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I guess it's finally time. Not shit to do but sit inside and bake and make food...

This one, the "Artistan" series, or the classic?

How big of a capacity do I really need considering I'm only ever going to be baking for 2, or the very occasional gift loaf of bread?

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i have a classic and it's always served me well

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I own a 5 qt one would get a 6qt one too why not the thing is already huge and it's a marginal difference overall im sure. I haven't run out of room before but I feel the higher stuff gets on the bowl the more it tends to not mix in well and I dislike scraping the bowl down while using it. the main choice is whether you want a bowl lift or a tilt head mixer. I went with bowl lift because I do not have any kitchen prep space that doesn't also have overhead cabinets. I bought a refurb off amazon like 6 years ago and haven't had to fix anything on it. now that they have nylon sacrificial gears they're pretty foolproof.

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it's probably easier to add stuff midway with a tilt head right?

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if you can't tilt the head up due to cabinets it's kind of a mute point. I bought one of those plastic shields to add stuff while it's running but I prefer to just stop it and drop the bowl for a second rather than fuss with the plastic thing. if you bake lots stuff that uses confectioners sugar and whatever and requires you to fold stuff in while it's mixing it's more useful but most recipes you just dump things in.

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>if you can't tilt the head up due to cabinets it's kind of a mute point.

is that what i asked?

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I don't own a tilt head but I assume you probably can't add stuff while it's running if you tilt the head up. bowl lift is kinda nice because I can drop the bowl with it running if I need more room and I can also get the whisk to empty itself out when I'm done. honestly I don't run into many issues adding stuff as long as I don't use a huge bowl. again the 6 qt one might have the advantage of a little more room over the 5 qt.

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I've used the tilt head one, and the smaller bowl rise ones at work, and they're good pretty much the same shit. I bought the next size up because the motor was bigger and I do alot of bread, but its a bit of a pain in the arse for whipping small amounts of stuff like 2 eggwhites. If you don't do more than one loaf of bread a week I'd get the smaller one, tilt or lift, the motors are the same.

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Everyone will shit on the non pro models but I have the Artisan and despite the plastic gears it has served me well.

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>mute point
That's a diamond dozen mistake there.

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The tilt head ones have a major point of failure though most of the times it's not an issue.

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Soccer mom detected. Those things aren't actually used for making food. Buy it, mount it prominently on your granite counters, 'gram it, and then cook with your fucking hands because that's how people have been making bread for 10000s of years.

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>That's a diamond dozen mistake there.
savage reply, /ck/ is a real doggy dog world

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Well you know you either get busy livin or you get busy fryin.

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Mine has made plenty of food and it's convenient and faster having a machine do the simple tedious work for you like mixing or kneading while you do other things.

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every professional kitchen I've worked in over 10 years had had at least one of these if not more. The only reason not to have one is if you're rich and can afford a hobart

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Every professional kitchen also has one of those motorized quat sanitizer goo dispensers, and yet you probably get by with a $30 swiffer hmm?

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for dough you either need a decent mixer or you're stuck doing it by hand. you can't really get by with anything different. the swiffer analogy doesn't hold up

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Yes, "stuck". Because you had so many better things to do.

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Please refrain from arguing with the angry poorfags

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I guarantee I make more than both of you combined

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If you use a hand mixer you can cheap out a little. Dough doesn't put as much wear on the motor as it does for a stand mixer, because you can move with it a little and transfer much of the resistance to your arm.

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how much you make?

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I have never and will never attempt to make bread dough with my fucking hand mixer. that's for shit like brownies or frosting not high gluten dough.

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It doesn't matter, it's just going to be "my dad works for nintendo" next. In any case if you think no one on the internet can afford a $300 housewife toy you're delusional.

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i'm a third party
why are you so mad and afraid to say how much you make?

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I can just imagine that anons dough rapidly swinging around the beaters of a hand mixer knocking the metal bowl out of his hands repeatedly and fucking up his wrist

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ok, but it's perfectly viable.

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>u mad
>dilate tranny
>moving the goalposts
>straw man
Any more valuable contributions?

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i just asked a simple question
you're the only one acting like a faggot here

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Maybe you're just a retard

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looks trash

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