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It depends on the whisky, the mood and the situation.

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I have proper whiskey rocks and I prefer them over ice. The ice has a habit of melting and diluting the whiskey a bit. I prefer either to neat though.

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I had woodord reserve neat last night and I almost threw up it was so strong!

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You have to be 18 yo post here and 21 to drink.

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Just enjoyed an old forrester on the rocks

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don't worry, your taste buds will develop as you hit puberty

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jerk, i'm plenty old enough to do both...just wasn't expecting the whiskey to be so spicy

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Always neat.

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you should never drink neat. When people say neat they still dilute it with some drops of water to release all the notes. Water does wonders to whiskey, it's chemically proven.

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whisky is only good mixed with coke

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I drink neat. Water/ice is unnecessary for whiskey.

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whiskey is ideally drank at 35%, which is heavy dilution. But even a few drops greatly enhance the flavor, releasing chemicals.

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did you know it's the barrels that give the whiskey it's colour?

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splash of water luke warm

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I hate it on the rocks. The more the ice melts the worse the whisky tastes. With every sip the quantity of whisky decreases, with every moment the ratio of water increases. By the end it tastes absolutely awful. Ice forces you to drink it quickly, when you should be spending twenty to thirty minutes over each dram.

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Maybe my brain has been warped by booze, but to me the potential additional flavor you can get from water doesn't make up for the wateriness of the dilution. I like the punchiness of liquor. Each to their own though.

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it's not just the flavor. Drinking high alcoholic content numbs your taste buds (just like when you burn your tongue on a hot tea or very cold ice cream) and you taste less favors.

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>it's chemically proven.

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there is no sourcce because this is not true at all, its some myth made up by reddit so faggots like this >>13896428 can have an excuse to complain about whiskey and bourbon

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any other answer is retarded

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>release all the notes
So the 60% water isn't enough to do this, but adding a few drops magically will? Retarded

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mixed with ginger ale and mint leaf

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Neat or on stones. Never ice.
Mixing is for faggots.

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fuck you assholes, it is true I saw it in a youtube video that was reviewing whiskey

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bullshit, mixing is really good and can allow you to try new flavors with the same spirit included in the drink

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>Whisky is distilled to around 70% alcohol by volume (vol-%) then diluted to about 40 vol-%, and often drunk after further slight dilution to enhance its taste. The taste of whisky is primarily associated with amphipathic molecules, such as guaiacol, but why and how dilution enhances the taste is not well understood. We carried out computer simulations of water-ethanol mixtures in the presence of guaiacol, providing atomistic details on the structure of the liquid mixture. We found that guaiacol is preferentially associated with ethanol, and, therefore, primarily found at the liquid-air interface in mixtures that contain up to 45 vol-% of ethanol. At ethanol concentrations of 59 vol-% or higher, guaiacol is increasingly surrounded by ethanol molecules and is driven to the bulk. This indicates that the taste of guaiacol in the whisky would be enhanced upon dilution prior to bottling. Our findings may apply to other flavour-giving amphipathic molecules and could contribute to optimising the production of spirits for desired tastes. Furthermore, it sheds light on the molecular structure of water-alcohol mixtures that contain small solutes, and reveals that interactions with the water may be negligible already at 89 vol-% of ethanol.

Source: can't paste because 4chan thinks it's spam, just google the above text. Should be nature dot com

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I recommend trying it both ways. Water sometimes helps to 'bloom' heavier whiskies (canadian ones seem to have a more syrupy mouthfeel) and expose new tasting notes. If I'm just having a drink though, I prefer it neat.

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>This indicates that the taste of guaiacol in the whisky would be enhanced upon dilution prior to bottling
>prior to bottling
Soooo, like every fucking whiskey that exists? It’s already been diluted for taste, retard. When it’s not, it’s marketed as “barrel strength”. The end product, the liquid in the bottle is what the distillers want you to taste. You can add water, which in some cases may reveal notes you prefer over what the distiller prefers, but for other ones, it will make it worse.

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I was replying regarding the chemical reason
see >>13896751 for additional reasons

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No one 'enjoys' whiskey you drink it because youre all pathetic fat alcoholics who can achieve no life satisfaction without psychoactive drugs

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Aight, check me out:
Glass, whisky, ice
Call it Glass-Whisky ice-drink
Or call me Supa Neat Boy, whisky straight unemployed
'Cause I'm super NEET, boy! (I'm not a drinker)

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>Whisky is distilled to around 70% alcohol by volume (vol-%) then diluted to about 40 vol-%,
ok but what's the point of adding water to whisky that's already been diluted (like 99% of all whisky you can buy)

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based and redpilled
emphasis on the fat part

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all I know is that I love wine.
And I dilute my whiskey as recommended by experts I achieved that rich wine-like flavor which was completely overridden by alcohol before. The only difference between high alcoholic content and low is the alcohol, no the taste.
You don't add vodka into your beers and wines do you? But why not??
I thought higher alcohol=GOOD!?

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why not just have wine at that point?

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because wine is made from grapes

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Neat if sipping, rocks if knocking 'em back to get fucked up. Every other answer is gay.

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whiskey is absolutely disgusting as hell, white claw is where its at

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You know you should mix it with water right.....?

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>You don't add vodka into your beers
lmao this nigga ain't never heard of a depth charge
>and wines
Literally what fortified wine is

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that's some serious cope to justify watering down your whisky.

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I can get behind this.

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>Literally what fortified wine is
why not add more alcohol to it if that makes it better? Unless you have a counter argument I suggest you stop posting

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lmao get some taste nigga

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your depiction of "taste" seems to correlate with higher alcohol percentage?
Who has no taste here bud?

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Fortified wines aren't the same as dropping vodka into a regular wine, you moronic alcoholic tastlet

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>Take glencairn
>Add teaspoon of water
>Put in freezer for 30 minutes
>Pour whisky in to chilled glass

Control the amount of ice so that its the same as the amount of water you want to add. Slightly chill the whisky but not too much. Unfortunately its a bit autistic.

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its because he's one of those soy fags that goes to a brewery and orders a beer with the highest ABV and pretends to like it because he can't cope with and admit the fact that he's a raging alcoholic

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That's a whole lotta projection you got going on there faggot
Just admit you're a faggot and didn't know fortified wine exists and has existed longer than you've been alive

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look at this sorry ass display of iberian swill

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yo dumbass, Brandy exists.
And it will still taste better if diluted with water (unless it comes as 35%)

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Brandy and fortified wine are two different things holy shit you're even dumber than I thought

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Yeah, fort wines usually also add back some sugar into them or otherwise add the spirits before all the sugars from the wine have been converted to alcohol. Depends on if you're buying the classy hooch or not.

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>projection projection projection !!!!!

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And a wojack poster to boot. You just keep digging this hole ever deeper.

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A lot of insecurity in this thread. There's high alcohol that tastes great and there's low alcohol that tastes great. Find the level you're happy with and work with it instead of getting upset about what other people are doing.

That being said, rum > whiskey.

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Fortified wine is a wine to which a distilled spirit, usually brandy, is added.

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Holy shit it's learning to google
Maybe one day it will stop being retarded entirely

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>can't handle 40%ABV without watering it down
>calls others faggots

yeah like I said, cope harder

>> No.13897332

says the fag that is arguing (and failing miserably) with every single other person in this thread

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Adding water to the whisky is just making the guaiacol float to the top. So, the first sips are more flavorful, the last sips are less flavorful and the average sip is less flavorful due to dilution.
Don't be a Goofus. Be Gallant.

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>why not add more alcohol to make it better?
It's called cask strength bottlings you unbelievable imbecile

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How do I start enjoying whisky?

>> No.13897367

you either do or you don't. don't let neckbears fool you into thinking it's some sort of exclusive club you have to prove yourself worthy of becoming a member of. maltheads are the gamers who rise up of the culinary world

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you don't, whiskey is fucking horrid...rum is a superior dark liquor

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Cheaper whiskey on the rocks.

Bourbons mostly on rocks or made into old fashioneds (best with wild honey syrup)

Scotch generally neat but depends on the mood.

Pic related. is great all ways: neat, on rocks, or old fashioned

>there is a single correct way to drink all whiskey

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It's hilarious, isn't it? Just when you think he couldn't be any more of a fucking dunce.
>down the hatch

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on cocacola, chug it and then yell at my wife

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keep drinking it, starting with mixing it with ginger ale or coke, and slowly increase your proportions. Try a handful and see what the differences are and what flavors you like.

Also I find most every drink to be more enjoyable on ice, I even like the super dilute end part with just a hint of whiskey, then sometimes I eat an ice cube as a palate cleanser.

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I promise you stones are the faggiest way to drink anything

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You either enjoy it or you don't, really. Trying to make yourself enjoy it when you don't already is pretty gay.

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>I promise you stones are the faggiest way to drink anything

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why not drink 80 proof vodka then?
nobody with a functional brain drinks cask strength undiluted

>> No.13897428


this whole thread is (you).png

>i like to buy $100 bottles and sip it slowly. make sure you tip 40% per drink and notice the honey notes

>> No.13897430

i always wanted to try the 12. how's this?

>> No.13897433

>pay extra for an undiluted product with a more intense flavor
>dilute it
Nobody with a functional brain and a lack of a vagina dilutes cask strength whisky.

>> No.13897434

>I buy $100 bottles and drink them wrongly, not even noticing the flours. You know, like a well done steak.

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>store has 30 yr in stock
>it's $480 dollars

should I do it lads?

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Neat: Laphroaig, after nibbling on Walkers shortbread cookies

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>drinking $100 bottles

you lost me there faggot. just admit you are a fucking drunk and have fun instead of trying to pretend there is anything remotely classy about being an alcoholic

>i like to get fucked up every day to notice the deep flavors in my booze

>> No.13897465

are you pretending to be fucking dumb bud?


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that's the point, you get fucked with cheap vodka and shitty whiskey.
I sip and enjoy the flavors of great whiskey, and wine.

now begone, poorfag!

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ease into it. I'm one of those "fuck diluting" posters but it's fine for a beginner to start with ice or whisky cocktails to get acclimated.

steer clear of the bottom shelf stuff that parades as mid-shelf whisky. if all else fails apply the rule of J: no Johnny, no Jim, no Jack.

after you get acclimated to the higher abv, try different types to figure out which profile suits you best.

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To all the fags arguing about dilution:


To all the fags arguing about dilution:


To all the fags arguing about dilution:


To all the fags arguing about dilution:


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i prefer cheap rum DESU but i would totally drink that jim beam in the image

rather do $2 shots of bourbon with hoes than sit on /ck/ sipping $200 bottles like a faggot

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>wears a fedora

you dont want to be like him guys... ignore everything he says

>> No.13897519

goofusposting should be a bannable offence. good thing most posters in here today are gallantpilled

>> No.13897524

>can't even tell the difference between a flatcap and a fedora

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>le hat joke

>> No.13897530

absolutely, appleton is fukcing incredible, worth the money everytime

>> No.13897532


>knowing the difference

you proved my point. buy a really expensive bottle and upload a video of you critiquing it in your moms basement autist

>> No.13897537

they all taste great, I've never had a complaint about any of Appleton's shit

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>le mom joke

>> No.13897546

Neat. High(er) proof Bourbon on rocks is acceptable

>> No.13897552

if you have to read ANY article from a website titled "mensjournal.com" you are 100% a beta neckbeard

>> No.13897554


>im so fancy and smart if i do fancy smart people things
>ill buy this dumb hat
>ill buy this dumb booze
>am i supposed to drink it by a fire and clean my guns?
>please tell me what to do i cant think for myself

>> No.13897557

Author has a massive vagina, obviously.

>> No.13897571

Alcohol burn is part of the experience with spirits, like spiciness or texture. If you don’t like it, dilute it. No one except autists have a problem with you diluting, also, having a problem with others drinking neat ke also autistic. I like the burn.

>> No.13897579

What a pussy, stick to Parrot Bay fag boy.

>> No.13897587

>being this gay
pick a stance douchebag, quit being so neutral about everything, you sound like a beta cuck

>> No.13897592

Suck a dick, boomer

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>Suck a dick, boomer

>> No.13897598

what about the Glenlivet article, you know, the actual maker of the stuff?

mouthbreathing retards

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>le moobeyr jok xD

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You could post its DOI number.

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pic is me related

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You fucking boaster.

You braggart.

You literal big talker.

You absolute lip-flapper, blackguard, blatherskite, gascon, scoundrel, villain, knave, jaw-jacker, gravy-trainer, tall-talker and gas-bag nigger.


>> No.13897632

>what about an actual maker of terrible, flavorless whisky for people with vaginas?

>> No.13897640

Opinions on Plantation Rum?

>> No.13897645

the fact that any maker wants you to get maximum enjoyment from their product? Fucking retard

>> No.13897651

>21 to drink.
Only in muttistan.

>> No.13897716

What do you currently drink?
What cocktails do you like?
What's your current bar setup?

>> No.13897720

On the rocks, sip a little before it melts, keep sipping till it hits perfect dilution, don't let it dilute too far.

>> No.13898650

you did this shit in the last al/ck/ thread.

>> No.13899651

>When people say neat they still dilute it with some drops of water to release all the notes.
Maybe if its 65% cask strength but Woodford is literally sub-46% and likely doesnt need much water if any at all.
Even then the guy you're replying to is obviously baiting for replies.

>> No.13899696

You should always at least try everything neat. Usually the distillers are spot on, so saying only drink neat isn't a bad recommendation.
People who drink neat don't add water. People may order neat and add water themselves, people can add coke themselves, it's not neat anymore.
>all the notes
Only oil soluble notes, since oil rises to the top when you add water. Only a single smokey note was studied. Not only don't you want to amplify that note in most whiskys (even Islays will become unbalanced), it ruins every sip except the first since that compound has already been consumed.

>> No.13899701

>thus improving its taste
I like how they just slip that in there

>> No.13899747

I find this meme particularly hilarious as whisky is ~60% water.
Adding spring water to whisky is a fun ritual, it reduces the burn a small amount. It does nothing to the flavour.

>> No.13899750

It does. There is an immediate encouragement to evaporate, which makes a huge difference compared to the dilution having occurred before bottling.

>> No.13899760

You'd have to be a supertaster to tell the difference. Even then the mineral content of the water would affect the taste more.
If you can blind taste the difference then power to you, but virtually no one can.

>> No.13899824

I like it a tiny bit dilluted so on the rocks, but I try to drink it relatively fast. If I'm gonna sip I just get a cocktail.

>> No.13900633

Woodford Reserve isn't spicy or strong. It's just overbearingly sweet

>> No.13900650

Try it from time to time. If you enjoy it, great. If you don't, don't force it and find something you enjoy instead.

>> No.13900655

scottish people will drink whisky and then put a bit of water in it and then add a bit more, its really a slow drink like tea.

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ITT: faggots who act like like cold whiskey doesn’t taste good arguing with faggots who act like room temp whiskey doesn’t taste good. The truth? It tastes bad no matter what.

>> No.13900686


>> No.13900692

what do they know?

>> No.13900698

The post of truth

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Some good whiskys will benefit a lot from a little splash of water to open up the flavours or whatever it's called.
I haven't personally come across one that benefited from chilling, though.
And I specify "good" because the really cheap and shitty ones will go down easier if they're cold. But then you're not drinking to enjoy the taste, are you?

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>When people say neat they still dilute it with some drops of water

>> No.13900996

it's written by a woman

>> No.13901041

>But then you're not drinking to enjoy the taste, are you?

Then just drink coke and cheap vodka

>> No.13901116

trying to get drunk, neat shots
if I want something to sip on, Old Fashioned with the largest ice cube(s) I've got
refreshing long drink, I mix with lightly sweetened homemade iced tea + citrus juice

>> No.13901868

Literally no one likes whiskey at the beginning. You just force yourself to drink it every day and eventually you'll be addicted to the familiarity.

>> No.13901932
File: 125 KB, 945x1058, 54E41A81-C038-47C4-836E-9E3904E83AB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the rocks with coke and a slice of lime

>> No.13902009

Good whiskey can be enhanced by a few drops of water to suit your pallete.
(single malt)
Ice can smooth a whiskey which is good for drinking and feeling a buzz.
(Johnnie walker Black label)
Blends don't need ice, but it feels better and gets you drunk quicker.
(What you buy)
Ice and coke will make fire water drinkable.
(What you buy to get drunk) PS my favourite
You are better off with rum or gin if you are buying the cheap stuff, unless you like the burn so you feel like a cowboy.

In a bar order it straight, with water separately.

>> No.13902105

I was practically a teetotaller before I first tried my first glass of Glenfiddich. It's not an interesting whisky, but it lacks the harsh notes that will turn a first timer off.

>> No.13902111

lovely. thank you.

>> No.13902814

Whiskey rocks fucking suck. Their conductivity is garbage for the sake of cooling your beverage.

>> No.13902867


>> No.13902946

I think this is a money thing. People look at whisky, see it's expensive, buy a cheap bottle to mitigate the financial risk, and leave dissatisfied. I can give nice whisky to noobs and a lot of them will really enjoy it.
I fed my dad Dalwhinnie 15 the other day and he was ecstatic. That said, I have had him try better / more expensive bottles which he hasn't favoured. So you've also got to find the right bottle.

Beautiful nose and a stand out green apple / pear note.

>> No.13903073

>proper rocks
you're supposed to use ice retard. ice modifies the flavor, which is the point of adding anything cold in the first place.

single malt: one rock
kentucky straight bourbon whisky: neat, chased with something sweet
brandy: 1:1 with water

>> No.13903583

I've never been able to enjoy it with ice. For myself personally I've always liked the taste more when at around "room temperature".

>> No.13903643

>Whisky neat or on the rocks
Depends on how much of an alcoholic you are.

>> No.13903820
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>drink all my whiskey in a lowball with ice
>enjoy it immensely
>enjoy the seething of whiskeysnobs even more
just let people enjoy their alcohol the way they want to

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File: 2.44 MB, 1097x1349, 1337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone his hard-set on preference, then they don't even like wood liquor in the first place. Highball glass with two fingers, or a big cube, or out of the bottle that I still'd myself. Get over the pretension.

>> No.13903851

>You don't add vodka into your beers
I do

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File: 625 KB, 843x654, Screenshot - 2020-04-09T095309.577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13903867

he can't even speak english, why should i care what he says

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>> No.13903910

gay and ineffective

>> No.13903911

why don't you just chill your whisky in the fridge?

>> No.13903925

The video you keep shilling refutes none of my points.

>> No.13903939

>10l of water needed to produce 1l of booze
just you wait until the gretafags find out about this. liquor will be banned until 2030, all of it.

>> No.13903954

>high alcohol serves as an aesthetic
1) It’s expected with single malts/pots/barrels and accounted for (he spends most of the video talking about blends)
2) doesn’t numb your whole tongue and not fully
3) numbing reveals (or narrows) flavor to specific notes hence why some people don’t like the flavor of one whisky when with added water, or why some prefer the same batch with higher proof than with lower (for more on this subject, look up “miracle fruit”)
4) Obviously if the barrel strenght is 59+%, you’re diluting that, but 40-50% is completely manageable

>> No.13904001

I like the alcoholic kick myself.
All I'm saying is I've drank loads of the stuff and sometimes diluting with water makes the most out of a bottle, especially if I'm sipping for a long session. The dram becomes wine, and the tongue isn't getting absolutely fucked.

>> No.13904010

If you've been drinking then you haven't got the best sense of taste and the extra intensity from the alcohol is more likely to help than hinder your sense of taste.
You do do warm up drinks?

>> No.13904743
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>If we're being honest with ourselves:

For me, anyone who puts whiskey over ice is not a malt mate. You can't control taste and smell. You can't allow for oxidation time. Most icefags have no idea what I'm saying. So no you're not having a malt moment. You're not a malt mate. And yes, you're a simple consumer not a discerning customer.

I'm done and dusted.. byebye

>> No.13905463

uh , based?

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