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do you microwave water?

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Hell yeah. Jello, tea , oatmeal that's the way to go.

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look what happens to a plant if you only feed it microwaved water

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as if I'm going to cook water the stove like some europoor

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>Not owning a kettle
Stay poor, mutt

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when i was 5 i microwaved a glass of water for 10 minutes and then sipped it through a straw and burnt the ever loving fuck out of the tip of my tongue and my mother rightfully had absolutely no sympathy for me which made me feel even worse so no i don't microwave water.

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I'll do it if I just have to get the water warm but if I need it boiling I'll do it on the stove. Multiple times I got superheated water from microwaving it and I'd rather avoid having to deal with that.

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Funny fake experiment

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I water my microwave

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Why would microwaving water destroy and yet maintain the atomic structure of H2O? Please explain.

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No because water boils outside of america

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Americans don't know how kettles work

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I'm not a plant.

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Kettles suck on 110v. Here in the states, 220 is for clothes dryers.

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No because I don't want to superheat the water and explode it in my face. I use a kettle like literally everybody else in my country.

Do yanks microwave water or use the stove, typically?

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why would voltage matter? As long as enough amps are up to it the water will boil just fine.

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oh look it's another obsession thread where euros have this imagined idea that we microwave water (or that there's anything wrong with microwaving water to begin with)

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>tiny european stove


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based member of the animal kingdom

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sometimes. if i'm making tea i use a çaydanlik anyway so that's on stove. if i'm using teabags i will use the microwave

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Multiculturalism caused the coronavirus. They lied to us. Globalism only benefits third world immigrants and the elite. It's the enemy of white families everywhere. Stay safe and vote ultra conservative. Protect your family.

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Power matters. American outlets (or rather, circuit breakers) do not allow for a higher current to compensate for the lower voltage. So the lower voltage means the power is halved, and therefore the boiling time is doubled.

Whoever keeps spouting that current matters, not voltage, needs to be shot. They are proportional.

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>benefits third world immigrants and the elite
The elite aren't buying sweatshop goods, you are.

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i microsoft a glass of water but i used a metal glass and nearly burnt the house down

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neither of those pictures are america.

>tiny stoves
>visible external gas line on one of them

reminder that people who live in Alabama, the poorest state, have more purchasing power than the average Briton, and this has left residents of the world's most multicultural country (Britain) in a constant impotent panicked rage.

Nobody in america microwaves water, either.

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does it still burn, anon? or do you have deadtongue on the tip?

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I never microwaved water. Have had a stovetop kettle for most of my life. There are people with electric kettles though. This is the issue with one person representing an entire group of people.

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you microwave water when a stove isn't required; tea, instant oatmeal, cup o noodle, sauces in packets, really anything in packets that have instructions not calling for oven cooking.
you cook food on the stove, but sometimes that calls to bring water to a boil and keep cooking (mac and cheese, top ramen-not the cup o' noodle), which you do on the stove.

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This is how you clean the microwave. Put a bowl of water in there and nuke for 6 or 7 minutes. This will moisten the dried up food on the inside and make it easier to clean.

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They don't sell that type of kettle in any US store i've been to.

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That's the odd one out. Tea definitely calls for boiling water.

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that's the joke. It's an electric kettle, and Americans don't know about electric kettles.

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Except that's not an American stove top. A European did that. Turns out there are idiots everywhere.

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American and I've never used a stovetop, only electric kettles.

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An american, not in America, who has never seen an electric kettle before, assumed only stove-top kettle existed, and tried to use an electric kettle as a stove top kettle to disastrous result. It's a fairly simple narrative.
Also your assertion that a gas stove isn't american is quite the assumption.

yea, the stereotype falls short of the truth

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I'm canadian, everyone I know use an electric kettle to boil water for drinks and such. People use the microwave to reheat liquids but not to straight up boil water.

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No, gas stove or,
electric kettle if I only need a little bit

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>those mental gymnastics

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be careful, microwaved water can explode

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except electric kettles are sold in every general store in the usa like target and walmart

i'm blown away that europeans constantly think americans have less than them. maybe you should look at this again >>13900037

we have access to more and better products than you do, and we have more money to buy them with than you do. stop living in a fantasy world.

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Nice headcanon.

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Stove. I've never met anybody who microwaves plain water.

Closest I've seen is for cup soups or other similar foods on lunch.

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Except Americans shouldn't be using electric kettles because their low voltage power means water takes literally twice as long to boil.
It's not about money, kettles cost nothing.

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fungibros [email protected]?

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