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People love these but I never know what to make with mine.

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I only make four things with mine:

1. Boneless chicken thighs
2. Chili
3. Beef stew
4. Pepper Steak

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I don't know, unless you are in a rush they just seem so gimmicky and redundant.
Anything people really use pressure cookers for you are just going to get better results from a dutch oven or steamer.

They are nice if you just quickly want to cook some bigger potatoes, I guess?

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The only thing Instant pots are good at making are nuclear fused rice at the bottom, can't believe I fell for the meme. Even the smallest instant pot is gargantuan for a single person

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Best way to cook your pandemic stockpile of dried beans.

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I got one because it saves space and my kitchen is small.

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I don't do much with my slow cooker. Some soups and beans recipes turn out OK, but even the more simple ones can be done better when doing them properly by starting them in a pot on a stove top and finishing in the oven. Sometimes I'll finish off a pulled meat recipe in the slow cooker, but again, that's better in the oven or grill. It's mainly a convenience thing, as you can let it go overnight and through work, or whatever.

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It's mostly a meme device, but it's useful for anything in bulk that needs to be boiled for longer than 30-60 mins.
> potatoes
> eggs
> cabbage and other greens
> dry beans
> pot roast, but literally no other meat

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I cooked a curry in mine once and now the rubber ring on the lid permanently smells like vinegar and curry powder. I've run it through the wash so many times to no avail. How do you clean it?

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I bought an air fryer and for the past week I've just been making chicken wings every day

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Clam chowder

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>How do you clean it?
I don't know, I've soaked mine in vinegar overnight, dishwasher etc... and it still smells like the first thing I made with it.

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my wife got one for Christmas from her parents. so far we have used it to make a box that takes up storage space.

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my grandma gave these out for Christmas. i have yet to use it. there has to be something its good for right?

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Mostly soup and meat that you would use a slow cooker for. Yogurt's easy to make but not really any cheaper or better than store bought. Frozen chicken breasts come out perfect. I want to try some of the one pot meals but I feel like the rice/vegetables will be way too overcooked.

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Hard boiled eggs are great in these, way easier to peel at the end compared to any other method.
Also great for steel cut oats which normally takes forever.
I've done ribs in them (finished on the grill) and they turned out alright.

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doing this right now desu

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apparently they're really good for making stock and broth

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I will show you a recipe OP. Here goes! Take some cubed thick bacon, a smoked pork hock, an onion, some shallots, and some stock.

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Set the instant pot to sauté, then add the bacon, onions, and shallots with a little butter. Cook until the onions start getting a bit browned..

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Then add your hock and some bay leaves and pour in the stock. Pressure cook for 60 mins.

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Towards the end of that, chop up some more veg. I used a carrot, a parsnip, two celery sticks and a leftover piece of tomato.

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When it beeps, release pressure and take out the hock. Pull the meat and skin off the bone, chop roughly, and put it back in (including the bone). Then add all your veg, and 2 cups of dried lentils. Also some ground pepper, thyme, garlic powder, and chili flakes.

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>1. Boneless chicken thighs
Why the hell would you use boneless? They fall off the bone after a few minutes under pressure and bones add flavor/collagen. Thighs barely have any bones either.

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I use mine for making stock, soups, stews and braises. Gonna make some ham hock and navy bean soup this weekend.

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Pressure cook for 20 more mins, then release pressure. Serve it up with chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste.

Pretty yummy.

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Based. Thanks buddy

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Put it in the freezer.

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Pot roast, broth, mashed potatoes, cabbage and keilbasa using the saute function, just about anything I used to make in my pressure cooker. Long cooking stuff typically.

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I made a potato soup that was really good. Just potatoes, chicken stock, spices and added cheese when it was done. Really filling and incredibly easy. It doesn't cook for long but you need to let it naturally release.

I made some basmati rice and it was fine. 1:1 ratio and only cooked it for like 4 minutes. Then did a quick release and immediately fluffed and put the lid back on. Didn't really stick.

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Soak it in peroxide overnight, let dry completely, then boil it, careful not to let it touch the bottom of the pan for too long.

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chicken breasts for shredding, boiled eggs, rice, any type of beans in 40 mins total, its a fucking dream machine honestly

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nigga... are you retarded. i make rice all the time. you need to add water idiot

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>”a single person”
yikes, anon, most /ck posters make half an effort to hide their incel life..maybe ask mom for help when you go upstairs?

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or just add everything at once rather than making it ridiculously complicated and less useful than a conventional stock pot, like this moron did

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You don't know shit son. Enjoy your mush.

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I usually make ribs.

1. Dry rub ribs
2. Put a little bit of water on the bottom
3. Cook for about 35-45 min.
4. Release steam (I usually just press the button instead of waiting all day
5. Cover ribs in sauce (sweet baby Ray's)
6. Throw ribs in oven to broil for a min or 2
7. Second layer of sauce


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have you cooked with it since? does it change the flavor of food or anything? maybe cook something like borscht in it

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Look at the fool

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A few of my favorites.




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same thing still smells like curry.
Only thing i've ever cooked in it was curry, chili, rice and some frozen veggies. All turned out well but i once followed some chicken recipe and it kept "burning" since then i became a little skeptical at trying new recipes.

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Forgot to mention I normally half the red wine vinager in the cabbage and lentil soup. The ginger in that recipe is the magic.

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