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Rate my omelette for the gains bruh.
>4 eggs
>Diced onion and chilli
>Chopped leftover chicken breast
>Chopped leftover Chorizo
> 1 slice cheese
>Salt & pepper to taste
Just whipped it up post workout and damn did it taste GOOD...

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You know you love it.

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congrats on not burning the fuck out of it like many do. the chili/chorizo were mistakes.


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>muh post workout gains bruh
You'd think you get enough protein from all the dicks you suck.

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You didn't break the eggs up enough so you have disgusting egg white strands everywhere and it's cooked inconsistently.

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Shut up dyel, stop projecting

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>You didn't break the eggs up enough
No doubt, i just whisked them quickly with the fork. As for cooked inconsistently, nah i like mine creamy texture.

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>you fucked up your eggs
>that's how i like them
Every. Fucking. Time.

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>Every. Fucking. Time.
Reported for anti semitism

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