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>go to authentic thai restaurant.
>ask them to make my food as spicy as they can.
>they warn me multiple times but yadayada I don't give a fuck. I just want it.
>get the spicy food, it's so spicy it makes my nose tingle from smelling and my eyes are watering.
>while eating, my stuffed nose is cleared up and my face turns bright red. >as I'm eating more, I'm sweating all over like a pig. Have to go through billion napkins to prevent eating my own sweat.
>finish eating and I'm drenched in sweat. My back is all sticky from sweating.
>drive home, have to crank AC on max because I'm sweating balls.
>tell myself that wasn't so bad and would brag on /ck/.
>next day, wake up in the middle of the night because food was too spicy.
>while taking a shit my stomach is in so much pain I'm starting to sweat again
>as the spicy turd touches my asshole, I'm practically tasting all the spicy thai goodness through my butthole again.
>as I'm taking fiery shits, I'm regretting my life choices.
>finish taking turd, have to shower again because my ass is stinging.
>try to go back to sleep but can't because I'm in pain.
>my butthole is trembling, literally vibrating and it won't stop.
>try to play vidya to distract myself
>can't sit down because my ass is on fire .
>mfw I realize I'm just butthurt from my retarded decision.

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Based stupid frog poster

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howdy ho

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Spicy food is only for faggots OP.

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Got literally butthurt due to own stupidity
10/10 game of the year, ladies and genltemen

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