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Is the Dalgona craze getting out of hand?

>> No.13899084

Just a meme. It will die after corona-chan leaves us.

>> No.13899089

Does "craze" mean "things that happen in one place somewhere but most people have never heard of"?
Because I thought it meant something else.

>> No.13899236

Imagine the JAV.

>> No.13899240

Half sperm half diarrhea. Gotta drink it all.

>> No.13899246

who is this semen demon?

>> No.13899258

like someone who watches anime, and whos friends watch anime, so they assume EVERYONE watches anime

>> No.13899269

quick rundown on this Dalgona?

>> No.13899561

It's basically milk topped with equal parts water, sugar, and instant coffee whipped together. Seems like the kind of thing you'd top with some chocolate shavings, cinnamon sugar, and a toasted marshmallow and sell to white girls for like eight bucks.

>> No.13899563

How can she survive all the caffeine?

>> No.13899566

the leftover radiation her body emits will degrade it before it can do any harm

>> No.13899568

how do you think they survive those 120+ minutes gangbangs?

>> No.13899570

It's all over the social medias, boomer.

>> No.13899605

i want to punch people who make posts like these.

>> No.13899610

I would ask you to fuck off but I don't think you have the attention span to do so.

>> No.13899778

First time I hear about it. The video was pretty cute, though.

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Pretty sure 96% go to waste after the video

>> No.13899971

Don't you know who Kinoshita Yuka is?

>> No.13900257

Thx, I just needed the sauce

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