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Couldn't find anything to eat because of the quarantine so I put sriracha on a flour tortilla and ate it. This is how you improvise, gentlemen.

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Do white ppl really?

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Looks like a kanji character.

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looks more like tapatio. where are you buying your sauce? (sauce sauce?)

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That's not my picture, I just found it on the internet because apparently someone had the same idea. I recommend Trader Joe's sriracha.

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Nothing wrong with that. Seriously though just buy beans.

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ur no fun

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We cannot buy anything. There's a quarantine going on.

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at least fry an egg jesus christ have some self respect

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Just did another one with some mustard. AND I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN WHERE AT LEAST I KNOW I'M FREE

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I'm american too but this shit is just sad please stop

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t. American

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>tfw HEB has been delivering my groceries
>professional drivers wearing masks and ppe
>food always handled carefully
>fully stocked and prepared for several months ahead
It feels good being a Texan. HEB had been preparing for this since January and was working with their Chinese affiliates running simulations

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Should I marry my Canadian girlfriend and move to Texas? I'm from Florida but went to quarantine in Canada

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Tortilla with sriracha and cheese then microwaved is my late night snack of choice.

If you are on Facebook, I heard there are these groups that could do your shopping for you if you are in quarantine. The grocery delivery services, in Toronto at least, are backlogged a month, but some smaller shop might deliver.

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>Should I marry my Canadian girlfriend and move to Texas? I'm from Florida but went to quarantine in Canada

I don't think you can cross the border right now.

Unless you have your own car and is driving all the way, it's best to stay put. At this point the virus can be anywhere, so it's not where you are or travelling to but mostly being crammed in a space with a potential infectee that makes it high risk, plane, tour bus, even train.

Even if you drive though, think about all those public bathrooms you'll have to use on the way.

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I wonder if they'd do that outside of quarantine.

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What do you have on hand OP, other than tortillas and ketchup and mustard?

Do you have a backyard? Any dandelions come up yet?

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Why, are dandelions edible?

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>I wonder if they'd do that outside of quarantine.

Wait, are you personally in quarantine right now because you are infected, a close contact, just returned from traveled, or are you in an area where it's actually locked down?

I'm in Toronto, Canada, where people are still free to go outside for whatever reasons, but Mayor John Tory have been strongly encouraging people to only go out for grocery and meds...and park facilities from playgrounds and benches are closed, and mass gatherings can be fined.

I haven't been going out because I don't want to get infected, and i stocked up on grocery before hand, not as much as I like though. Mostly what I have is lots and lots of carbs, because I do this thing where I buy rice and pasta in bulk before winter and go out weekly for fresh meat and vegs, since I don't have a car and it's a bitch to drag a shopping cart through slush or snow, so I lightened my winter grocery load ahead of time.

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>Why, are dandelions edible?
Yes, just make sure that they are clean, no pesticide no dog poop. I wouldn't eat roadside dandelions but I eat the ones that drifted onto my balcony garden:



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yes, but stay away from ones in areas with known pesticide use, dogs, or by roads

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My dog eats dog poop. Can't be that bad.

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Do Americans really look like this?

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you don't get a medal for doing the bare minimum of whats expected

"you ate something congratulations youre number one forever" is not how it works

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I didn't think so but now I do

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Is $15 a good price for a dakimakura? That is a lot lower than I was expecting it to be. Maybe it's because it's one of the less lewd ones I have seen. But I really like the character on it.

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