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Why are white women so obsessed with Amys frozen food products?

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this thread was made by the same retard complaining that not enough people eat the hungryman brand gruel
amy's actually tastes like food you retard

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There was some Amy's discounted and I grabbed it for a cheap lunch.
Weird can-soft ravioli with flavorless goo inside, swimming in a slimy gray sauce.
Yeah, I'll stay with boiling refrigerated ravioli and pan up some sauce from now on.

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Go fuck yourself, Amy. Your shit is the last garbage still on the shelf during an epidemic.

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>white women
and with that you mean dumbed down amer*kan womyn, right?

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No, he means your mom, you fucking dumbshit

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Amy's products are very hit or miss. For one they all seem to be vegetarian, which can be a little lame. I will say though that their chili relleno casserole is fantastic though.

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Women like it because it is expensive. Women like things that are expensive. Pink tax

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You can get pizza from their drive through
They wanna shut that down of course it's too good

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