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I'm gonna try baking some bread, I want to make "White bread" basically, not crusty bread. What kind of loaf pan should I order from amazon? Steel? nonstick? cast iron? only ever made crusty bread before

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Y'all want a pullman loaf pan, wit the cover.

If the deal looks too good, make sure the cover is included.

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I tried making my first loaf of bread two nights ago. i decided to make buttermilk sandwich bread, and i fucked it up. it ended up being too crumbly and it fell apart easily.

maybe i should have made something easier for my first bread.

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Probably wasn't kneaded well enough. What kinda yeast and proofing process?

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dry active yeast. i followed the recipe and did initial kneading until the bread was smooth and homogeneous, at which point i left it in an oiled bowl at room temperature covered with plastic wrap for about an hour until the dough doubled in size.

then i punched down the dough lightly and rolled it into a roll shape and plopped it into my buttered loaf pan, where i loosely covered it with plastic and let it rise again for about 30 minutes, and then baked.

sandwich bread such as the one i was making tends to call for butter or fat in the dough, which makes the crust softer, but also i hear fat in dough sort of inhibits gluten formation, but other sandwich breads with fat in the ingredients end up just fine so i don't think fat was the issue with my bread.

it was buttermilk bread, so perhaps the acid of the buttermilk may have had something to do with it?

i think the most likely mistake i made was i added too much flour than was asked for in the ingredients, because as i began keading, the dough was way too sticky to work with, and everyone always says to add more flour if the dough is too sticky unless if you're making donuts or something. but by adding almost a whole extra half-cup of flour to the mixture that originally asked for only 3 1/2 cups, it probably made the whole thing drier and thus less structurally sound, hence the crumbliness of the baked end product.

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you should make whole wheat bread nigga
better for you

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now let's hold on fo a minute errybody
why come we gotta get this style of pan? why ain't we no gettin a regular bread pan?(this is a legit question but i wanted to keep the little theme going)

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i don't have any tips but keeping trying bro
i feel like i'm never satisfied with the things i make. like it could use this, or i put too much that.
but i also feel like it all averages out to a good product, do it over and over and you get good at it holmes
it sounds good

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>whole wheat
>better for you

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If she's round on top, you haven't achieved peak wonderbread.

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I have one of those. the pan is truly non stick. It's very high quality.
the slices will be small but that's fine all that means is you'll have to make 2 sandwiches instead of one big one. bake for 30 minutes at 400f

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