Gigantic in every direction versus a bit tall, but proportional

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silly teaboy who can't cook for shit, just like the other 60 mil people on that completely kiked and pozzed island
He's crying because he forgot his pizza license

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>i'm kewling boolshite on this wan mate

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this comparison is so retarded, the meat on the bottom isnt even sticking outside the bun

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Another warning sign is that the cheese has withdrew from the edge., but its still too soggy to be lightly browned.
Which would have been fixed by using half the amount of dough and a hotter oven with a pizza stone.

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Why do you keep posting this dumb moron that has nothing to do but hollar into a tv camera and microphone? He's fucking pathetic. If he was so good at shit he wouldn't need to be on tv.

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He's right about Gordon ramsay though. His UK show he was an ass but not so over dramatic like on the American show.

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>fat in food is bad

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what I've never understood is why he didn't think to slice the first burger in half like he did with the second one.

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Lmao imagine getting this triggered on 4chan

Haha kill yourself my tranny

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Seriously, Italy may have invented pizza but America made it what we all know... If it were the Italian style, we would have got rid of it by now!

Sure, many hate them but we should thank Americans for making the Pizza what it is now...

Now if you want to hat someone, have someone tried a Chinese pizza? You won't find them, they commit suicide or get coronachan...

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Why do you assume is some /b/tard?
He has a point... "It looks"...
Now the taste, is a matter of real discussion.

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looks bland greasy doughy and soggy. id eat it but it looks shit honestly man. also Gordon is funny, I don't give a shit about anything he cooks or what he has to say about cooking but hes a funny fucker for the most part.

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That pizza look like spoiled taint

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