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i add ur sisters ass to it.

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I don’t have a sister

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I was thinking about this the other day. Haven't had since I was a kid. It's just meat and bun right? Do you used canned premade?

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Cheese curds are gonna get cold ya dip

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Can I get a quick rundown?

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Potentially slightly dumb british woman attempts to cook while loosely following recipes, except doesn't actually have any cooking knowledge so does every step incredibly wrong. Surely is very aware of it by now and makes them bad on purpose - I hope. This applies to every Kay's Cooking video.

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Perhaps he banged her head against the bedboard so hard that he inspired her to cook. If only he taught her how to do so.

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She a student of /Jack/

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people like this vote 100% of the time

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anyone got any pics of her bending over

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How else are you supposed to get them in the oil? this is unironically how i do it, it adds tension

>> No.13864487

Slowly place them in and don't throw them. Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.13864502

Actually, it's the rapid collapse of surface tension that creates those splashes.

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kill yourself

>> No.13864819

Not him, but he could do worse.
I always slowly place stuff into hot oil to avoid a house-fire, but my hand-eye coordination is so shitty that I ended up getting my fingers into the oil before letting go.

It's common enough that I just switched to using chopsticks. And I am only slightly less shitty at using those.

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If you're that retarded, get a basket to lower it all in with. You'll get yourself killed if you keep doing what you're doing, and insurance won't cover the cost of respawn.

>> No.13864843

fuck off ja/ck/, Kay is our queen, you're just a fag

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>get a basket to lower it all in with
Good idea, thanks.

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Fat, dumb Scottish retard living off "the disability" (her words) makes videos showing she doesn't actually know how to cook. Sometimes she cooks stuff on video for the first time ever and gets confused when they don't work.

No matter what, she gives her food to her son, the taste-tester, who, regardless of what she makes, smiles and says it's good.

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everything he does is wrong

>> No.13864869

this is the most accurate take

t. watched like 30 videos

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It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.

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There's reinsurance also, look up swiss re.

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Kay is very cleary not Scottish you retard shes an angloid.

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whoops, you're right, she was born in Sheffield, England. My bad.

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Like this

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i thought jackposting was banned

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Her son is a trooper for sure. Poor guy.

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you've got to get your face real close to it aswell

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Norf FC

>> No.13866089

I think this is the first ja/ck/ webm I've ever seen where he starts with a hot pan/oil. It's kind of a relief desu.

>> No.13866110

>would rather splash hot oil around the hold it like four inches lower and gently rest it in

>> No.13867461

Based as fuck. That’s all you need to know.

>> No.13867495

its become apparent that her son has never had a good meal since he's only ever eaten her cooking.

>> No.13867757

Her son is kino.


>> No.13868254

loves cookin
loves son
'ates trolls
simple as

>> No.13868266

Good run doon,

Thoombs up

>> No.13868274

her son is a diabetic virgin that needs to move out

>> No.13868299

Hope she ends up on Universal Credit living off Two ha'pennies a month so she can't make these 'cooking'- heating up pre-cooked frozen food- channels

>> No.13868407

This guy you linked is a complete autistic cringelord, even by Britbong standards. But yeah her son is still pretty chill, though not something great to watch, minus the dog being fed.

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