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What's the next step in going from cooking the most basic of meals to cooking things that are actually interesting and have variety, without falling into the deep end of meals that take hours to prepare?

The pandemic has finally forced me to actually commit to cooking pretty much every meal, which has been great. What's been not-so-great is that I'm a basic-ass cook who usually just cooks some meat in a pan and mixes with side dishes/condiments/toppings/etc. and the lack of variety is starting to become a problem.

I've gone on to try looking up new recipes and variants on my usual go-to's, but they're almost always "hand-craft this component three hours in advance" tier and I'm really looking to just add variety to what I do rather than going full cook here.

What's the next step in improving my cooking, and where do I start?

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Unironically, trying out vegetarianism saved me when I was in the same boat. Really makes you cook harder.

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>What's the next step in improving my cooking, and where do I start?
seasoning and sides. any meat you cook should be either marinated/brined or seasoned. its easy to research online and see which herbs and spices go well with certain types of meat. sides are the same deal, especially with veggie sides don't buy frozen pre cut shit, get it raw from the produce section and add some seasoning while cooking and it will turn out ten times better.

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It might seem trite, but the more you cook the more you'll improve. Just follow a more diverse range of recipes from decent sources (avoid Allrecipes tier shit) and just pay attention to what you're doing to the ingredients and try to add whatever techniques you see into your repertoire.

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Spices and sauces. They're what transform every meal. The rest is technique and instruction.

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this is true. if you can make veggies the entree then you're pretty good as a cook

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What are some places to look for actual functional recipes you might recommend?

Part of my problem is also that the vast majority of my meals are based solely in southern cooking so I don't have much cultural variety going on with both recipe and ingredients.

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the first step is to learn why you do what you do in a recipe. that and an understanding of flavors and how they work together as well as what each ingredients' purpose is will allow you to start riffing on whatever you have to cook with

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