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For me it's Quizno's subs

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Where the fuck did you find a quiznos?

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They hardly exist. I used to work there back in like 06. Most stores shut down. There's still two like 15 miles from me now. Been tempted. But only for nostalgia.

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I need to borrow your time machine

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There's one near my house. Used to be like 10 of them within 30 mins. The quality has gone way downhill but I still find myself there pretty often

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I haven't had a bad sandwich at quizno's. Because I never ate there and all of them closed down.

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Pennsylvania turnpike Northeast extension Hickory Run rest stop

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Be nice to have an alternative to Subway these days.

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my local sub shop, in the 40 years they've been open, has not once bought a toaster

they offer to microwave your sandwich

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Feels good man

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This, I would go there all the time if there was one within even an hour drive of me

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Is there a more boomer fast-food chain than Quizno's?

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Someone post their disgusting diversity hire advertising campaign that killed them off

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Quiznos has been the target of several lawsuits related to its treatment of franchisees, including lawsuits in New Jersey and Wisconsin.[58] It has faced more lawsuits from franchisees than bigger chains, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and even its sandwich competitors Subway and Blimpie, according to an analysis by the legal research firm Thomson West. In February 2007, Quiznos franchisees filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status in Michigan.[58] One lawsuit (filed in New Jersey and seeking class-action status) said that the astounding growth record of Quiznos was merely a mirage. In 2003 and 2004, Quiznos said it sold 234 "trade areas" in the state of New Jersey to franchisees, collecting the $25,000 franchisee fee, but none of these locations ever opened, according to the lawsuit.[58] Three years after handing over her check for the fee, Elisa Whitehall said that she had yet to open a Quiznos in the location she bought and that Quiznos refused to return the fee.[58]

One lawsuit cited a memorandum drafted by a Quiznos lawyer in 2003 that stated, "40 percent of Quiznos units are not breaking even," a fact that prospective franchisees say they were never told.[58] The Small Business Administration said 23.4 percent of Quiznos franchises with SBA loans failed. In contrast, Subway had a 4.8 percent failure rate.[32][59]

As a single example of an unprofitable franchise, Fredrick N. Westerfield was running three Quiznos in Wisconsin. After spending $14,000 in personal savings to keep the stores running, he realized he had a debt of $750,000. He closed all his stores in 2005. "Customers used to come into the store and say to me, 'You must be rolling in the money,'" recalled Mr. Westerfield. "If they only knew."

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Man has anyone had Quiznos chili pepper sauce from the condiment rack there? Shit is cash, shame subway is more popular since quiznos is miles better

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We had one for like half a year then some jackoff city planner put a hard divider on the stretch of highway there were on and they lost half their traffic and went out of business. Tasty but small and overpriced. Jimmy John's is better

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Remember those gay little faggot goblins they had that would sing the shitty songs? Good times

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There's one in my small Canadian town. It's shit besides the premade nanimo bars they sell for dessert. Back when I was in highschool they sold these little square pizzas and they were alright every now and then for the price.

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Quiznos was fucking great back in the day. For me it was the mesquite chicken sub with a side of horseradish

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